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    March 21st, 2015, 07:00
    Emmanuele, I fully agree with what you stated as I too referenced the Dash One for the F-104S and it stated exactly what you said. The problem was this dynamic duo was trying to beat up the developers of a naval strategy sim called Command Modern Naval Operations or CMANO, by Slitherine/Matrix. The development team made a choice to limit the maximum speeds of a majority of their Mach 2 capable aircraft to 950 knots, it's not the maximum for many of the aircraft in real life, but a very close approximation to what one would see if the same aircraft were equipped with combat external stores, or even fuel tanks, versus a fully stripped aircraft that's achieving it's maximum speeds and height to climb data. Anyway, the dynamic duo insists that because the developer made this decision, the...
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    March 19th, 2015, 03:18
    Thanks team for all the comments and assistance. I paid for a subscription so I could paste some of the scales onto the forum I was defending. In the end, it was to no avail as the 2 I was arguing with could not understand my point I was trying to make to them and instead generated a bigger argument over it all.... so I moved onto another conversation. In the end though, a great website with some great manuals and reference material. Matt
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    March 19th, 2015, 02:03
    ??? I run Netflix, Hulu and have multiple games installed, though mostly strategy (CMBS, CMBN, Civ5, CMANO and others), RTS (Ruse, Warfare Red Dragon) and Simulation (World of Tanks, Steel Beasts Pro) all with very little heat problems. Never once has it shutdown, especially due to heat. However, that being said, I stay away from FSX because I only have 1 USB port and FSX is a hog on a limited space SSD. I also agree it's not a gaming platform, but it's no slouch of a tablet, in my opinion. Now, that being said, mine is also the i5 4300 processor SP3. I think the heat issues arise from the faster processor, which makes sense to me but I could be wrong. I do also have an Alienware 17 that I run FSX on though and it handles it quite well and I too running a cooling pad under it to...
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    March 15th, 2015, 18:55
    Wow! Thanks guys for the info. I have to admit, the info was a bit overwhelming to dig through initially, but Victory's hint about Drag Index helped dramatically. I have always wanted to own a personal GA bird, but after thumbing through that info, my head hurts.. I'll stick with my virtual flying in FSX and eventually to Prepar3D and reading my much simpler Infantry FM/TC/TMs. I knew there were more than a few that could be counted on to help me get through that conversation.
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    March 15th, 2015, 00:34
    Gents, I am trying to convince some self imposed aviation experts about the difference of a manufacturers quoted maximum airspeed is of a clean configuration and wholly different from one with ordinance and fully fueled. For example, his facts on the F-104S are that it's maximum speed should be 1200 knots IAS, not capped at 950 knots when loaded with stores. Is there an article that comes to anyone's mind that might dispel that myth to make clarity more viable in the argument? I know there's much real world civil and military aviators in this forum that can articulate this much better than I can. My Google/bing search only pulled up manufacturer stats and do no factor in drag of the stores. Thanks in advance.
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