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  1. Try here: ...

    Try here:
  2. Problem Solved

    Noticed that Vince McCoy made a free Helicopter landing effect program.

    McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect v4 for both FSX & P3D v4

    You can get it here:...
  3. When I hover over water, I get the bubble effect...

    When I hover over water, I get the bubble effect on outer edges of rotor wash.
    I have that bubble effect even before the Mccoy effect was installed.
  4. FSX/P3D McCoy Helicopter Landing Effect 4.0

    I've installed the McCoy landing effect in my P3D V3.4 and the landing effects with a helo produce

    what looks like unrealistic verbals (swirl) in the rotor wash. Don't see that in the McCoy video...
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