Locking Windows Size (Windows 7) & Campaign Missions
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Thread: Locking Windows Size (Windows 7) & Campaign Missions

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    Locking Windows Size (Windows 7) & Campaign Missions

    Dear SOH Community,

    I have the following 2 questions as it relates to running CFS1 under Windows 7 32 bit:

    1) I have a laptop that uses I believe a 1280 x 800 resolution and when I fly sorties under "full screen" the image seems stretched.
    When I start the game and use "ALT + Enter" I am able to get a window and then I resize it to better fit my screen as a large square.
    Each time I start the game now, I have to manually re-size the window.
    Is there a way to have the size defaulted when the game starts so I do not have to fix it each time?

    2) Back when I use to fly CFS2 there was a book I purchased which discussed the various Campaign missions and related tips and tricks to have a better chance at a successful completion.
    Are there any reference materials concerning the RAF / USAAF Campaign missions for CFS1?

    Thank you all in advance.



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    Hullo Dataman

    Answer to question one;

    Open game and go to Settings > Advanced display settings... > Full screen resolution >

    Then make your choice in the drop-down menu. Fiddle around until you find what suits you best.

    Click OK, ok, ok (okay?), this is it!

    For question two, I do remember "howtos" on the matter, but the only advice that really helped me was to point my aircraft to the next waypoint before jumping as to save fuel. Another trick I found on my own was to cut my engine before the jump, as some missions are definitely way too long, even on a full tank. Do restart after the jump please______...

    I'm sure other guys will gladly tell you their own tricks.
    Torture numbers and they'll say anything.

    Hubbabubba, Touche à tout.

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