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    Just Fiddling


    I have been playing aroung this morning and I succeeded to replace one of the stock aircraft by a FSX-SE stock aircraft. Not perfect yet but you can fly it. Basically you replace the content of an aircraft folder by the new content but be sure to keep the original fltsim.* entries. Only ui_variation and qtc_id can be changed and anything below the General entry.


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    Most interesting! Please keep us informed on your progress. This will certainly become a challenge to modify and tweak. But it is encouraging that you were able to do this. NC

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    I'm also really curious to see what you will be able to achieve.
    How did it look like in the sim ?

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    How did it look like in the sim ?

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    Hard to tell from my IPad, but are the prop arcs invisible? NC

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    No they are spikes from the centre.

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    You got me hooked to this thread with that DC-3.

    Now THAT is what I want to try and accomplish.

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    THis is what I did and I assume Nick did something simular:
    1. Make a backup copy of the aircraft directory you are going to use. E.g. Piper_PA18.
    2. Delete the model, sound, panel and texture sub-directories of Piper_PA18.
    3. Copy the model, sound, panel and texture subdirectories of the donor airplane (E.g. c172) into the Piper_PA18 directory.
    4. Rename the original air-file (Piper_PA18-150.air)to some temporary name, copy in the c172 airfile and rename it to Piper_PA18-150.air
    5. Open the aircraft.cfg file in an editor and delete everything after the fltsim.* sections. And save it.
    6. Copy everything after the fltsim.* sections of the donor aicraft.cfg file and past it into the file from the previous step. Save it.
    7. Now the fltsim sections need to be corrected, but only the atc_id and ui_variation entries. Also check whether the model, panel and texture lines point to the correct directory. And ofcause the number of fltsim sections must match the number of repaints.
    8. In any of the texture folders copy the thumbnail.jpg and rename the copy to hangar.jpg Check the references in the aircraft.cfg!

    As somebody already mentioned Flightschool doesn't use the old gau files, so it might be nescessary to replace the panel definition..

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    Thanks for the information !
    So the old GAU gauges don't work anymore. But what about the other gauges ? And the DLL-based gauges don't work either, right ?

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    That's right.
    But for instance a G1000 glasscockpit is available and works (in the c172)
    You can use the xml gauges of the Pipers and place them in a new panel (I assume, I haven't tried that yet)
    B.t.w. the gps did't work in the Cessna but I didn't have the time to find out why, because the gps is available in the Pipers.



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