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Thread: JSS C-160 (My take on this new model)

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    Quote Originally Posted by flewpastu View Post
    OK cool, Ill keep working on it and when its finished you can tell me which air station you want this repaint to be and ill take care of it


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    Is one of my better purchases at the holiday season...
    and a USCG paint looks nice on her

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    Ok cool,I'll finish it up this weekend and upload it here with different uscg designations as an option.


    by the way , I agree , what a great aircraft

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    its coming together but some of the lines are not lining up. Im gonna have to take some more time to fix these, but this is what I have so far
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    I'm interested by this aircraft, but I find the cockpit texture a bit bland and bluish, feels like the default A321...

    It seems to me the German AF Transall has a more dark grey/green shade, I like that... It would be nice if somebody would create such an alternate texture set for the JSS Transall... I'm hopeless with photoshop... Thanks!

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    I am working on it.

    First picture against the sun in P3D.


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    Awesome start on that vc repaint. At the moment, it's the only thing holding me back. As mentioned by others, the vc is just a bit to "default" for my own taste.
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    Is this plane working 100% in P3D? Read somewhere that the TCAS is not working as it should be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TiAr View Post
    I am working on it...
    Nice work Thomas! Danke schön! This will look great with one of your GAF repaints, like this one (from SOH library):

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    Hmm... This plane is starting to look better and better.
    Thanks to all those who are reworking these textures inside and out.

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    Panel looks great


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    The GAF cockpit is nearly finished - only the yokes are in discussion - more dark? There are several pictures out with darker ones.

    Now I get the feeling sitting in a Transall.


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    Cant wait for the panel, almost finished with this paint
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    The gray shade looks great, will it be available for FSX ?


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    I reworked only the DXT5 Textures - sure will work with FSX.

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    Looking forward to the VC texture... gives it a depth

    and that CG paint is looking sweet

    I know this aircaft was not really used for Commercial/cargo but anyone thought of maybe a worn Cargo hauler for the north west

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    Humm, that sounds good doublecool , I was going to do a aero Union paint after the CG paint , if u have
    any ideas , let me know


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    Still lookin however here are a couple on other aircraft

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    Just uploaded new cockpit repaints. They will be available very soon here in FSX/Cockpit database. One for German Air Force and one for French Air Force style. They are totally different. Both have more contrast and better readability of markings. Please read the Readme before installing them - this is very important.

    German Air Force style

    French Air Force style with nearly black main panel

    Have Fun.


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    How about something painted real plain or covert like a Mercenary or "Contractors" Airplane? Use it to fly the Sandbox or in Africa.

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    Tiar, the panel looks great, cant wait. Doublecool, the buffalo paint is doable , here is a captain sim c130 repaint I did but have never uploaded.

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    I was thinking of doing that fire fighting repaint for the C160 ?


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    Just uploaded the USCG paint here at the Library .

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