JSS C-160 (My take on this new model)
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Thread: JSS C-160 (My take on this new model)

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    JSS C-160 (My take on this new model)

    Okay, this will be sort of a quick & dirty review. To be honest when I first heard about the model here on SOH I was a little leery of it at first because as I stated on the previous thread, I recalled the old C-160 model and thought this one might be an upgraded rehash of an elderly model. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it is in fact a brand new model and the screen shots and promo video was enough to convince me to take the chance on buying it. That being said, it is a gorgeous model inside and out and the VC has tons of small and precise detail. Some may feel the texturing is the only shortcoming which I would say is average to perhaps better than average but certainly not "baked" high end textures. With the level of detail involved in the VC and exterior, any good texture artist (not knocking the one who did this model) could conceivably create some sharper textures for the VC and exterior. Again, I'm happy with the textures as is but just leaving the door open on tuning suggestions. As far as systems depth, it is AMAZING! It has excellent systems flows and realistic APU and Engine Startup and Systems Management (not that I've ever flown a real C-160 but the flows make sense). The FDE is very nice and predictable but the pitch trim seems a little sensitive and hard to settle into trim which forced me to gently bump the trip switch ever so slightly rather than make an input and hold it a second or two which would throw it way out of trim. The airspeeds and acceleration are slow as this bird does not have the power of Allison T56's on a C-130 or similar aircraft but at cruise it has reasonably good cruise speeds once up and leveled off. Maneuvering handling is good in all speed ranges of flight and landing is a piece of cake. The model is also loaded with tons of nice animations from the various doors and ramps, access panels, etc and there is a 2D popup animations panel. The sounds (both engine, apu, switch & door sounds) are superb. One thing I will warn about, this is a model which is not a "Control+E/Fly Now" model. You have to follow the procedures in the manual or in the tutorial videos to get this bird up and running. Some users might find this to be a nuisance but the procedure flows are pretty easy and can have you up and flying very quickly.

    Again, at $26, this model has a lot of value and potential fun & systems depth learning for interested users. A few Screens:


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    Thanks ever so much for taking the time to put in your review. It would be great if they could get the Flight1 people to help with integrating their GTNs... Or do they work in the VC already?

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    Thanks for taking one for the team

    Looking hard at this, I have the C27 but it never realy worked right for me so I fly the C130 alot and this looks to be another nice addition
    You take it easy.. and have a nice day

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    Quote Originally Posted by alehead View Post
    Thanks ever so much for taking the time to put in your review. It would be great if they could get the Flight1 people to help with integrating their GTNs... Or do they work in the VC already?

    As far as I know the Flight1 GTN is not an option at the moment. I also spoke to the developer by email and this is their first project so it is likely some improvements and upgrades may come at some point. I did point out to the Dev that the wing root area below and behind the wing was quite a bit off in shape and they noted that they were going to look into addressing that minor issue. Otherwise, it's still IMHO an excellent model overall.


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    Great models - I have a lot of fun with them. Nearly finished my repaint of F-BUFP, one of four Air France C-160P, based in Orly in the 1980ies.

    Hope you like it.


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    Mask out the foreground 'grass' in that last picture and you'd have a photo of the real animal...

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    Great review and I also was not even tracking this one. Spent some time sharing a ramp with these and only remember how loud they are during engine runs, I actually think they are louder than a C-130.
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    On my very first attempt to fly this model on a significant medium range Nav flight, I ran into a couple of issues regarding the de-icing system failing as well as a pressurization system bug which as I crested over 12,000ft + in altitude, multiple alarms were triggered. JSS is aware of the issue as other users have run into it as well and a service pack will soon be available to fix this and other minor bugs.


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    Thomas the Air France paint looks fantastic

    and Storm your take and input on this aircraft is very much appreciated
    She looks to be a keeper, with a little help from the developer

    Thank you

    Will be watchin this thread

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    I just uploaded the first repaints of new JSS Transall here on SOH (need activation by admins) - they are working both in FSX and P3D.


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    EGCD...they bulldozed it!
    Thanks Thomas...damn, I may have to buy this
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    Roger, it's an awesome model, especially for the price! The Dev did get the service pack out today which appears to have cured the few minor bugs post release.

