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    Today, 21:39
    Yea, I remember seeing the thread that mentioned someone else taking over the development. . .and you're right, a lot of folks will be excited to see it released. . .or at least a nice update on where it stands.
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    Today, 20:32
    After a longer look. . .I deleted this aircraft, lol. I would have to say. . .Not his best.
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    Today, 18:00
    Thanks guys for feedback. This is not going to be easy...
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    Today, 12:28
    Francois replied to a thread Windows 10 in FSX General Discussion
    It is my understanding that we have until July NEXT year to upgrade for free........ I think I'll wait and see what is going to happen with FSX before deciding...... been on the bleeding edge a few times too often :a1310:
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    Today, 11:42
    The SOH crowd is the best !!! Thank you all for reaching out !! :applause::applause::wavey: I can't tell you how much this means for me..... now, back to work with Simon....
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    Today, 10:08
    I'm on my way out for the day, but a quick look reveals a decent external model and a functional VC. Some upgrade in texturing (4096x4096) will go a long way to giving it a better feel so that will be my project starting this evening.
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    Today, 10:02
    Done! Wanna make sure you stay afloat Francois!
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  • Francois's Avatar
    Today, 08:54
    Thank you everybody.....so many generous people around in this hobby !! Every penny helps approaching my goal to replace the radio internet with satellite internet..... and lets just hope that once installed THAT will do the trick !!! :dizzy:
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 06:34
    It's embedded apparently....I just clicked on the video and it started. Couldn't get it to full screen though so it's kinda small to view.
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  • Francois's Avatar
    Today, 06:13
    Thanks all !!! As for other 'access'...... I tried 3G first, but we're in between two antenna masts and I cannot get past 0.7 - 0.8 with the router and receiver put in the attic (highest point). Tried.... failed.... We don't have a fixed line to the house, so ADSL is 'out' too..... So currently I am stuck to radio internet.... but they don't offer more than 0.5 mbps upload and usually it is less..... hence the problems.
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    Today, 05:35
    noddy replied to a thread Windows 10 in FSX General Discussion
    Cheers Dave.
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  • noddy's Avatar
    Today, 05:31
    noddy replied to a thread Windows 10 in FSX General Discussion
    A dumb arse question, so sorry. I currently have Win 7 64 bit Ultimate, so if I go for the free upgrade is the 64 bit as well?
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    Today, 01:06
    Ickie replied to a thread SOH and Daily Hackers in The NewsHawks
    daily scum ============= Time: Tue Jul 28 00:13:09 2015 -0400 IP: (CN/China/-) Failures: 10 (ftpd) Interval: 300 seconds Blocked: Yes == Time: Tue Jul 28 00:56:18 2015 -0400
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  • Francois's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:04
    I'd have to burn things on a DVD, send it my mail, have it uploaded.... would work only for finished work, so stop-gap solution. Looking into it. But I need to be able to up- and download stuff that's under development almost every day. :dizzy:
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  • Francois's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:02
    Geeez, thanks Mason.... and THANK YOU who contributed !!! I hate ASKING..... been self supporting and independent my entire life... but right now I am hitting a wall here. It is because of dwindling income from the FS products, because of the bad infrastructure here in rural Italy... but basically it all started with being FORCED to change my shop and websites by the European Union's ridiculous new tax measures. Now ALL of our existing products are gone too (except from simMarket etc., but that means earning even less!). I've explained it on my website..... http://fssupport.com/fsaddon/?page_id=2610 MANY THANKS to all support, even moral :-) (And 'uploading' to the shop is just one problem, I regularly upload and download files with my authors during development, THAT is gone...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:43
    Nicely Done. During the credits I spotted a familiar name. . ."Steve Coker". Steve started out as a Crew Chief with the 301st in Ft Worth (possibly during the F-105 days), then turned the tables and became an Officer and eventually came back to fly the F-4 with our Squadron. I don't know if Steve was still there when I arrived in 86' but he may have been. I believe Steve and his lovely wife now live in Whitewright, Tx. . .not far from me.
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  • vonstroheim's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:51
    Today I installed (at last) the FSX SDK and played with ModelConverterX with the FS9 AFG Caravelle, hosted by Historic Jetliners Group (HJG). Looks easy enough to convert a FS9 MDL to a FSX native MDL. But it's a well known fact, all animations are lost and must be redone one by one. What a pity... Not to mention copyright issues... Old story... as old as FSX... Then I merged this native FSX Caravelle exterior with the Justflight Comet VC. It works! Did you know that the Caravelle nose area and cockpit layout were both taken directly from the de Havilland Comet? (wikipedia) Of course this experiment is doomed from the start. But we could have plenty of wonderful classic airliners and aircrafts in FSX if copyright and animations issues could be sorted out easily! I remember...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:24
    Yea, there was a lot of "Moving of equipment" going on with the F-4's (travel pods) and also C-47's. Manifests always showed legitimate cargo though, lol
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  • Ickie's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:23
    Ickie replied to a thread My Bag Is Packed in The NewsHawks
    it's over now. I was told of this and it is normal until the inside of my heart heals. I was also told if it starts and does not stop to call then a pace maker will have to be inserted. these new a-fib attacks are nothing like the ones i use to have, these are kinda like a missing normal heart beat every 5-8 beats. it may be just me, as I usually do not have a breakfast, both yesterday and today I failed to eat then it hit me, and after eating a bowl of raisen brand it stopped.
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    Hi Peter
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    do you have my Italian Paints?
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    Have Seen you also have the Cera Bell 212
    may be we should make an online flight with this helicopter could be great fun

  5. Hi Pete, you suggested I pm you, and you would send me a good carrier track for the Clemenceau.


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