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    Gmax Video Tutorial Series - Beginning Modeler

    FWIW, since I am wrapping up development project work, I am tentatively planning a full video tutorial series for beginning or learning gmax users covering all processes from project start to VC including mapping, creating VC, VC gauge back lighting, exporting, followed by panel setup and placing gauges, flight model setup with aircraft.cfg focusing on reference points, load-out, setting up contact points and suspension, setting eye point, fuel tank placement, flaps, etc.

    This will be similar to the C-162 Cessna series but in video format and more comprehensive toward getting the product in the sim and flying.
    The target sim will be FS9 but the concepts and processes are the focus.

    All video tutorials will be uploaded to YouTube.
    EDIT: You will find the links HERE

    Subject aircraft are under consideration at the moment.
    I will be a few months getting up to speed as we are trying to get the A-20 Havoc project completed.

    Aircraft candidates are currently the Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose and the Martin Marauder B-26B but I am still evaluating aircraft that will cover the most important scenarios in development.
    A more expedient approach of course would be to use an existing project(s) so that too is under consideration. I could focus more on concepts and less on exact construction.

    So, we shall see how this pans out; more later.
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    I am exactly your target audience. I can almost make a 3d hangar at this point.
    I have the time, but my wife says I have no money, so this is a great opportunity to learn new skills that take little funding.

    Really looking forward to this as it develops.
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    Front row seat, please.
    I'm semi-functional in gmax and blender, but still get hung in the numerous iterations trying to get filets, cockpits and canopies done well.
    Thanks for this offer and everything else you've already helped with including inspiration.


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    Thanks Gentlemen. It does take a little time to get on your feet but it does come to you with some visual help making it easier, either graphic or video to reinforce basic tasks and processes.

    I remember when I was starting just how frustrating it was to do the simplest of tasks just moving about the screen and doing the most basic actions.

    Maybe one should talk first about such things to get over that hump. It seems many fall by the wayside with the most basic of struggles.

    I will try to address that up front.

    I took some lit wire-frame screen shots of the A-20 I completed that is now awaiting textures thinking that might inspire some.

    EDIT: Two FSX screen shots that show early work on paint kit by "wellis", establishing panel lines before rivets are done.
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    I posted the previous post on Christmas day. The next day, I decided to start the XP-54 as a possible video tutorial subject.

    In the past 8 days, this has been my progress working 8-14 hours per day except New Year's Eve.

    I discovered that this one was more challenging than it looks and I thought but still a great exercise.

    Have not decided yet how I will proceed, but the exterior is now completed and I will start mapping for textures tonight.

    After that, I will work on a basic VCockpit.

    Yesterday, I set it up in the sim creating a flight model and basic panel support and some textures.

    This is where I am now.

    I have not found any cockpit pictures of this aircraft but will make do with what I can.
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    HOMEUNIT-2017-jan-3-001.jpg   HOMEUNIT-2017-jan-3-008.jpg  
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    Update: Finished mapping for textures today.

    Now, on to creating the VC.
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    Video Tutorials - Gmax for Beginners

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