New Airport-Avatars for Prepar3D now online!
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Thread: New Airport-Avatars for Prepar3D now online!

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    New Airport-Avatars for Prepar3D now online!


    Would like to tell you on this way, that just the Airport-Avatars have appeared. They were created by a collaboration of SimWare, Aerosoft and myself. There are three avatars: Airline-Pilot - Falconer - Marshaller.

    The package of the "Airport-Avatars" is free and can be downloaded here, also a few very considerable videos can be found at the address:

    It is clear that the three airport avatars are not a first-rate product in the real sense - certainly not the Romero Zombie. But maybe someone has fun with him and makes him dance to appropriate music (key C).

    Description: The avatars are something like fully controllable SimObjects with special animations. You can explore with the avatars the flight simulator world as pedestrians. In principle, it is a logical development of ORBX ' "BOB", a mobile camera system. In contrast to BOB, one can however with the Avatar an airplane climb and so fly to another airfield, then there again in another machine to ascend.

    The animations also include the possibility to go into the water with the avatar and to swim, as well as run, jump, crouch, run, run sideways, etc.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1aerosoft_airport_avatars_pilot_berlin_tegel_x_1.jpg   2aerosoft_airport_avatars_marshaller_frankfurtv2_4.jpg   3aerosoft_airport_avatars_falconer_split_2.jpg   4aerosoft_airport_avatars_zombie_paris_2.jpg  
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    Thanks Christian. It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next couple of years.


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    Great work Christian. Thank you for sharing your creations.

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    P3DV4 Airport Avatars


    Would like to briefly inform you that there is since yesterday an updated version of the airport avatars. The update includes a P3DV4 installer. In addition, a Avatar - airline pilot Chesley - was equipped with a flashlight. This flashlight supports the new technique of the dynamic lights of P4DV4. Now Chesley can perform the prescribed walkarounds even in the dark.

    Here is the original text from Aerosoft Product Manager Mathijs Kok: "Now updated for P3d V4 and we included a avatar with a working flashlight that allows you to explore your scenery in pitch dark!"

    Simware / Aerosoft Airport Avatars (free!), now P3d V4 ready

    Picture: Airline Pilot Chesley with "dynamic" flashlight in EDLW

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