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    Today, 04:39
    Gordon, all I can say is that you must be a very patient man to go into all that detail. The model is spectacular... Ted
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  • Led Zeppelin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:38
    I can't understand how it is possible to be thrown away from hospital with serious health issue.
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    Yesterday, 17:20
    I learned to navigate with fs9 and even though the charts don't work exactly with FSX and GPS it's pretty close. X-Plane too. X-plane professional is very expensive but it is a closer match to real world navigation. FSX A2A is more accurate if you want to learn how to care for an aircraft to keep it serviceable. I am so very impressed with the A2A GA aircraft and the T-6 Texan. You'll see what I mean and you must eat, sleep, and drink your manual to properly learn your aircraft. Ted
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:16
    Awesome Ed thank you sir!
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:33
    The real nice thing about being the developer is that you get to decide when a product is just right... