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I'm deeply shocked by how rough the FS community is man-handling this innocent $15 game.

I'm a 15+ year FS veteran, FS9, FSX, P3D, the latest, the greatest, addons, OC'd PCs and tweaked configs til the cows come home, I've done it all. But even coming from that background, spending an average of $250-1000 annually for addons, accersories and peripherals, watching an waiting with bated breath for over a decade for a true successor to pick up the mantle of flagship Flight Simulators... yet EVEN I CAN FIND SOMETHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT DTG Flight School.

I have to congratulate the hard working developers for picking up the torch and running the brutal gauntlet that the flight simming community has become, to take the abuse --undeserved-- of a selfish, entitled, over-critical and under-helpful society of miserly, withering, "armchair pilot" wannabes with nothing better to do than COMPLAIN.

Is this today, as of this moment, the next best simulation platform? Is it FSeleven? FS2016? No. Of course not. It was never meant to be. IT'S ONLY $15 FOR HEAVENS SAKE! Have the whiners SEEN the prices of FS addons this last DECADE?

But does DTG Flight School show potential...? OH MY, YES. YES INDEED.

I just spent my first total hour of flight time, the first few training missions, a few Alaskan Bush pilot missions and a few touch n' gos around my local real life airport... I HAD A BLAST. In fact I was surprised to find it performing almost just as smoothly "out-the-box" as my heavily tweaked FSX and P3Dv3 except with a slightly BETTER framerate! The amazing effect of the new lighting system (needs some adjustment, perhaps, but attractive) combined with Orbx scenery and higher, smoother framerate equals immersion, sweet immersion... Toss in the simple goal of racking up Flight hours that equate to real achivements and earning licenses, and now, all your flights matter, now getting back on the ground safely means something, now you care.

Dovetail Games still have lots of work to do until they release their full blown DTG Flight Simulator, that's a given, but shame on every pouncy, 2 sentence reviewer who bails at the first glimpse of their unrealistic over-expectations dashed in disappointment, ending with, "save your money, refund requested".

Let them leave, they'll never know what their missing!

I'm not crazy over their support but they are busy trying to get a full-fledged new flight simulator out before the end of the year! However I have found more good than bad about this $15.00 game. Where else could you spend $15.00 and get a fair-to-midlin' flight training program?