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    Exclamation 2017 RTWR to Proceed

    The Executive Committee of the RTWR wishes to confirm that the annual race will take place, beginning Friday, February 17th 2017.

    Details are still being refined but, in light of the apparent shortage of pilots, the Race will be flown over a course of reduced length with an absolute time limit of 48 hours.

    It will focus on one large geographic segment of the globe, will rely on the well-known aircraft of past years and essentially follow the format of the existing General Rules. As is the case every year, a set of Special rules will define the route, specific aircraft limitations and other special circumstances which define the year's challenges. These special Rules will be released in the upcoming days.

    In the interest of enabling some advance preparation, Teams are advised that there will be a limited Jet Transport role, there will be a requirement to fly a limited distance in rotorcraft, the previous Bonus/Penalty regime will be replaced by smaller penalties (to be served by 'waiting-in-place' in real-time) and the Start/Finish and route will not be released until a short time before the beginning of the Race.

    The Executive Committee

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    Advance preparation ?
    Isn't that the excuse many cite for their waning interest in the event ?

    I suggest a surprise reveal- like 2 hours before the event start.
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    RTWR 2017 White List Additions

    A quick heads-up for the 2017 RTWR. There are two new additions to the White List and the mooted rotorcraft requirement has restrictions on the types to be used.

    Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star.
    Under Thoroughbreds, you may fly the FSX Redux F-80 Shooting Star by Henk Schuitemaker, Rick Mackintosh, Willy McCoy, Ed Wells at SOH. This is the old payware AlphaSim F-80 converted to a native FSX format. Freeware. A direct link is here.

    Boeing 757.
    Under Transport Jets (Category 3), you may fly the Just Flight "Freemium" B757. Freeware. A direct link is here.

    For the special rotorcraft requirement. Eligible rotorcraft have a Vne of <200 Kts. The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey, Wilco Tilt-Rotor, other tilt-rotors, variants of the mythical “Airwolf”, and the Westland G-LYNX (speed record-holder) are not eligible to fulfill this requirement.

    The Executive Committee.

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