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  1. Check out the new Cutie!

    Thank you, Canuckshaw!

    Now I can relive Plane Savers!
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    Where now?

    Great pictures, meridien! Where is that restoration taking place?
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    C-FAKA at CSB3 (St-Mathieu de Beloeil)

    I can see the red roofs of CSB-3 from my windows (not Windows, windows!) At my request/suggestion, Ed Wells made an excellent FSX version of my neighbourhood airport, and I was delighted to discover...
  4. How to repair Sidewinder Force-Feedback 2 Joystick?

    I'm hoping to find some help with repairing my OLD (15 years?) Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 joystick. It's the front trigger button that's dead, everything else works fine. I'm hesitant to start...
  5. Now on FS Pilotshop

    World Terrain version 4 is now being sold on FS Pilotshop:
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    +1 for FSForce!

    I, too have a Sidewinder 2 with a broken button. I don't know of anything available to replace it.

    But for sure, whenever I have had to re-install FSX, the very first add-on I re-install is FS...
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    I went to the library hoping to find this little airstrip in the Catskills. But while the screenshot is the same as above, the associated file is the previously-uploaded

    I hope...
  8. This is in Northern Spain, near Huesca, at 3000'....

    This is in Northern Spain, near Huesca, at 3000'.
  9. Ed - Where is that? Looks like a very OLD...

    Ed - Where is that? Looks like a very OLD screenshot on

    Let me show you what it looks like in FSX:SE and World Terrain 4!

    I forgot to mention there is a free 10-day...
  10. Thanks for the comments, Ed. I don't know what...

    Thanks for the comments, Ed. I don't know what you mean by "color corrected". Here is an example at 5000' over Sherman, TX, with autogen at...
  11. "World Terrain" - New imagery source, new pricing

    Further to my post from 18 months ago:

    Version 4 ( abandons Bing as its imagery...
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    AFAIK, X-Plane only loads scenery add-ons for the...

    AFAIK, X-Plane only loads scenery add-ons for the immediate area of your take-off location. As you fly, other add-on files are loaded as required.
  13. Any news?

    @fsxar177: It's been a while!

    Any news about the Cessna 170 we paid for?
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    Carenado/Nhadrian C152 for X-Plane 11

    A worthy competitor for the new JustFlight version:
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    Justflight Cessna 152 for X-Plane 11
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    My favourites were: "Tales of the Gold Monkey"...

    My favourites were:

    "Tales of the Gold Monkey" Grumman Goose and
    Quad City Challenger ultralight.
  17. Off Topic - "Immortal Beaver" documentary film

    I really enjoyed this film:
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    X-Europe v2 from SimHeaven

    Does anybody here fly X-Plane 11 in Europe? This is supposed to greatly improve the autogen. I haven't tried it yet...
  19. Thread: Uninstalled

    by jschall

    Re-installed, but...

    So I re-installed FSW to see if it has improved.

    Stock scenery is still much worse than FSX.

    Not at all enjoyable.
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    Cheyenne out of date

    Too bad voidhawk9 uses an outdated plane - the version 9 Cheyenne by Jacques Brault. In X-Plane 11.11, I can't even start the engines following the checklist. The blue prop levers operate the flaps,...
  21. Any update since August 24th?

    @lagaffe - I am enjoying the 0.1 release, but I was wondering if you have updated anything since August 24th?

    I can't find C150 V2 on French-VFR. Just V1 and Ti-Bush are there.
  22. Yes!

    Download went smooth. Same with installation.

    The oil cap animation is indeed inverted.

    But other than that, everything seems to work fine in FSX:SE.

    Un gros merci, Didier!
  23. There is hope for me!

    Thanks for all that extra work, Didier.

    I'm looking forward to flying the 150 again in FSX!
  24. Thanks for the reply, Didier. I'm trying to...

    Thanks for the reply, Didier.

    I'm trying to fly the 150 on FSX:SE. Everything else seems to work, but there's no oil in the tank, and the Damage Mod screen won't let me add oil.

    Is there any...
  25. Engine fails on takeoff

    All gauges look normal, except oil pressure is zero. Damage Mod is all green. Runup seems normal. But a couple of seconds after I start the climb, the engine just stops. I crash.

    Has anybody else...
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