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    Fdg p-47....

    ...does anyone recall a FDG(2) P-47? I found a skin on one of my old drives that says its for the FDG P-47 but I don't have the plane. Either it was on my lost drive or I never had it. Anyway, does it exist and if so anyone have it to share?

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    I'll tell you, but you have to send the check first.

    Okay, okay, here: http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...id=52&id=14046

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    .Thanks, and by the way here is your Chec

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    Rami, I'm grabbing one of his coat-tails and asking if you know where the FDG(2) F6F is. I've run into the same problem he has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSI01 View Post
    asking if you know where the FDG(2) F6F is.

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    Roxanne ............

    MERCI BEACOUP! for the link. (sorry if spelling is wrong but haven't dealt in French in many years)i

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