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Thread: Geek Out

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    Geek Out

    Not specifically related to FSX but something many of us probably enjoy.......Mods, please move this thread to a more appropriate Forum if needed, thanks.

    Besides Aviation, I love technology. A really enjoyable pastime, whether I'm working out in the garage or cleaning up the house, is to listen to some favorite technology shows on the Internet. I learn so much and never leave the realm of cutting edge technology, very enjoyable!

    Like me, I'm sure some of you guys are Aviation enthusiasts or 'geeks' and love to read, watch or listen to anything Aviation.

    Are any of you listening to Aviation related Podcasts or Radio Shows over the Internet?

    Besides FSX and flight swimming, what else do you do to 'geek out' on Aviation?

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    I do Crossfit in my garage for many years now, and I listen to youtube videos of popular past aviation shows (like wings, great planes, and some foreign documentaries in French as I'm fluent in French as well etc.) all the time. My wife thinks I'm the biggest nerd on the planet, because I'm a science guy that plays oodles of sports and is into fitness and that loves airplanes and is a RL pilot...I'm pretty sure she thinks I tricked her into marrying me....LOL. My kids love me though! haha She does too...she just doesn't like that I want to display my replica Darth Vader Light saber in the living room....where else!??? haha
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    Carpentry, Woodworking mainly scroll saw, but haven't done much in a while. Had some medical issues and it's just to hot right now (no air or heat in my shop).
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