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    Good stick options for CFS3.

    I have used Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for many years. Great stick and very durable. Logitech also has downloadable Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) that is the best I have seen for key mapping to CFS3....
  2. Where to buy CFS3 Battle in Europe?

    I guess my only solution to the problem is to purchase a new CFS3 CD-ROM package and install it to see if it solves the problem. I notice when googling for a place to buy, there are some versions...
  3. cfsconfig.exe not working on different machine

    I moved my version of CFS3 (with 3.1 and 3.1a updates) to another machine by backing up all the CFS3 related folders and then pasting them to same named locations on the 2nd computer.
  4. CFS3 won't rund after ME163 install

    I installed the ME-163 package from the web link and followed the instructions explicitly. However, now when I attempt to launch CFS3 the splash screen for CFS3 is temporarily displayed and then...
  5. Anyone have a Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T script for CF3?

    I have a T.16000 joystick that I am trying to modify sensitivity settings by reprogramming with Thrustmaster T.A.R.G.E.T. software. It creates scripts to do this. Rather than attempting to...
  6. Sticky: I had many Adobe programs present. I think the...

    I had many Adobe programs present. I think the Adobe Air was the culprit like previous posting implied, but not sure. I realize you have to have some Adobe programs least Adobe...
  7. Sticky: Here is one thing I learned I had to do to get...

    Here is one thing I learned I had to do to get CFS3 to install on a WIN7 machine that wasn't mentioned anywhere else:
    I had to remove all ADOBE products to be able to connect to a game and not have...
  8. Can zoom be assigend to mouse wheel in CFS3?

    A feature that would be very valuable in CFS3 would be to be able to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out the view rather than having to fumble around finding the ] or [ keys on the keyboard. ...
  9. Thread: Screenshots!

    by jellis00

    Sticky: How to do a screenshot in CFS3?

    I am a newbie to CFS3. I have been trying to figure out how to do screenshots in CFS3 while flying. I found the right command and it appears to snapshot the screen when I execute it. But then I...
  10. Followed the instructions on that thread...

    Followed the instructions on that thread explicitly. Plus got a lot of TeamSpeak help from two forum members. None of us can figure out why I am getting the aircraft mismatch when attempting to...
  11. Anyone out there running CFS3 multiplayer/Win7 successfully?

    I concur with your number of b-25 and b-26 aircraft in the stock aircraft lists.
    I had a lot of help on TeamSpeak yesterday from two forum members in trying to trouble shoot this. They had me try...
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    What about just win7 in compatibility window?

    I notice that one of the options in the compatibility window is just to list window s rather than servicepack 3. This worked for me. Is it ok to do this or should service pack 3 be used?
  13. Missing B26aircraft in standard CFS3 install

    After installing cfs3 per Tail winds video for Win7 and updating to 3.1, I notice that the B25 aircraft appear in the Great Britain list of aircraft but the B26 aircraft donot appear in any of the...
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