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    yeah i have both of those, was just wondering if...

    yeah i have both of those, was just wondering if any other scenery's apart from those two
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    D-Day scenery for fs2004?

    At the weekend I purchased the MAAM Dakota C47 package and was wondering if there is any d-day scenery now or then, or any of the invasion mission even operation Market garden scenery would be a good...
  3. Ok thankyou very much

    Ok thankyou very much
  4. How to change the prop from 2 bladed to 3 bladed?

    Ive got the A2A spitfire and am wanting it with a twin bladed prop but the aircraft comes with a 3 Blader, is there any way to change this
    P.s i have the just flight package of spits with the early...
  5. yeah

  6. thanks

    thanks very much i will try and find the Clive Caldwell repaint from various sites, would it do any good to have a look on this one?? oh and by the way any MKVb spitfires out there and any malta...
  7. thanks but where do i get these repaints from ive...

    thanks but where do i get these repaints from ive tried avsim and and by the way im using fs9 now, any repaints for the just flight spitfire?, any malta spitfires??
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    thanks very...

    thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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    wanted supermarine S6b

    WANTED supermarine S6b
    well this is my third question
    does anyone know of a supermarine S6b for fs9/2004
    just a big fan of the spitfire and want to feel what the predeocesor felt like,...
  10. Re-paints for First Class Simulations Hurricanes

    :ernae:Had this for a while and have never being that happy with the stock textures, ive posted on here before and have being inondated with great suggestions and replys, trying realy to get the BBMF...
  11. Thanks

    Thanks for all the advice
    ive just got the just flight fs9 model spit and have just send money for the A2A spitfire.

    and will post more often as your all such a nice and helpfull bunch!!...
  12. thanks very much brad

    thanks very much
  13. Wanted:Early (MKI-MKII-MKIV) real air spitfire repaint

    just wanted to know if anyone knows where i can get what is specified
    The pack is REALAIRs fsx spitfire.
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