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    Activation problems

    Has anyone recently reinstalled FSX and successfully done the online registration. I am wondering if MS have finally switched the service off.

    I just had to reinstall FSX Gold and the activation was rejected. I thought maybe they had too many attempts. So I dug out my old copy (pre Gold and Accel) from 2006 which hasn`t been used for years. Installed that after the shenannigans of uninstalling the first copy. That fails to.

    The option to call them in both copies just brought up an error box claiming it could not find the relevant info file.

    Never had these issues in all the years I`ve had it....


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    Activation Issue Resolved - Worth a read for the future.

    OK, I just spent just 2 hours on the phone to MS. Very helpful technician. The problem was resolved.

    Here was the issue. And it worth a read just for others in case it happens to you.

    With FSX under Windows 7 64 bit. You have to allow patience and it will take up to 15 minutes for Disk 1 to even begin to install the sim once the choices of location are made and OK is pressed, it will give the impression that it has frozen. Once it gets going it installs just fine.

    I had followed all the suggestions on the internet re following instructions for MS error codes 1602 and 1648 which involves ending two processes in the Task Manager and renaming a file c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\InstallShield to installshield1 are erroneous. This will give a seemingly complete install but actually misses out a couple of DLL files which will render online and telephone activation impossible.
    So ultimately it is a case of start the install, put the coffee pot on, and have patience.

    Another interesting fact. There are no plans for MS to stop support for the sim despite what some say. There is no problem regarding the number of times an install is made nor the fact it is not installed on the original PC. That is all just blarney.

    One other point, the support and phone call was FREE! I was very impressed with the level of care given for a 10 year old obsolete program. Cudos Microsoft. Oh yes and the tech was in WA State too.

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    That's good to hear. Thanks for posting the solution.

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