A whole new adventure, Helicopter time!
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Thread: A whole new adventure, Helicopter time!

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    A whole new adventure, Helicopter time!

    Ok, here I go, helicopter flight!
    First, a short run, Catbai to Noibai. Hope it goes well!

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    Well, I'll be dogged! I made it. SAFELY, no less. And they said it couldn't be done.

    No autopilot, yet. Maintenance told me they'd have it up by morning (US Time)
    I hope so, these birds are twitchy. SOMEthing to get the AFCS going needs to be done. The GySgt in Maintenance promised. Hope he weren't telling me a tale. I'm off for a beer, then to bed.
    A long flight would be exhausting. I haven't looked, but I hope none are longer than about 300 nmi!


    Real World permitting, I'll get another flight ASAP! See y'all soon
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    Ok, here we go for today's flight: Noibai Intl (VVNB) to Dienbien Phu (VVDB). Little longer than the last, but not excessive...

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    Woofta! Helo's don't fly very high anyway, but throw in very hilly terrain, and very low (ground level is LOW) clouds, and even going a pokey 145 kts it can get a little exciting.
    Made it safe, even with another 70kt wind at the airport when I was trying to land! I kept getting pushed all over. I'm sure glad helicopters are VTOL. I just hovered down slaunch-wise across the runway.

    I'll let the ground crew come drag me to parking. An air-taxi under these conditions? NO WAY!


    See y'all after I get a few beers, and a lot of rest. That landing was tense!
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    Pat's Helicopter Flight Today

    Long leg! DienBien (VVDB) to Udon (VTUD)

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    Well shoot, heck, fudge, and DARN.
    Pardon my French.
    Computer crashed 30 min into the flight. I don't have time right now to try again, I'm afraid. DARN I say again!
    I'll try again tomorrow evening. I have a Dr. appointment in the AM, so my day is shot. 45 min drive to town, and limited flight time makes it rough to try and do both. RL interferes again.
    See y'all asap!

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    I'll be off for a few days. My little truck blew it's radiator top tank off, and I'll be fixing that, making parts runs (in my OTHER little truck!) and so on. Then I have to take it in to a mech to do some work I just can't in the shade of the tree.
    Be back on ASAP!

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    I TOOK a day off today, so I'm trying to get the DienBien (VVDB) to Udon (VTUD)leg done.
    HERE we go!

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    OK, well, I tried twice today. The PC crashed both times, at the same place. I'll try removing the Project Vietnam scenery and try it again, but for now, it's a no-go...

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    Senior Administrator Willy's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    West Tennessee, near KTGC
    I've been having similar issues in the Saigon area. With and without the scenery and using different aircraft.
    Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right.

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    Well, sir, if you find a fix, please feel free to let me know. Naturally, I will gladly return the favor, or whatever you call it
    I didn't have any trouble, other than a weather glitch, with the F-111, so we will see what happens. I don't see it being a problem with the aircraft, but the scenery didn't give me any trouble with the F-111 either. By the same token, I am flying the route in reverse than I did before. I wonder if that has any bearing on it. I will try next going to a different destination airport, and seeing if I can make that. If I do make it, I will see about approaching the target from a different direction to see what happens. Those are my plans, anyway. It will add distance and thus time, but if I gotta, I gotta...

    Good fortune!

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    One last try

    OK, I'm disabling the Project Vietnam scenery, and trying the flight ONE more time. If it fails again, I will try a different route. Not gonna make an "official" flight till I'm sure about this. Testing away!

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    OK, well, this is beyond my meager capabilities to solve. I have tried everything *I* can think of to get past this, different route, different target, different wx program, scenery disabling, you name it. I gibve, the sim wins.
    I am officially withdrawing from this entry. I'll just rest on my F-111 laurels.


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