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    Hi! Where do I find this one? I would like a...

    Hi! Where do I find this one?

    I would like a RAF, AAF and a Swedish Air Force Paratrooper version. Is it possible to temporarlly use Paratrooper panel and effects or make a copy of the swedish...
  2. Swedish or "blank" repaints forDouglas C-47R Skytrain V3.14?


    I found some good swedish and scandinavian repaints for v3.14. Would it ber possible to get a repaint where you can insert your own reg number like in the default FSX Cessna?

    Also I would...
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    Swedish or Scandinavian DHC-3:s?

    Hi! I would like a swedish one for all configs. Why not a paint where you, like the default Cessna, you can type your own reg code like SE-XXX.I do like the one from Wideroe, maybe once piloted by...
  4. Thanks! I will make a try! Bertil P


    I will make a try!

    Bertil P
  5. C-47 9Q-CUK Cong Queen for v3.14? Repaint?

    The repaint i use now for 9Q-CUK is for v2 and I managed to use it on v2 skis. It looked in the instructions like it could be used in v3.14. Am I wrong? I tries once, but I didn't see it on the list....
  6. Paratroopers = black rectangles

    Could it be that my computer has a graphic card that doesn't match? Geforce 750. It's all right anyway. The addon does work. Still, any suggestions?
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