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    JoinFS : Multiplayer got easy

    I haven't seen a post about this and thought it worth's it.
    Very simple program to use and very efficient for connecting in
    Multiplayer sessions users across the three platforms : FSX Boxed/FSX Steam/P3D !...

    People's comments are great, much more stable MP than default FSX, there is no "host"
    concept and no server is needed. It may unite the "broken" FS community currently devided
    to 3 platforms... SOH has a Teamspeak server, so JoinFS may "untie hands" for people
    wishing to fly MP with others in a very simple way of doing it...

    more info about JoinFS here

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    The same concept is FSCloud here:

    We have been using it with a group of friends for over a year connecting with P3D FSX boxed and FSXSE. It works but there is some lag induced and jittering that prevents e.g. effective close formation flying, which is totally possible if you connect directly from within FSX or P3D.

    I wonder if JoinFS is better so we are definitely going to try it. thanks for the link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimus View Post
    The same concept is FSCloud here:

    We have been using it with a group of friends for over a year connecting with P3D FSX boxed and FSXSE. It works but there is some lag induced and jittering that prevents e.g. effective close formation flying, which is totally possible if you connect directly from within FSX or P3D.

    I wonder if JoinFS is better so we are definitely going to try it. thanks for the link.

    On DigitalThemePark we use JoinFS for some time now. Indeed the jittering is not a problem anymore! Only proper cockpit sharing like in multiplayer is not available (yet).

    Just try it, you will be surprised.


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    I'm also using it since a few week. The cross platform is very nice, I fly in multiplayer with a friend who uses FSX, while I use P3Dv3, and it works very well.
    There are a few very interesting features that nobody mentionned. Two of them are, to me, very important:

    1- the Recorder option: like FSRecorder, with a bit less options, but works very well, including in P3Dv3 (where recent versions of FSRecorder don't work anymore). Also, it works perfectly with helicopters (FSRecorder is not able to do that, excepted with complex and cumbersome tricks).

    2- When you use AICarriers or TacPack to make an aircraft carrier appear in your session, you can "broadcast" it to the other players in your session, making it finally easy to practise carrier operations in multiplayer (without any missions or special sceneries/traffic). At the moment though, it refuses to work with Javier's Nimitz. It works well with all other carriers, including the default Acceleration Nimitz, the Bear Studio Chinese Kuznetsov, and the French Charles-De-Gaule and Clemenceau. However, I haven't had the chance to test that yet.

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    Excellent news! What you say about carriers is amazing. Gonna try it. I guess the others need to have the same carrier model installed too right?

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    Yes... Default FSX MP protocol would transfer only simobjects of the Airplane category to be seen by clients.
    But JoinFS transfers other categories of simobjects also, like boats mentioned above, just like P3D does and
    that's really a great improvement in MP !...

    @Daube : nice screenshot !

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    West Tennessee, near KTGC
    FSHost and our multiplayer server work fine and both are free.
    So many aeroplanes needing paint, so little time to do it.

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    We have been using JoinFS for a couple of months. It is really a dream made true. It works nicely, smooth formation flight, you can use carriers, ships, SSW vACMI weapons working at 100%. We have also used it under IVAO/VATSIM.

    No problem with big multiplayer sessions, everything always stable. A must for the community.

    Some videos

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    Tracking this on the VRS forums as well. I would love to just jump on and fly with other "adult" Tacpack players around the carrier, conducting accurate missions like xpelekis' ones. I've been a member of various military based VAs over the years, just not much free time these days to "enlist" again.

    So when does the SOH session start???
    Fly Navy/Army

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    JoinFS really is a breakthrough for multiplayer. It's ages and ages ahead of FSHost.

    And it's FREE

    - Joseph
    VFR Simulations

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    I too was introduced to JoinFS a while ago. Then lost track of it and was re-introduced to it a few weeks ago.

    What I love the most is "NO Jittering" when in formation flight. THat is probably the biggest advantage over FSHost.

    I now have to experiment with the recording options.

    And they are working on making JoinFS compatible with FS2004 and Xplane, which is just awesome if they could pull that off.
    One day without laughter, is one day without living.
    One day without Flight Simming, is one day lost living.

