No Cockpit shadows.
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Thread: No Cockpit shadows.

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    No Cockpit shadows.

    I have lost cockpit shadows in all aircraft.
    They always worked before in DX10 but
    now they don't since I installed Open Land Class
    North America,1 and 2.Any Ideas? I have followed
    the Fixer but no luck.


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    Hi Anthin,

    You could try this:

    To enable this locate the [Display] section and add
    SYSTEM :
    OS:Win7 Home Premium 64 bit UAC OFF!
    DX version Dx10 with Steve's Fixer.
    Processor:I5 4670k overclocked to 4.4 gHz with Corsair CW-9060008-WW hydro cooler
    RAM:16 gig 1866 gigaHz Corsair ram
    Video Card:MSI 1070 8 gig ram
    HD:2Tb Samsung 850 evo SSD

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    Hello Anthin,

    I have a little to do with FTX,I can assure you that the loss of your cockpit
    shadows and your installation of the Open LC products are not connected.

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    Anthin - have you tried deleting your shaders cache? Also - what are your Fixer settings?

    I agree with Nick - it won't be OpenLC/NA related (unless you're having a really severe memory problem). Try another area outside NA <??>.

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    Thanks guys.I will try deleting shaders and fly outside NA

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    Shaders did the trick.I have cockpit shadows back
    except for the C-47 V-3.No cockpit shadows there.


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