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    Today, 21:07
    Alrighty then, thanks for everything...but you know we've heard you sing that farewell song many times before over the past Face it Talon, you enjoy mission building above everything else in cyberworld and there's no better MB-friendly combat sim platform on the planet than CFS2, besides CFS1 of course. CFS2 gives you total flexibility, a true global scope, plus all the bells and whistles found in all the other platforms. See you soon...:encouragement:
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  • Talon's Avatar
    Today, 16:41
    I have decided this is the end of the line for me.This Campaign will be my last.There is nothing I really want to work on anymore. Hope you enjoy and Farewell.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    Today, 15:12
    Since the P-40 for it is no longer available might as well.
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    Today, 14:14
    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Campaigns Add-Ons Description: This is three campaigns in a single download. #1 The AVG is in Burma from December 21st, 1941 until May 1942. Their job was to defend Rangoon and harass the enemy. #2 The AVG is in China starting May 4th, 1942 until they are disbanded July 4th, 1942. Their missions is to help defend the Burma road, help the Chinese ground forces, harass the enemy and defend their own bases. #3 CATF which the AVG became on July 4th, 1942. They bombed enemy airbases and harbors and defended their own bases. They had 149 air-to-air victories with 85 probables. They did 65 bombing missions. On March 10th, 1943, they became part of the 14th AF.
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    Yesterday, 19:20
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    The CBI is number 1 place I enjoy doing missions.I have always wanted to expand it but couldn't find the info I wanted until recently.Well it has been expaned from 71 missions to 120 with all being hand edited so you have a mix of planes in your flight.No other campaign has been as much fun to do. Now that it is finished I will not be doing anything else for awhile for CFS2.I think maybe" I will start again when someone new builds a Campaign ".That should give a very long break if not permanent.:mixed-smiley-010:
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    Yesterday, 16:19
    Patton vs Monty at the command of the Italian campaign...a no-brainer rout. Patton had no respect for static fortifications or lines. He was a pure 'hit and pursue', 'shoot and move', 'seek and destroy' tactician. With regards to the Gothic line, he might well have taken the same approach as the Allies in the Pacific in dealing with Fortress Rabaul with a bypassing maneuver that isolated the strongpoint, cut it off from reinforcement and resupply and left it to wither and die. The Gothic line might have quickly become the Gothic "pocket", a precursor to the latter Battle of the Falaise Pocket, squeezed into oblivion AFTER a two-pronged flanking "Hail Mary" run around it which took the Allies through the Alps all the way to Germany, politics permitting of course. The Wehrmacht had a...
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    Yesterday, 14:01
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    I now have all the textures from Uncle Tgt and all the missions done. A big Thank You goes to Uncle Tgt. There are 120 missions now broken up into 3 camapaigns. AVG - 43 missions AVG China - 32 missions CATF - 45 missions.
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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 13:44
    I already declared myself semi-retired.......LOL! Cees
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  • Cees Donker's Avatar
    April 13th, 2014, 12:08
    Cees Donker is my name. LOL!
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 13th, 2014, 05:55
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    John, The planes for that campaign are by Lindsay Watts and are no longer available.I am in the process of redoing it now.If you look lower in the posts on this page you will see my post about it.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 12th, 2014, 20:52
    Bob if you look up these names of some aces that served there you will get more info. These pilots all flew in the time period you are working on. Capt.John L Smith Col Harold Bauer-He flew 1 or 2 missions with Carl. Loren D Everton Marion Carl Galer
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 12th, 2014, 17:43
    Early morning August 21,1942 Everton lead a flight of 4 wildcats to attack 4 Japanese barges filled with Marines.They were about 15 miles NW of Henderson.All 4 were sunk or badly damaged. This is one of the missions I did in my USMC Aces camapign.It started August 21 and ended in December 1942.I didn't do eveyday ops but certain missions that the Aces flew.Some are the missions they did where they earned the Medal of Honor.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 12th, 2014, 11:43
    Bob, You can do a few ship attacks to break it up. August 21,1942-Wildcats attacked Japanese barges as they approached Guadalcanal. August 25,1942-Wildcats flew cover as SBDs attacked a convoy of transports with DD escort. October 16,1942-Wildcats flew cover for SBDs as IJN transports were unloading off Guadalcana.Tthe Wildcats also attacked the transports after taking care of the Japanese CAP.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 11th, 2014, 11:19
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    Yes they are.There will be a list of which bases in the readme.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 11th, 2014, 09:54
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    I try to make my missions as historical as possible.When I can I put in the names of the pilots that flew a particular mission. The first AVG is actually day by day and the resourses I have are from both sides. The CATF is also done the same way. In the AVG you will be blying the BR_P-40B most of the time with the KM_P-40 coming in in April - May 1942. AVG China- You will still be flying the P-40B but more flights in the E model. CATF.A few missions with the B model but most with the E and K model.
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  • crashaz's Avatar
    April 10th, 2014, 06:14
    crashaz replied to a thread Coming this Spring in Prepar3D
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  • crashaz's Avatar
    April 10th, 2014, 06:12
    Pardon me from stealing Fr. Bill's post @ Avsim.... but this turned the light bulb on for me and things working great. Be aware to save backup copies of the folder before deleting... you will want the files later from the exe and dll xml's , orscenery entry's from scenery.cfg. Be sure you follow the patch instructions, these next steps are critical: While the uninstaller removes all files that are created by the installer, it does not completely remove content that was generated during program execution. New versions of Prepar3D use new config file options, etc. You need to delete these 4 folders(See *** below). You might want to back up your old scenery.cfg or the contents of these folders so you can restore pieces manually if desired.
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 9th, 2014, 15:39
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    I have been using the KM_P-40E and K for the CATF campaign. They started using the K model late 1942. Uncle Tgr was kind enough to do some textures for me.Here 2 E model and a K model that he did. Many thanks for UncleTgr. The first is the P-40E flown by John Petach- June-July 1942. Second and third are of Major Harry Pike October 1942
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 9th, 2014, 09:19
    Talon started a thread Br_p-40k in CFS2 General Discussion
    Is it just me or does the Bruno Br_p-40k canopy not close?
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  • Talon's Avatar
    April 8th, 2014, 12:02
    Talon replied to a thread AVG Campaign in CFS2 General Discussion
    Kelti, It turned out to be 118 missions.
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