    For any new users, I want to post a screen shot tutorial of the quirks of the Anti-Ice Systems as well as the Pressurization System. There are already a couple of good tutorial videos regarding the Battery, APU and Engine Start which I won't cover but for post-Engine Start, this how the electrical/generator panel on the overhead should be configured:

    Regarding the Anti-Ice System, except for starting ground pre-flight/post takeoff ops in a cold or icy climate, you can leave much of the Anti-Ice System (except the Pitot and Window Heat) off up until between 10,000 to 12,000 MSL (this varies). At that point, you will get Icing Alarms and you'll need to configure the Anti-Ice System as seen here and also, press in the button I have highlighted with a red circle. That will take care of the Alarms.


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    Okay, the FUN STUFF, the Pressurization System. IMHO, this system as modeled has some bugs still as if you ever get a Pressurization System Alarm, there is no way to silence it and it usually stays hung even if you descend to a safe altitude or land. The Dev is aware of this and I'm sure it will be fixed but in the meantime, here is how to stay out of trouble with the Pressurization System. As a general rule, after you've set the Cabin Altitude for the proper Cruise Altitude Differential, you must climb the cabin within 500ft of your Vertical Speed, in other words, if you're climbing at the average optimum climb profile for the C-160, your climb rate will be 1000ft per minute and your cabin climb should be 500FPM and when you descend, use the same rule. Also regarding the descent, first start your descent before changing the target cabin altitude and then starting to descend the cabin. Just make sure both descent rates are within 500FPM of each other. The screens of how the system should be configured are fairly self-explanatory, first make sure the Pressure Relief Valve is Closed (Switch down and guarded), set the desired Cruise Altitude, then after you get airborne, begin to climb the cabin by rolling the Rate of Climb Control until the Rate of Climb Gauge shows the climb rate being within 500ft of the VSI indicated Climb Rate.


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    Thank you for these.

    I really enjoy the model, even with the few issues.

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    StormILM, great - very useful. Thank you for sharing.


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    Working on repaints of some more real civil registrated Transall´s next of Air France Postale. They all have a quite impression history.

    I will upload the repaints here in the next days.


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    Just uploaded 3 more civil and 2 mil C-160 repaints here.

    Transall C-160P ASF (Aviation Sans Frontier) F-BUFQ, c/n F47. Ex Air France Postale. Operated for Africa relief in 1991 wearing Aviation Sans Frontier stickers for a short period of time. Written-off in Paris-Orly, struck-off registration on 18.12.91. Broken-up in Orly for parts for Armee de l’Air in December 91.

    This repaint shows Transall C-160P Air Affaires Gabon TR-LWE. The third and last Transall prototype which was sold to Air Affaires Gabon (2AG) as TR-LWE; was seen 1987 in Orléans-Bricy Air Base after its very last flight in order to be taken apart for spares. Has been scrapped later. Please note: On JSS Transall model (SP1a), metall/aluminium reflection shine is not included, so this repaint shows the weathered corossive conditions of the last days of operation.

    This repaint shows Transall C-160D Balar HB-ILN, c/n A03. Balair`s Transall operated for C.I.C.R. (International Commitee of Red Cross, ICRC) from 1968 on relief airlift into Biafra until 1970. Was hit on ground in Uli, Biafra from Nigerian Mig 17. Returned to West German AF as 50+04, but was broken-up, scrapped end 1970. Please note: On JSS Transall model (SP1a), metall/aluminium reflection shine is not included, so repaint shows the last days of operation in a weathered and corrosive look.


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    and 2 mil C-160 repaints here.

    Transall C-160F French Air Force 61-MH. Cn F13. Based in Orleans-Bricy, France for ET61, 1994 color scheme.

    This repaint shows Transall C-160F French Air Force 61-ZW. C/n F157. Based in Orleans-Bricy, France for ET61, 1985 color scheme. This aircraft was operated by UN in Sudan.

    Will be available soon...


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    fictional USCG Repaint ,still a WIP but if there is interest Ill upload it here ?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1.jpg   2.jpg  

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    Quote Originally Posted by flewpastu View Post
    fictional USCG Repaint ,still a WIP but if there is interest Ill upload it here ?
    Well you got my attention. Off to purchase from Flt1. If a USCG paint or Canadian North paint is around, so is my CC.

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    OK cool, Ill keep working on it and when its finished you can tell me which air station you want this repaint to be and ill take care of it


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