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    Today, 03:32
    We Dutch must be quite simple people as Huub Vink is what my parents named me. The story behind my avatar is perhaps more interesting, however I will keep that one for myself..... Cheers, Huub
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Today, 03:23
    :wavey: Thanks Dave, I'm going to combine the external textures onto one sheet. In CFS3 there's another layer which can be added to display damage or alternate squadron codes etc. but it can be on one texture only. Cheers, Clive Oh and I like the Free French markings Andre, perhaps you could do one for the new model at a later date? :)
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Today, 03:19
    Neat job! :encouragement:
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    Today, 02:23
    Do you mean linked, or Attached? That's an important difference! You link objects to each other in a hierarchy; but you might build a tailfin, then select the fuselage, click Attach and click on the tailfin to make it part of the fuselage object. If the seats are linked to the fuse interior, that would sound like where they should be.
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    Yesterday, 17:08
    I think so too. I still have FS9 as well and they will be selling popsicles in hell before I get rid of either one. Ted
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    Yesterday, 14:15
    http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=22072 The example Innsbruck Airport (ICAO: LOWI, IATA: INN) is located in the west of Innsbruck, about 5 km from the city center, in the Höttinger Au. The foundation for the later Airport Höttinger Au at Kranebitten west of the city in 1946 was defined by the French occupation forces and two years later, on 15 January 1948, the new airport at the present site was opened in the Ulfiswiese. On 8 October 1954 saw the establishment of the Tyrolean airport mbH with the directors Hermann Egger and Moritz burner. A first major test was the Olympic Winter Games in 1964 and those in 1976, which were held in Innsbruck. In the late 1970s flew in both the summer and in the winter season charter flight chains at the Innsbruck airport and...
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:07
    Heck I'd go for it...yes it can be a pain in the arse, but there is a ton of help here at the OUTHOUSE! Look in the FSX Tweaks section! Ted
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:05
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:56
    The bigger textures are 1024x256 (with mipmaps) and it wouldn't be hard to combine them into a number of 1024x1024 textures or even a single 2048^2. The fun is remapping to fit the new bitmaps, but I've been looking at UVW XForm in Gmax lately and there could be a way...
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:15
    It's not a workaround Matt, it's how you're supposed to do it for FSX. In CFS3 you have:- CoolModel .....coolModel_LOD_100 ........lots of objects for external model .....cockpits ..........cockpit_virtual0 ...............lots of VC objects
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:56
    You're not kidding: 10 paragraphs or so was more than enough, however much he may know. Unfortunately my rig is 6yrs old, so I'm waiting to read recommendations too...
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:31
    Lol, I was going to come a-knocking on your door again soon Rob! Thanks. :) There is one issue with this model, or rather the porting over in that like a lot of fs aircraft it has multiple texture sheets. As it stands the wings, fuselage and tail are on about 8 separate textures. This means no .mos file and therefore no damage. The alternative is to combine them onto one sheet but then that has implications if folks want to try the other Anson textures that are available. My thoughts at the moment are that I'll leave it as is and add the damage through effects in the same way that the Tiger Moth is done. It will also have bullet holes in the glazing this way too.
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  • Capt. Winters's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:55
    Nice addition Clive, There was at least one Bf109 shot down by an Anson over the Channel, be an interesting mission for CFS3. looking forward to it. if you need any help at all for anything let me know. regards Rob.
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  • huub vink's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 13:58
    A beautiful project Ian. However a huge one! I really admire your courage. I can't really help you as I don't have the skills and I don't have any additional information about this airfield. As I live very close to the now closed "Fliegerhorst Katwijk" (aka NAS Valkenburg) I realise that German airfields will be very complex to create in FSX. The airfield was really huge and the Germans parked their aircraft quite far from the actual airfield. So the infrastructure is spread over a huge area. This particular airfield was also intergrated in the "Atlantik wall"so there were many bunkers on and spread around the airfield as well The same is valid for airfields like Deelen (Fliegerhorst Deelen near Arnhem) and Leeuwarden (Fliegerhorst Leeuwarden near the city with the same name). ...
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 12:18
    That will be a splendid addition Clive: thank you Dave for your generosity! :jump:
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 11:36
    Try just renaming the top node to Interior and saving the file as modelName_interior.gmax, then export it to FSX. Cloning might not have carried over the animation tags properly. Once the interior is working properly, you can start removing unseen objects and polys from the _interior model. Unlike FS9, the interior and exterior don't need to be in the same Gmax model: your duplicate animation warnings probably come from that. Look at the stock aircraft in the FSX Airplanes folder and you'll see two models: Beech_Baron_58.mdl and Beech_Baron_58_interior.mdl in the case of the Baron 58. The model files used in FSX are specified in aircraft.cfg. This is why a VC from another aircraft can be used with an FSX model. Some modellers don't do that, having learned their craft in FS9 and found...
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 10:48
    A western UK harbour this afternoon:- Somewhat hard to define, especially since the greenish tinge has been reduced in conversion to jpeg!
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    April 14th, 2014, 10:34
    Yep, he makes freeware models, they're on this site amongst others: http://www.cbfsim.co.uk/CBFS_HOME.php :very_drunk:
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