FSX Steam Crashes When Switching To Windowed Mode (Solution)
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Thread: FSX Steam Crashes When Switching To Windowed Mode (Solution)

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    FSX Steam Crashes When Switching To Windowed Mode (Solution)

    I recently had to reinstall everything after having a hard drive die so I decided to install the Steam version of FSX. At first glance everything went off without a hitch, I installed the Orbx Sceneries, REX, FSUIPC, ACCUSIM and a ton of aircraft. After getting it all set up I installed Plan G and went for my first flight but found that when I switched to Windowed mode the program would crash. I looked hard for a solution, went to the Steam Forums and found I wasn't the only one but there was no solution. So, after about a week of tweaking and tinkering I started uninstalling programs but I still had the CTD every time I went to windowed mode.

    So, yesterday I installed FSX Steam on a different PC that I have and low and behold no CTD's when running the fresh install. So, today I decided to reinstall the program on my main PC and guess what it worked fine with no products installed and I was able to jump in and out of Windowed mode without any issues. So, as I am adjusting the settings I set the water detail to high and bam I get a CTD in windowed mode when I go back out to the game. So, I try this on the other PC and same thing.. Set the water back down to low 2, I think, and everything works fine. I am wondering if this isn't a directx, windows 10 thing?? But, that was my solution and everything is working okay. I spent the rest of the day getting my ORBX stuff installed and I am happy to report its all working like it should.

    If memory serves, wasn't their a bug like this when the original FSX came out?

    I hope this helps and I was going to post this over on Steam but I didn't have a forum profile setup at the moment.
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    EGCD...they bulldozed it!
    Have you tried updating your video card drivers?
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    The solution for me was to turn the water detail down, sorry I wasn't clear there but thanks for the reply. Wanted to just put this out there in case anyone else had this issue.
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    So, I went out on a limb and tried installing REX again, but get the same crash when switching from full screen to windowed mode no matter what the water texture is set at. I removed REX and set the water back down to low 2 and everything works just fine. I sent a request to REX to be added to their support forums so I can look there. Ideas? This only occurs when increasing the water texture setting above low 2.
    Intel I7 8700 16gb DDR4 RAM GTX 1060 3GB with Windows 10

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