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That would be the one according to my version.

Middleman and MdlCommander work together to do the export providing a GUI interface and other fixes to improve your model. Hopefully your download got you both of them.

See attached.

Once you are ready to use them, check your options settings against my posted options.

You must also select under the Options tab - Specular Fix and Compile X File Check Boxes
Hi Milton,

I figured out the reply with quote bit. In Chrome my spacebar does not work (only in Reply with quote), in IE it does, go figure.

I did a bit more searching today and got the official MDL Commander for sure. Thanks for the options screen, I also captured a screenshot from your video.

Now that I am on the second texturing video, better go back and grab LithUnwrap too, then should have all the needed programs to proceed. :-)

Best regards,