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    Yesterday, 19:13
    PRB started a thread Soyuz in The NewsHawks
    Watching the Soyuz launch today on the NASA TV. The difference between these Soyuz launches and the erstwhile Shuttle launches could not be more stark. It's clear the Russians don't have money to waste on things non-essential. NASA could learn a thing or two in that department... But the cool part was Main Engine Cutoff. The commander had this white snow man doll hanging from a string, and it was in view of the camera. We learned that his daughter gave it to him for good luck. The NASA narrator guy pointed out to us viewers that we could watch this thing and therefore see exactly when they got weightless, see? How cool is that? So when the main engine shuts down, the doll will start floating around on it's string, no longer applying tension to the string, right? Not quite... The engine...
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    Yesterday, 18:56
    Thanks for the HU Storm. Didn't realize this was out there.
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    Yesterday, 16:08
    Seems I've lost the pilot?? It may be an FsX Fixer issue but thought I'd post here first.
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    Yesterday, 14:42
    The reference to panel.D is from the aircraft.cfg file dated Apr 11, 2011 in the pack 1 - 1.20 patch, at least that is what I found in my archived files... Maybe I changed it myself, can't remember. The problem is that these patches do not seem to be available on the Razbam site anymore and I also read on their forum that some vendors still sell older versions.
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    Yesterday, 11:12
    Mexican Air Force: Scenery: Aerosoft Catalina (freeware)
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    Yesterday, 09:36
    The pack 2 fde is new, not published before; the pack 1 fde is a succesor to the v2 version published in the Razbam a-7e fde thread on Nov 16. For those folks who used the Nov 16 v2 version, I listed the Aircraft.cfg changes in the README text.
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    Yesterday, 07:26
    Some expectations rely heavily on the amount of RAM on your GPU. If you have at least 2gig and a CPU of at 3.2ghz it should give you decent performance. Important to note again that all texture loading and performance has been taken off the CPU and transferred to the GPU, so now it matters greatly how robust your GPU is and also being sure that you Power Supply can handle whatever you have installed.
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    Yesterday, 06:41
    A big thanks to Thomas Nilsson for giving us this unique aircraft! :applause::applause::applause:
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    Yesterday, 03:59
    Pack 2 (A-7A/B) FDE update is ready; I uploaded it to the Warbirds Library together with the FDE updates for pack 1 (A-7D/E/H). For those who installed the previous pack 1 v2 FDE which was attached to this thread on Nov 16: The latest changes in the Aircraft.cfg are listed in the README text.
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    Yesterday, 02:31
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Other Description: Alternative FDE for the payware RAZBAM A-7 Corsair packs 1/2 - A-7A/B/D/E/H variants. - More realistic weight/thrust which a.o. improves ground handling/speed control. - Jet is less likely to tip over upon catching a carrier arrestor wire. - Engine is a bit less sensitive to over temp warning/failure. - Increased pitch up stance when jet sits on the ground. - Fixed vertical offset A-7A/B belly beacon (thanks to SOH member delta_lima). - Less VC light bleeding through fuselage/intakes.
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    Yesterday, 02:21
    Yes sorry, due to LEGAL issues. As freeware paint after the M2000 release there won't be legal issues. Cheers, Hank
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    November 22nd, 2014, 12:26
    Flaviossa has mentioned the PC side and as he states a better processor would be a start as well as your video card which I don't see mentioned. His suggestion of at least a 600series Nvidia card is spot on and add to that "at least" 2gig on the card. With V2.4, which I would highly recommend if you seriously want to get into the P3D realm, all of the texture loading has been moved to the GPU for processing, hence the need for more memory on the GPU than you're used to. P3D will not be 64bit for a long time yet. . .that's been mentioned many, many times by the LM folks on their website http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/ As for addons. . .again for V2.4. . .forget anything FS9 related. For FSX models, if they are recent FSX models, they will more than likely be fine. Earlier versions may...
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    November 22nd, 2014, 11:27
    I believe that information was available in the manual prior to the Lear's release, it was also noted in red letters on his website. I only have P3D_V2.4 so I can't speak to what loses you might experience in FSX since it isn't DX10 supported, maybe someone else who has it and is in the same boat can relate?
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    November 22nd, 2014, 11:15
    I realize this is an old post, but since it was pulled up by "Peg-o-my-heart" and made current again. . .the Cold and Dark startup was explained in detail when the airplane was released, it was made quite clear that anything other than the sequence explained in the release post, the manual and the website would be prone to exhibiting problems. Some time ago now, Bill posted several cold and dark startup files on his website for those who couldn't quite get it right, yet there are still those who hear it said, see it written in black and white and then toss that out the window because they "have always done it this way and it's always worked before", lol. Just amazing. Even now Bill continues to get e-mails from folks who are irate because they can't get the airplane started. They buy it,...
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    November 22nd, 2014, 11:13
    Yes! These repaints work nicely in FSX with Classic Wings FSX native conversion. You only need to flip horizontally the bmp textures. DDS conversion is recommended but not required. Apart from this, she looks quite ok to me even with no bump map. Thanks Gary, Edward, and Jamie for all these nice DH.88 repaints. Here an Estonian Air Force Comet: If you don't have it, the original Microsoft FS9 Comet portover is here (for panel, gauges, prop disk, air file, etc...) Classic Wings FSX conversion: http://www.classicwings.net/dh88_comet.html Scenery: Tallinn EETN, fully functional commercial demo from Drzewiecki Design http://www.drzewiecki-design.net/prodEETN_X.htm EETN works quite well with Estonia X (free vector data) by J. Kelloggs (http://www.jkelloggs.dk/node/600), and FTX...
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    November 22nd, 2014, 09:14
    +1 :encouragement:
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    do you have my Italian Paints?
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    Have Seen you also have the Cera Bell 212
    may be we should make an online flight with this helicopter could be great fun

  5. Hi Pete, you suggested I pm you, and you would send me a good carrier track for the Clemenceau.


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