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Thread: Yet another german jet?

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    Yet another german jet?

    ok guys,
    as some of you noticed maybe, I was metioned at another thread my old wish to make own Heinkel 162. still, we have some such CFS3 airplane already.

    well, when searching the www for some info and drawings Ive found very similar looking, interesting german jet.
    it was supposed to be a replacement for Ju 87 Stuka, designed like a very small single seat (deck chear infact) bomber.

    I was curious, how it would look ingame, so I took a few hours yeasterday to try to make it from scratch. first blood images attached. it lacks canopy, moving parts and regular gear sofar.

    what the airplane name is, is a small quiz for you...

    if there would be interest, I could try to continue on it. but this time I would rather substitute the virtual cockpit with another CFS3 airplane instead of working on my own... any tips?
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    this updated wip image could help a bit more to disclosure whats the airplane name

    the pilot was in a prone position, the better to withstand the intense G-forces of the fast, steep dive during the bomb run.
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    It would be great to have the Hs 132.

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    Very interesting aircraft. Would love to fly another Luft '46 got my vote(yes!!!) and thanks.

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    ok, yes, its a Henschel Hs 132, single seat jet powered dive bomber built at 1945
    this airplane yet belongs to the real "Luft '46" german revolutionary designed aircrafts... means one protoype was (almost) completed

    could be interesting to enjoy some bombing with this birdy relating to the G-force when some brutal pullout maneuver (designed to withstand up to 10-12 G), right?
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    wohooo...another 46' project !! can't wait to test it mate !

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    Definitely worth doing Borek, very interesting aeroplane!
    (DR/ MAW/ ETO/ PTO Textures)

    Keep it coming!

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    Oh yeah, I like that!

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    Do it.

    My favourite time period for German aviation.


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    Just a very humble suggestion: If you're looking for one of those odd, rare German birds, perhaps the Arado Ar240 (which actually saw service, although not in its intended role). Not a jet though.

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    thanks for interesting airplane link, Threedp
    I personaly am focused on early jet and rocket powered aircrafts rather

    ok, did some small progress on the german dive bomber, modeling the gear mesh. some early shots attached.
    once the base stuff will be prepared I could try to make some quick texture / paint and send it to wiekniera, to make some decent shots.

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    Check this site out . It's pretty interesting .... I like to just daydream at this site.

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    yeah, its my favorite site, glad it sill work so many years

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    some small news: Ive spent two hours just to find a decent way how to clone the complex gear mesh animation from left wing to the right one. I remember the gmax Mirror tool makes it relatively easy, but having the inverted face issue. Using the Mirror Modifier keeps the faces correct, but also keeps the mesh pivot axis of the current animated part... that means the parts are mirrored at its current place under the left wing, not under the right one.

    tried to attach (link) it to a world axis zero positioned mesh node and mirror this way, but it didnt helped...

    means that I have to bother with all such stuff manually?

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    yeah, but it's usually not too hard.

    for gear that retract along the horizontal plane of the aircraft (and are mirror images) like your Henschel .
    -mirror the whole system with gear extended . set mirror center to 0
    -go through new parts one by one
    -for parts that have rotational animation
    -select pivot point only
    -move pivot point along x-axis by by changing distance from + to (if copying right gear to left)
    -rotate the pivot point 180degrees around the parts world axis
    -repeat for all parts with rotational animation.
    -for parts with position animation ( like shock absorbers), if they move up and down only you should be ok if you mirrored with gear extended . If there is any other directional movement you may have to tweak the animation.

    Hope this helps

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    thank you for the small tut
    yeah, Ive had to do it somehow like you described, seems a little of hand work is needed

    not much visible progress because of a family weekend trip and so... ok, a few new images presents the current stage.
    next needs to cut / slice some mesh parts eg. the front gear bay / doors or wing moving parts.
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    Awesome work ! A really cool jet! Thank you,BorekS . Hope to see it soon in CFS3.

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    thanks, Scott

    yesterday I took a look at the project again... finally created the gear doors, so I was able to make some small progress with the gear animation fixing. it seems it could work relatively fine. nice feature: the nose wheel rotates 90deg side to fit into the fuselage under the pilots lounger

    would like to texture the model soon, to present something more eyecandy

    as to the physics I would take some existing, probably from He 162.

    guys, if you would know about some decent image how actually should look the Hs 132 interior (instrument panel), let me know.
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