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    Somewhat Newbie

    Decided to get back in - with FSX.

    I won't go online with M$, so installing the updates won't work. Any other way to skin the cat?

    Also the newer addons seem to have a paint format problem = black. will imagetool or DXTbmp help?


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    If I were you, which I am not, I would go to FSX:Steam Edition. It's a DL only, but once you have it installed, you don't have to be online to use it. It's essentially FSX Gold, including Acceleration, with some upgrades to make it work better.
    I have FSX:SE, and I've had a total of 1 OOM crashes since I installed it back in '14, when it came out. And I fly it a lot! I've made some of Kosta's changes to the FSX.cfg file, some didn't work for me. I've also made some of the changes from Nick's Bible, and use NVidea Inspector, with Nick's changes to that as well. My scenery is nice and crisp and clean, I don't get hardly any stutters or anything like that, and so on. I can fly low and slow, low and fast as heck, whatever, and it just keeps on working great.
    It's also pretty inexpensive, $25.00 USD normally, frequently on sale for $9.00 or less.
    PS: DO NOT permit it to install to C:\Program Files or \Program Files(X86). Windows, especially 10, seems to have severe personal problems allowing you to make changes to the sim if you do. Add-on's, aircraft.cfg, whatever. ANYwhere bot those two folders.
    Hope this helps a little. Again, all of this is MY personal opinion, for what it's worth.

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    What updates ? There's nothing for FSX that needs to be downloaded, it's all on the discs. I'm assuming you have FSX Acceleration, or FSX Gold discs. I f not, they are certainly available.
    Steam's FSX works well too. I have both, on different drives with different scenery.

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    Thank you both. The version I have has been in a drawer since 2010. When I get home I'll check and see what version it is and if it contains the service packs or Acceleration.

    I've disabled all of the links to the web I can find, but the back doors in some of the software are difficult to ferret out.

    I won't go online with the computer for any reason.

    Most of the stuff I've installed seems to work fine. The texture problem is my main concern, so I'll dust off DXTbmp and see what I can do.

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    Probably you will need to get used to running FSX for 20 minutes at a time.
    As far as I am aware, it requires an internet connection to activate it.

    Unless you have somehow managed to disable that too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSULLYKEYS View Post

    I won't go online with the computer for any reason.
    How do you post here then?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naismith View Post
    How do you post here then?
    My windows computer is isolated, Linux works just fine on line, but I WILL NOT install a windows version on any computer that I use online.

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    What is wrong with going online to get updates that may help?

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    Well, that eliminates the Steam, option, then. Disregard my previous...
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    If you prefer not to use Windows to go online then you are really SOL, as so many FS programs require DLC for updates and most (not all) commercial outlets only supply digital products.
    For example, ORBX products can be purchased as hard copies but keeping them up to date must be done via their connected FTX Central app.
    You will just have to live with your present FSX installation and put up with the (apparent) problems.
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    Thanks, I suspected it would end this way. No problem then. Letting anyone in lets everyone in; that won't happen.

    Any takers on the paint problem? Well I'll check MW's site and decide if the sim is worth the effort.

    Thanks again to all who offered help.

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    Do you use a mobile phone?If yes,then it is all too late I'm afraid.
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    Found a simple fix. A windows machine for FS stuff only from a friend getting the latest and greatest.

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