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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    Today, 04:51
    Beautiful shots, and I really like the way the water looks in your ETO! :applause: Cees
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  • rhumbaflappy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:18
    Hi all. is opening a new Microsoft Flight forum aimed at development for Flight. New methods are being devised to convert content from FSX to Flight, and to eventually add new content. The next few weeks should be quite interesting as the whole world and it's airports are added to the game... a major complaint from early end-users of the sim. There will be rough edges, and a few mis-starts, but the roadmap for development is sound. I think some familiar tools for FSX development might be adapted to Flight, and all are welcomed to visit and see the progress as it develops. Dick
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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    August 20th, 2014, 22:15
    Milton, :dizzy:I get a php file only, no zip, so there is nothing to be downloaded. :pop4:Can other people download these files? Cees
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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    August 20th, 2014, 14:26
    Oooh! Here are the attachments! I replied to your PM that you forgot them!:biggrin-new: Thank you! Cees
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 19th, 2014, 19:14
    No problem...this one was easy. I really don't like to work at these things as much as i used to. Besides, i've always been rather partial to the Focke Wulf 190 and all of its derivations. Been wanting for a Ta152 upgrade for a long time.
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 19:37
    :highly_amused: Hey! I resent that 'compliment'...i am NOT a cheater, Just an avid student of the dynamics of the "game". And when the game gives me lemons, i just try to make the best lemonade on the block. :triumphant:
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 18:20
    Milton Shupe has the angle on that...he might have a few tips to share. But like Mission said, we already have a few native oldie goldies in the Mossie line.
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 18:17
    Doing well JD, TFA. Still into private conversions, with a little dabbling in FSDS as time permits. And thanks for the web addy...message sent :encouragement:
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  • CrisGer's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 16:27
    Wow thanks Hiede for keeping the communcations coming i wondered why i hadnt heard from Talon in a while, i knew you all were on a cruise. He and I talked a while ago. I am very glad he got home safe and was well taken care of, glad you are there to help. Talon you better behave and rest up leaping around at high speed. hope you feel better fast.
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  • CrisGer's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 16:22
    CFS2 to FX is doable so reverse should be also.
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  • CrisGer's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 16:20
    Very nice to have the fleet expanded, thank you sir. :medals:
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  • Talon's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 12:58
    Talon replied to a thread Korea Mig15 in CFS2 General Discussion
    I sent you one of the Migs.Just remember it's a WIP. Another thing-With you testing it's an uneven playing field in your favor because of the tweaks you do to your planes.These are meant for the average Simmer.
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 12:12
    Hmmm, there's a thought. Guess i'd better start thinking about getting some permissions. I don't suppose Scrubby would be hard to reach out to - he's pretty active these days - but getting the former Simtech's OK on the panel and gauges may take some effort. Anyone know a shortcut for reaching Crashwoody of Simtech?
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 11:47
    Aw c'mon man, don't take it that way. You had me all teed up to play Mig Alley again. Tell you what, to get a feel for the jet v. jet capabilities you're highlighting, i'll start with my best F-86 mounts, then the F-80's and 84's and work back to
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  • Talon's Avatar
    August 18th, 2014, 11:37
    Talon replied to a thread Korea Mig15 in CFS2 General Discussion
    Looks like will put this away and go on to other things.
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 17th, 2014, 20:04
    Sorry for your loses, but no worries. Like i said, very predictable...i know how it works :encouragement:. CheerZ!
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  • Talon's Avatar
    August 17th, 2014, 17:55
    Talon replied to a thread Korea Mig15 in CFS2 General Discussion
    Couldn't let it go so did some more work on it.They now can shoot down prop planes.I testd against Mustangs and SeaFurys and my AI shot down 3 of each.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    August 17th, 2014, 13:36
    Talon replied to a thread Korea Mig15 in CFS2 General Discussion
    Well Bearcat, They do well against the Jets but not against prop planes.I kinda figured that though.Still a WIP.I've only worked on it a couple of days and will take a break for a few days.I can't sit at the computer very long right now with all the meds I'm taking. I did some reading by a Mustand pilot that encountered Migs in Korea.He said what they would do is wait to the last minute and turn and dive since the Mig couldn't turn with them.It saved many Mustang pilots lives.They also shot down a few Mig15s in their encounters.
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 17th, 2014, 12:38
    :adoration: I'm down for the challenge me a sampling of those eager youngsters to school in the ways of the Bearcat. Like i've said before, no matter how great the flight dynamics, the CFS2 AI engine is a very predictable ACM opponent - does the same stupid things over and over :biggrin-new:. Speaking of Seafury's, CFS2 AI jets can't corner at max G nor split-S with a high performance prop plane. They tend to get lost and confused at the low point and break off pursuit while the AI engine tries to recalculate a recovery and the next move, which is generally gonna be a slow, turning climb to regain altitude and relocate the player for another B-n-Z run. That's where you quickly turn the tables, get inside that wide turn and put them in the weeds. Let's see if you can surprise me...
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 17th, 2014, 12:08
    An easy conversion with mk_mdlc and it keeps the pilots' head animation too. This model seems to be loosely based on the 1GR_TA152 although its scale is slightly larger (several of the texture bmp names are shared). Using the dp of the 1GR_Ta152, i simply adjusted the gunstations of the 1GR_Ta152 to match the increased scale, resized the damage boxes and added internal wing tanks, which were already correctly reflected in the air file. The 1GR air file doesn't have the wing tanks as it should for the H model. By the way, to get the proper level of engine output and speed performance you'll need to change the number of propeller blades in the aircraft.cfg from 2 to 3 and bump the WEP power boost gain to approx. 22 in the air file (this airplane used both water methanol AND nitrous oxide...
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