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    Icon17 Aircraft Config File Question

    Is there a way to change the color of the font or highlight an entry in the Aircraft Config File ? Example: If you have an aircraft with a large number of repaints can you "highlight" the last aircraft entry with a different color font or just highlighting like you would say with a "yellow highlighter" to make it easier to find when scrolling through the entries to add another aircraft entry. I insert a break-line under the last aircraft entry
    (break-line= //################## "about 3 or 4 lines long" ), but with my old eyes it is still hard to see when scrolling through nothing but black and white fine print.
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    Don't think so T. The .cfg files are just plain text. You could open it in Word and highlight stuff, but that would make the file unreadable by the sim. What I do for my degraded eyeballs is crank up the font size on Notepad...
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    Use a different text editor. Notepad2, for example, has scaleable fonts and basic highlighting.

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    I normally just leave a large gap between the last aircraft entry and the rest of the cfg entries.


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    You could always do this:

    "//*****END AIRCRAFT REPAINTS*****"
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