DTG Presentation @ FlightSimCon 2016
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Thread: DTG Presentation @ FlightSimCon 2016

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    Lightbulb DTG Presentation @ FlightSimCon 2016

    His vision of what DTG Flight Sim will be about.

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    There is always room for another flight simulator...if it's good! The youth group I have built some systems for have really enjoyed Flight School...yes others can argue the graphics are not as good as they could be, and some of the missions are not accurate, but it gets the kids thinking. What I really wanted to see was something like A2A has done with preflight, and maintenance before and after flying. I wanted theory explained like in the book Stick and Rudder except with updated animation. For me, Flight School has been a disappointment, just rehashing what flight school addons already do on FSX and X-Plane 10.
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    it really has been obvious just from what Flight School is, that the creative side of it was unfamiliar with the community, the genre, FSX as it currently stands, Flight and why Flight was vilified by the community at large and yet also what was good about Flight (I liked several aspects of Flight)....

    Such a shame because really ANY familiarity at all would have limited the damage that Flight School has done to the perception that DTG might have been good for this genre and the community.
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    Im just hoping they dont dumb it down to console levels or try to make it more ''accesible'' (Read: Simplified) and **** everything to high hell. We need more detailed simulations, more systems recreated, and the difficulty should get closer to real life.

    I hate DTG. Have you ever seen there train simulator? Theres $4000 in official DLC. I hope it doesnt end up that way for Scenery. We want all 24k airports and at least as many planes as FSX for the 60 we would normally pay. Not 60 for 100 airports, 3 planes, and 4k for the rest. Im also afraid theyll try to prevent commercial addons so all addons have to be sold through them which would suck.

    DTG is a horrible company. Microsoft should just create Flight Simulator 11 and use there cross platform stuff.


    For gods sake can they not write a new DirectX11, Quad Threaded, LAA engine?

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    It was a video with IMO too much attention to Flight School. Every single person in that room was more versed in the FSX than anyone from DTG, probably also the case for viewers of the video. There should have been more focus upon the future. Any info was scant and a lot seems to still be in the planning stage. Therefore from what my point of view there can be little chance of a new sim (worth having that is) this year, there would be too much to do in such a short timescale. On the other hand the X-Plane presentation was wayyyyyy more informative in regard to their future. I'm no great fan of XP but I think that could be the future.

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    So the chap on the video confesses that he doesn't like flying. Wow, can see something really good coming from them then!?


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