Pat's 2016 SEA Race thread
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Thread: Pat's 2016 SEA Race thread

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    Pat's 2016 SEA Race thread

    Here's my little tour of SEA in the Alpha F-111, with FSRealWX lite.
    Our first leg: Tansonnat (VVTS) to Nha Trang (VVNT). Annnd awaaaaaay we go!

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    Made it! Another minor miracle of modern technology. I know it wasn't my pilot skill!


    It went so well, I may try another!
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    What the heck, let's go for my second leg!
    Heading from Nha Trang (VVNT) to Phucat (VVPC), as always, FSRealWX lite.


    And again, a beautiful flight. I am still certain it's the technology, not me, but maybe...nah, it's the tech!
    More to come soon! Stay tuned
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    And on to 3rd leg: Phu Cat (VVPC) to Danang (VVDN)

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    Down at Danang (VVDN). Duenna to follow, then off to the DOOM Club (Danang Open Officer's Mess. It's their mess, let them clean it up!)


    Great flight, except the friggen xwind on landing. 15kts can be tough...

    See y'all for the next one!
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    And off from a nice overnight at Danang (VVDN), heading for Catbi (VVCI). FSRealWX lite giving a decent day to fly! Looks like a good flight, out over the water, low and fast!

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    What I get for trying to get a SH screencap...
    I wound up swimming for it. Hope to heck to SAR bird gets here soon!


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    Ok, let's try again. Danang (VVDN), to Catbi (VVCI). FSRealWX Lite.
    Idiot pilot. I filled out the ID10T form, dried off, and climbed into the back-up plane...

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    Whew! THIS time I used the AP to keep my tail dry, and didn't have to see the SAR crew. Again. I still feel like an idiot, though...
    Sorry, I got a bit busy at the end, so no landing pictures. Maybe next time.


    Make another run tonight. Hope it goes better!
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    Lucky you were so close to land when you encountered your ... mishap. Coast Guard picked you up, but charged you for the lost beer time.
    - Paul

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    Don't forget the time the Navy spent looking for ya too!
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    Let Being Helpful Be More Important Than Being Right.

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    Lovely straight lines. I just can't master straight lines.

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    Thanks to all for the great comments! I appreciate them all.
    My thanks to the CG and Navy too. I appreciate their hard work, and hope like heck I never see them again

    And now, on to tonight's flight:
    Catbi (VVCI) to Noibai (VVNB), with FSRealWX Lite providing, as usual!

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    Boy was that a short flight! Barely time to get up up speed, then slow down. Busy!

    Down safe at Hanoi Intl. Or Noibai if you prefer...


    We'll see if I make another, or a practice chopper flight...
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    Today's little flight will be interesting. Noibai (VVNB) to Dienbien (VVDB). Dienbien Phu is in a valley, without an ILS, just a VOR and NDB. The practice flight was a real adventure, trying to find the bloody runway without running into a hill...
    At least it's over-land all the way. No more water landings for me! (I hope!)
    Off we go!

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    Made it safely. Sort of. Not my prettiest landing, diving through layers of cloud, while trying to slow down, get the gear out, flaps down, it got a little dicey, as they say. At least I found the runway this time!
    At least it looks like I did better than the last couple of DC-3's that tried to get in here...


    Soon, the next flight. For now, a BREAK!
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    This flight is an easy one: Dienbien Phu (VVDB) to Udon, Thailand (VTUD).
    Heeeeere we go!

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    Made it! Another dive for the deck, but I made it! If I weren't in a race I would have gone around, but sometimes ya just gotta go for it! 6kt xwind didn't help either. I HATE crosswinds.


    Well, at M0.99, never dull moment!
    By the way, the Dueanna says the ending airport is VTED, but I double checked my actual position on the runway, and it IS VTUD. Why the error, I am not sure. Maybe a DB error some place? I don't know. I DO know I am at the correct airport, whatever the Duenna says.
    Anyone else run into this problem, please post, especially if you know why. Thanks all.
    I'm going for a brew. TC till tomorrow, all!

    Just a note: I even looked at the Map in the SIm, there is NO VTED on it. Has there been a change in the real world since FSX-SE came out? It looks like The Duenna get's it's airport info from, so the info maybe updated, but in the Sim shows as VTUD due to out-of-date databases? Just letting y'all know. I did hit the right target...
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    Carrying on, this time from the Duenna confusing Udon (VTUD) to Nakhon Phanom (VTUW). I hope neither me nor the Duenna get too confused this time!

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    Well my my. I actually got a crash! And a sort-of a half a crash: I oversped the gears. SO: 1 abort, 1 crash to my credit (or debit, if you prefer).



    I kinda posted them backwards, with the crash first and the overspeed of the gear second. They actually occurred the other way round, but I figure I eat the times no matter what, so...
    The crash was a strong, gusty crosswind, blew me over during rollout. I AM going to try again, though, so...
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    Trying again! Udon (VTUD) to Nakhon Phenom (VTUW).
    If I eat the grass again, I'll try bound to get better eventually

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    Much better this time. The weather was friendlier. No sudden cross-gusts tipping me over!


    My apologies for my first attempt. Just the weather-gremlin, I guess. There are two kind of simmers: Those who HAVE crashed, and those who will

    See yall soon for the next flight!
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    My 9th leg (how did I grow so many??): Nakhon (VTUW) to Ubon (VTUU). Let's see is I can keep the shiney side up this time!

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    Boy, whatta flight! Rain, clouds, haze the whole way! Thankfully, the wind was only slightly tangential to the runway...


    Thank goodness for a fairly easy one this time. I did try something new. I dragged the flightplan off a little to give me a straight in to the runway. Worked good too! I am going to follow the plans more carefully in the future.
    See y/all for the next one! Have a good time
    Happy 4th of July to all! Let us pause a moment and thank all those who made us free to celebrate this independance. Past, present, future.
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    Away we go!
    Leg 10: Ubon (VTUU) to Khorat (VTUN).
    Hope things go well! 1 crash per race is all I permit

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