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    Thanks for the reply shessi, But I was looking...

    Thanks for the reply shessi,
    But I was looking for some way to access the ongoing series of model and air/config files that the TDS team puts out at regular intervals. They had their own site at one...
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    Tds aircraft by hiroshio igami

    Anyone know how to access/download updated mdl or aircraft files by TDS, without going on 'Facebook'?

  3. More Marvellous Messerschmitts

    These are great re-paints for a much neglected period of the Bf-109's history. Thanks for your outstanding treatment of thes 'D' models. I particularly admire the manner in which the semi-matt...
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    Why fs2004?


    I have so many years installing and flying your amazingly enjoyable and fulfilling flt sim models in FS 2004. Like you my eye-sight is degrading (not to mention the rest of the chassis)....
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    Why fs2004?

    My remarks made on 20 Oct when the lovely Messerschmitt 109 C and Ds arrive.
    Huub, I distinctly remember you advising me to go to FSX some years ago. Well, what goes around - comes around.
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    Auto engine start for maamsim dc-3

    The Dak produced by MAAM SIM back in the day, is still an excellent simulation of this classic veteran. I am afraid that I have become a very lazy sim pilot, and to maximise time spent flying, like...
  7. Lovely gauges and panels


    Many thanks for your works. These are excellent and authentic looking panels and I very much appreciate the time and effort you have put into them. I have taken your advice on landing and...
  8. Black box requirements for fs2020?

    I became seriously addicted to flight simulation back in 1998. Since that time I have followed the ever increasing requirements to have fast computing power and graphics in order to cope with the...
  9. Papi, A decent 2D panel for the A2A Bf 109...


    A decent 2D panel for the A2A Bf 109 would be great. Over the years I have swung between favouring VC over 2D. The simplistic 2D for this aircraft done by A2A, while it does provide a decent...
  10. Papi, You have been so good over this issue. I...

    You have been so good over this issue. I thank you sincerely and feel bad that I caused so much disruption. Your commitment to help is so commendable. Many thanks for your effort. Your...
  11. A2A Shockwave Me 109E

    not sure how the AH Bf 109E came up. Sorry for the confusion. I mentioned the A2A Me 109 that was part of their 'World War II Fighters' pack. This has an excellent VC panel with an ideal...
  12. 'Papi' The panel I hope to add the gauge into...


    The panel I hope to add the gauge into is not one of your panels. It is the panel for the Me-109E produced by A2A in their 'WWII Fighters' way back in the early days of FS2004. It has a...
  13. 'Papi', Very many thanks for your quick reply....


    Very many thanks for your quick reply. My own research has shown that the space in the cockpit we are discussing was normally for a vertical strip chart with compass variations on it. But...

    Hi guys and galls,

    I have had the marvellous Me-109E done by the Wings of Power (now A2A) almost since it came out. Not being familiar with a WWII Luftwaffe cockpit content, I just presumed the...
  15. Thanks Shessi. Launching now. Mal

    Thanks Shessi. Launching now.
  16. WWII Carriers for FSX - Any ability to convert for FS9?

    I note with interest the recent release of a number of US WWII vintage carriers for use in FSX.
    Any chance of this work being able to be converted for FS9?

  17. Shessi, these early Me-109s look really great....

    Shessi, these early Me-109s look really great. Thanks for filling in another chunk of the early history of this aircraft. Also thanks in anticipation of Papi's excellent panels and manual. Just when...
  18. More Marvellous Messerschmitts


    Thanks for you update, apologies if I have disrupted the creative flow. Look forward to flying them all.

    I had located a/c and pilot in a publication or ref book, but that was before...
  19. Marvellous Messerschmitts


    Apologies for my late reply. Have been in Holland visiting my daughter. I did not mean to appear nit-picky. Thought I had screwed up on the installation.

    So nice to see so many versions...
  20. Lovely trainer and panels

    Very many thanks Papi,

    The standard of your panels are really satisfying. Coupled to a good visual model and your tweaked flight model, the overall effect is very good to fly. Certainly all...
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    1950's LEAR JET

    Milton and team,

    Very many thanks for this exec transport of the immediate post-war period (WWII). What a sleek lady she is, and what handling. Been shooting tight circuits and approaches like a...
  22. TEAM DAEDALUS - Bf-109 Gs - Bomb and Rocket models

    Hi Guys,
    Firstly - thank you all so much for the selection of really great Bf 109 Gs'. Paul Rebuffat's Spitfire was one of my great favourites back in the early days of FS2004 and you have done a...
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    Return to cfs2

    Hi guys,
    Over a few decades I have noted how durable and faithful the CFS2 following is. Also noted the number of excellent addons being continually produced.

    I decided to dig out my original...
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    Apologies: I meant Dornier 335 'The Arrow'

    Apologies: I meant Dornier 335 'The Arrow'
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    The start of the legend


    Very many thnks for your work on putting this lovely fighter into FS9. Thanks also to 'Papi' for his cockpit. Excellent work. The flight model is really nice and it is another of those...
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