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    Today, 13:48
    To compare, the real thing:
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    Today, 13:13
    Its been a long time since a bad boy was shown here...........................
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    Today, 13:12
    You asked for it Ed, but personally I think its a bit boring............. :biggrin-new: Cheers, Huub
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    Today, 09:53
    Jens-Ole, There is a not-layered paintkit available at the FSAddon site. http://fssupport.com/oldfsaddon/?page_id=9 Cheers, Huub
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    Today, 07:24
    version: 10 article-type: Release Notes platform: Desktop X-Plane 10.35 Release NotesX-Plane 10.35 is a minor feature release with lots of new and improved airports and small improvements addressing customer feedback from version 10.32.Lots of new and updated global airports Total airports with 3-D scenery in the 10.35 release: 1154 New airports with 3-D scenery since the 10.30 release: 562 You can see the complete list of 3-D airports in the X-Plane 10.35 release, plus the new airports with 3-D scenery, over on the Gateway site.
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    Yesterday, 23:40
    Hey Ed, are you sure? This one looks really better :biggrin-new: Huub
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    Yesterday, 20:09
    How can I correct these issues?
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    Yesterday, 13:20
    In 1929 the US Navy purchased a Bristol Bulldog for evaluation. On October 25, 1929, the Bulldog II (c/n 7358, s/n A-8485) was tested by the US Navy at Anacostia, but during a dive-bombing run, an aileron failed causing the plane to crash and killing the pilot Lt. Cuddihy. After static tests at Filton, a modification was made to the wing and a replacement Bulldog (c/n 7398, s/n A-8607) was sent to the US Navy on February 24, 1930. Cheers, Huub This is the Bulldog which crashed.
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    Yesterday, 01:37
    DC, For me it took less than 10 minutes. So you better follow the directions given and contact GAS. Cheers, Huub
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    Yesterday, 00:27
    I did know but have forgotten.
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    May 27th, 2015, 12:58
    Dave the post you saw was made in a separate thread. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?94210-Stampe-Patch As Roger said, for an unknown reason spad54 is not able to post anything in this thread. As it seems better to keep all information in one place, Roger copied the original post, which spad54 made in the other thread, in this thread. So you there is nothing wrong with you. (well at least as far as I know...... :biggrin-new:) Cheers, Huub
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    May 27th, 2015, 11:02
    Isn't it just as in real life. Over the years I have bought quite some things which did not meet my expectations. Food which tasted not as good as I expected, clothes which didn't look as good in me as they did in the shop, a car which lasted much shorter than expected. But I also went to cheap restaurants which served delicious food, found my favourite coat in a sale and bought the best car I ever owned. For me payware models are no exception, some didn't meet my expectations and some were much better than I had ever imagined. And to be honest I never had any real bad experience with the service provided by payware developers. But I have a reasonable back-up system, due to which I never had to ask for a re-download. Cheers, Huub
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    May 27th, 2015, 10:49
    txnetcop replied to a thread XPlane PC Build in X-Plane
    Jake that AMD HD4800 while not the fastest does do some nice high-end graphics. However, a faster GPU with 2GB of fast video ram will help a bunch before you start spending a lot of money on upgrades. Also, my QX9650 comes in real close the performance of the i5 2500k processor. I did a computer for Milton at SOH with Q9550 and know it to be a pretty quick 775 base processor when combined with a fast GPU and RAM memory. Let's face it though, to take real advantage of what is possible in FSX and X-PLANE 10 moving to the i7 platform 64 bit is a must do if you have the bucks to spend. Those articles I posted earlier give a good indication of what is possible at some pretty great prices.
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    May 27th, 2015, 10:34
    Ditto this post! Early in FSX I made a couple of bad purchases by listening to the marketing hype and not doing enough background search and questioning. SOH has been pretty good about helping flight simmers discover the best products! Our developers in here account for themselves very well. Ted By the way, we can thank our freeware and shareware developers for raising the bar for FSX aircraft, skins, and sceneries!
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    May 27th, 2015, 10:33
    Just made the purchase via Paypal...... had not realised that my Paypal account is linked to my work e-mail addres :banghead: Now I will have to wait until I've been at work..................... :biggrin-new: Cheers, Huub
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    May 27th, 2015, 08:38
    Lucky man!! :jump: My brother went to the september show about 4 years ago but it was rainy. Last week-end it was La Ferté Alais airshow and I use to go there on Friday afternoon to see the aircrafts when they arrive but unfortunately, I was at a meeting at CDG and was not able to go there this year. It's a shame, there was a Hurricane and I've never seen this bird flying.
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    May 26th, 2015, 14:34
    flyinjake replied to a thread XPlane PC Build in X-Plane
    Ted, This is what I currently have. ATI Raddeon HD 4800 with 1GB memory. Gigabyte X48-DQ6 Q9550 OC'd to 3.3GHz. I thought it was the Q9650 but its not. RAM G SkillF2-9600CL5D-4GBTD ThermalTake Case & 850W power supply Win7 64bit
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