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  1. Very strong run GP.:encouragement:

    Very strong run GP.:encouragement:
  2. Making it more challenging. :encouragement: I...

    Making it more challenging. :encouragement: I hope the passengers had decent food and some good movies.

    The 15,000nm barrier has been breached!
  3. Brilliant effort. :applause: The gauntlet has...

    Brilliant effort. :applause: The gauntlet has been thrown down!
  4. Martin, sorry your attempt failed. It sure...

    Martin, sorry your attempt failed. It sure looked promising with the tailwind. Maybe try it again but with FSrealWxPro? At least you didn't have a cat shut off you power strip...

    Rob- My...
  5. Wow! 13,128nm is going to be tough to beat. Nice...

    Wow! 13,128nm is going to be tough to beat. Nice run Jeff. :applause:
  6. Not too shabby Jeff.:encouragement:

    Not too shabby Jeff.:encouragement:
  7. The Tyranny of Distance - Longest Recorded Duenna Flight

    Okay, I have had this mild obsession for some time about setting the longest recorded Duenna flight.

    Back in 2008, Buzzbee from AVSIM recorded a 6955nm / 22:27 hr flight in a 747-400.
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