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Thread: Pat's 2016 SEA Race thread

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    Due to some weird glitch in the weather, whether FSRealWX lite or the reporting station I don't know, I had to select an alternate airport to land at. Once the weather glitch clears, I'll hop over to VTUN. For now, I had to land at VTUQ, Nakhon Ratchasima, a few miles back to the west from VTUN.
    Oh, the weather problem? At VTUN, and for a very limited range around it, there is a 75 kt. crosswind. At VTUQ, where I finally landed, just a few miles west? 9kt. That's right, 75KTs! I am sure it's an error in the weather software. I am going to try restarting it, and checking it out, and then, if it's still odd, I will try FSRealWX Pro, if that fails, I will verify online what the weather at the airport is, then set it up in the sim, and make the short hop over to VTUN, if that is acceptable. Failing that, I will check it again tonight, tomorrow, whatever it takes to wait the glitch out.


    More to come as it happens!
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    I'm sadly out of time now, so I will try tonight. I reset the weather, and all is normal, now. Short test flight confirmed. I'll make an official hop tonight. It's about a 5 min hop, give or take from VTUQ to VTUN. More to come!

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    75 knot crosswind eh? That's pretty breezy... No worries on the short hop to get back on track.
    - Paul

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    Ok! First, the little trip to VTUN from VTUQ, to make up for the forced divert.

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    Down at VTUN, 6 min flight, never even raised the gear.


    Now, from Khorat (VTUN) to Takhli (VTPI)
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    Made it! Another friggen crosswind, only 12kts, this time. Better than 75!


    Tomorrow, last leg! Hope it goes well
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    Finally, real life quit interfering with my flying!
    Today, it's off from Takhli (VTPI) to U-Taphao (VTBU). Hope it's a good one!
    By the way, I miscounted somewhere. This isn't the last leg, but that's ok, more fun times!

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    A super easy flight for once! Light winds, light turb, even a light crosswind on landing! It ws wonderful. Lovely scenery, some cu around to give some variety...
    Anyway, down safe at VTBU.


    And NOW, for the last leg, which I will fly this evening, my time. See y'all soon!
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    Last but not least, U-Taphao (VTBU) to Tansonhat (VVTS). FUN TIME!

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    LONG flight. I'm going to have to break into two for the chopper, but the Aardvark had legs to spare for it! 388nm, and the helicopter I want to fly only has a 288nmi range. Two flights
    Anyway, MADE IT! I may be wrong, and usually am, but I think this was the last leg. I'll let the powers that be decide.


    I may change my routing for the helicopter, so I don't have to break up a leg. Time to work on my navimagation skillz!
    Have fun all! See ya in the helo thread
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