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Thread: Luft46 - yet another jet bomber ;)

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    Good to hear from you again. Thanks for staying in touch about this.
    US Army, Major, Ret.

    Service To The Line,
    On The Line,
    On Time

    US Army Ordnance Corps.

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    Good to hear frm you. Hows your other hobby going? Star Wars collecting?

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    my hobby is action figure collecting and own creation, not SW strictly focused. for more you can check STLZ Creations | Facebook. that page isnt english language, but there is a lot of images

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    Great to hear from you ! Just to let you know, the Horten bomber hasn't been uploaded here at SOH yet. If you could, would you upload it here ? Thanks for all you have done for us CFS3 fans. Regards,Scott

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    I see. didnt know there were V the final battle action figs, long time ago that series back in the 80's-was a kid then. Mine besides SW was transformers g1 and gi-Joe.

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    hi Scott,
    you are right, it seems I didnt uploaded the Horten nuke bomber at SOH! Will do soon

    as for the V (aka Visitors) series from the 80s, the only official figure (doll) was made in 12" scale by LJN. the same company planned to release several 4" V figures, but it never happened. what can you see at STLZ Creations is my own 3.75" stuff these V figs are bit out of my usual work as they are based on various spare action figure parts and manual resculpting to match the 80s V series. my usual work is to design any figure fully in 3d, let it print and to use such master for moulding. the goal is to get a casted action figure copy with minimum paint postprocess, which means the stuff is casted from a pigmented (coloured) resin.

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