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    Today, 16:03
    glennc replied to a thread Little Em in FSX General Discussion
    All I can say is "Bless you, Sir" :applause::wavey: Glenn
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    Today, 13:41
    I know from experience that the posts myself and a few other non-professionals do for scenery are ignored for the most part and I've just accepted that this stuff is boring to most, but every once in a while I decide to post anyway and this is one of those times. Members who have flown in this area before might recognize the landmarks. . .it was a popular gathering spot in the FS9 days but then a much anticipated FSX update fizzled and the area fell victim to the weather and new tree growth and before long it was gone completely. This is not intended to be a duplicate of the original (although I am keeping the original ICAO code "KEWL"), rather it will be a stopover point while enjoying the Cascades, Cushman Lake and other sights along the Hood Canal. All buildings will be custom and...
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    Today, 13:31
    Knew I should have added a couple smily icons in there... :) In fact the 22nd and 38th BG were both flying the short winged version in the early days of the Pacific War. They liked it. High landing speed? Yes, but so what. As an A-7 pilot friend of mine once said, you "stay above the stall speed, doesn't make no difference what the stall speed actually is, just don't go that slow and you won't stall." 22nd and 38 BG crews loved their short winged Marauder because it was fast, something that came in handy after dropping the bombs... New crews had trouble with the B-26, but veteran crews being chased by Zeros sort of grew a liking to it...
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    Today, 13:20
    Hey, no picking on my Celine Dion collection. You know she's my favorite singer! Getting ready to move on from the Haystack. My co-pilot found some light reading for the trip...
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    Today, 11:10
    Ron, got your P-47 run on the race board. Good luck with the giant beast. Rob, welcome to the race. Got your B-26 on the board too. One-a-Day in Iron Bottom Bay! Oh, that was Tampa. And the "short winged flying prostitute" version of the famous Marauder.
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    Today, 09:48
    It doesn't bother me enough to mess with it really. I took a stab at altering/renaming a few files to see the results as mentioned in my previous posts, but I was just trying to help "dvj".
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    Today, 09:06
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    Today, 07:54
    A bit of experimentation has proved fruitless, lol I tried renaming those four wav files and then restarting the sim. I noticed two things. . .well actually three. 1) when you rename any of those wav files you get a pop-up on startup that says it can't find the wav file. So you have to click your way through 4 of those. Once in the sim comes #2) the exterior sounds don't seem to have been affected much. . .maybe a bit but the "whine" is still there just not as loud (I don't think). 3) the interior sounds are gone, at least on my one attempt they were. My take on the sounds is that I'm not gonna mess with them. It seems that once I did, if I loaded a saved flight with the Alouette III, I had to load another airplane once the sim started and then reload the Heli to get the sounds...
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    Today, 06:40
    I believe most of the sounds come from the main "sound" folder in FSX inside the folder "dsd". Check there. Listen to the following series of "wav" files (sa316_son33500). The whine seems to be most prevalent in those files.
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    Today, 06:23
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    Today, 06:10
    Much appreciation for doing something other than another high wing Cessna. Beautiful Job!
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    Today, 04:13
    I'm working on this one. . .at least for the cockpit labels. I'm doing an English text version as well which I'll release by the weekend, just have to find time to get it completed.
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    Today, 00:50
    Great! Thanks!
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    Yesterday, 23:39
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    Yesterday, 23:23
    How to be applied to the fuel tanks?
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    Yesterday, 18:45
    I had planned to do some additional work but discovered that with one or two exceptions, the gauges are part of the mdl file and can't be adjusted at all. One of the improvements I planned would have required a slight readjustment of some of the gauges, but that's not possible so I'll put what I have in a zip and post it here tomorrow,
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    Yesterday, 16:46
    About that water buffalo. Well, when we took off from Naha, it was crossing the runway, see, and... it wasn't our fault, but... Oh, and you're welcome on the crate of spare parts. Hope they're not too heavy...
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    Yesterday, 16:19
    Made it to Hayfield! I used a couple of airports along "The Turkey's Back" to find my way, namely Vanimo (AYVN), because it has an NDB radio, and Aitape (TAD), because it's only fifty miles from the Haystack. Figured I could find that needle ok if it was only fifty miles out. I spied it about ten miles away, and while setting up for a ten knot crosswind approach to runway 17, my co-pilot noticed something shiny on the field. Turned out it was Moses03's new fancy pants B-29. They're all the rage, these days I hear. Got pressurized compartments so the flight crew can hang out in their shirt sleeves at 30,000 feet. Probably has AC in there too, and a CD player. We're going to camp out here for the night. Invite those boys in the Super Fortress over for a BBQ.
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    Yesterday, 15:14
    Cool. I'm headed for the Hayfield myself. We can trade spare parts. See how many of these Boeing bits are interchangeable between the two generations of Fortresses.
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