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    Icon21 News from FSAddon Publishing

    FSAddon Publishing will stop selling its products via third party distributors as of January 1st, 2017 ! That means you will no longer be able to buy our products from simMarket, Aerosoft, Flight1 and other such general webshops. Instead you will find everything we produce on our own (Shopify powered) webshop.

    I understand that this may be somewhat of a disappointment to customers who prefer to buy at the large resellers, and we'll probably even lose some customers (and yes, some visibility), but the fact is that I am running all this on my own.
    The combination of an ever shrinking FS market, high cost of the third party selling, high workload on all the administration (not the least because of EU tax rules), my 'other' activities (such as moving house and building a place in Italy and other work), (my) age induced slow reduction of energy....... all for a few hundred bucks a month just doesn't justify it anymore.

    So instead of spending energy on all that, I'll now focus on my own webshop ONLY, with the added advantage for most authors of earning higher percentages that will offset lower sales because of not being in the big warehouses. (As I do not have any overhead, I charge a lot less for selling products than the competition does. This advantage goes 100% to my authors).

    At the same time I have added new payment gateways, assuring safe and industry approved financial transactions, am working on improving server space and download speed, building new installers and also working on more freeware projects. The only exception is our (very modest) sales via Steam and Dovetail Games, currently only Ben Gurion X Airport.

    Hoping to see you check our shop and forums regularly, and helping spread the word about the great FSAddon products I'd like to thank you all for being our loyal customers for the past 12 years. And last but not least I'd also like to thank especially simMarket and Aerosoft for their professional help in selling them for all these years.

    Kindest regards,
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    CEO and Chief Gopher of FSAddon Publishing

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    Sounds good to me Francois . Have been a big fan of FSAddon for years and look forward to your products in the years ahead .


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    Good to see that you adjust to reality instead of closing down. Better being small and enthusiastic.
    Best wishes.

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    This sounds like a sensible move, and I'm sure FSAddon will prosper from it.

    I have several FSAddon products and rate them very highly. I always try to buy direct from a publisher as that way they and their authors get the maximum benefit from sales.

    Good luck with your future projects, Francois

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    I like to buy direct from the producer anyway. Good luck with the new format.

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    Thanks for your supportive words, gents :-)
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    CEO and Chief Gopher of FSAddon Publishing

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    Very good, Francois! Now it's head chef, head bottle washer, I.T., shipper, designer, and on and on!! Best of luck to you!! Hope you and Nina are both doing well!!


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    One thing I have always done was visit the developers site, or least most, Its great to set up a one stop store, get up close and personal

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    That all sounds positive to me. I hope it allows you some more time to enjoy life as well.

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    Thanks for the information, Francois!

    I visited the site. Thought I would try the freeware scenery offered. All went through, got the download link, etc.... but when I click on it I get a message: "Download Link Is Invalid".... NC

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    Hey Chief, sorry to hear that. Is it the Belluno scenery?
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    CEO and Chief Gopher of FSAddon Publishing

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    Yes, that is the scenery and the link you sent me via email worked fine, Thank YOU! That was fast! Pete

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    Cool, glad it worked. I slipped up moving stuff around, should be okay for the next download now :-)
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    CEO and Chief Gopher of FSAddon Publishing

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