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    Completed the first test last evening with 5 flyers joining from Europe and the US. It was super smooth and I was able to spawn a default Acceleration carrier using Tacpack, and all the others would see it and land on it, although they do not have Tacpack. We also combined 3 sims FSX, P3D2.5 and P3D 3.5. Brilliant!

    Thank you so much for the HU xpelekis!

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    We're about to test JoinFS in FSX Mission system with functional Tacpack !....
    Tacpack doesn't work in Multiplayer FSX/P3D Missions/Scenarios, dew to lack of
    slew mode in default FSX/P3D MP protocol. Well... we will "cheat" :

    We'll use Single player missions that Tacpack works , somewhat modified for "host"
    and "clients" and connect with JoinFS in Mission System environment. "Host's" mission
    will additionally broadcast the AI simobjects traffic to all players, while events will be
    triggered for each one by his own mission on his system...
    If above concept proves true in practise,... Exciting times...

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    Is anybody able to broadcast Javier's Nimitz with JoinFS ?
    It still refuses to work on mine. No problems with the default Acceleration carrier though...

    Also, I noticed that AICarriers.NET refuses to work depending on when I launch JoinFS.
    Sometimes it works but I haven't found the correct pattern yet. Most of the times, the AICarriers doesn't even appear in the addons menu, and the shortcut to call the AICarriers popup doesn't appear either.
    Of course, I can use the TacPack menus to do the same, but it doesn't see all of my carriers yet, only a part of them, being the default one and Javier's Nimitz. No Clemenceau or Charles de Gaule or any British carriers :P

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    You can add carriers in the Tacpack list using the Tacpack application. You just need to point to the model folder and adjust the glidescope.

    I have not tried to broadcast other carriers yet as my friends did not have them installed, just the default Acceleration carrier.

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    Ah, thanks a lot for that info. I didn't try to explore the TacPack manager yet, I'll take a look tonight

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    To get AICarriers.NET to show, do you start it with the exe.xml file or manually? I've found the exe,xml is the best way. It may be the best way to start JoinFS as well, but I'd start it after AICarriers. In other words, put the JoinFS entry in the exe.xml file after the AICarriers entry.
    Also, to get carriers to show in AICarriers, you need to have them in a .cfg file in the conf.d folder of AICarriers.NET's folder. Most of the add-on carriers come with either a .cfg file of their own , or with a text file that shows the entries you need to add, so you can add them into an existent .cfg file.
    I don't know if this is your trouble, but it may be a place to start looking from

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    With another member, we test flew for about 4 hours sortening things out... More tests
    will be needed for sure.

    Well... what can I say !...
    Mission Accomplished ! Thank you very much for
    JoinFS !

    Multiplayer flying in FSX/P3D Mission System (and combined) with functional
    Tacpack is a fact !

    Overall, a smooth flying experience, with no jittering, neither FPS impact ! While we were
    attacking the Ship, seeing each other's rockets, bombs and struffing runs Tacpack effects at the target area, was sooo immersive & fun !...

    Sure few things have to be sorted out and some considerations about the best set up for the best functional result while flying, but I'm very optimistic that everything will be sorted out... Exciting times !...

    Joinfs FSX to FSX connection :

    At starting positions with Ed and AI Leader

    Heading for the Ship in formation. AI leads the way...

    Airbrake for dive bombing under Ship Flak fire...

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    Me in FSX and Ed in P3D v3 :

    Heading there :

    Targets destroyed !

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    Great work gents, got it downloaded and installed.
    Fly Navy/Army

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    Hi Victory.

    During tests, we performed corrections that currently not included in
    the initial testing missions.
    We corrected the severe FPS hit caused by the initial testing mission script
    that is included in download links.
    I'll make the final version and reupload the good ones.


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    hey! this is a fun great as a recorder for virtual wingman hops

    enter..the Sandman

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    recorded a simple aerobatic flight in the Christen Eagle - smoke on!
    then watched the performance from my Waco...meh - that pilot needs some schooling

    Ramona airport So Cal ORBX
    I suppose next time I'll fly the observer a little closer to the action lol
    enter..the Sandman

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