New A2A T6 repaint thanks to 8055
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Thread: New A2A T6 repaint thanks to 8055

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    New A2A T6 repaint thanks to 8055

    I asked a friend Alan (EightyFiftyFive) to do a custom paint for me, of a T6 i found online.
    The finished the plane in 2 days. And it is a masterpiece.
    At first i was going to keep it private, but after seeing what he did. I decides to share it.
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    That is awesome!

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    Yep Alan did an outstanding job on this one.
    SoCal Y22......Vancouver Island YCD.

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    Alan is awesome. One of the truly great artistic talents around, and also a heck of a guy in general.

    It's a shame he's serving a lifetime ban here at SOH because of a few people getting their feathers ruffled.

    - Joseph
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    Well, banned or not..... Kudos to the repainter for this excellent metal paint job.
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    It's a beauty! I installed and tested it earlier and in a coincidence, a local T-6 owner flew his Texan right over the house! That added a bit of pump-up for me testing out the model with this nice repaint.


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    That is a beauty. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks to Alan for the great paint job.
    Don H

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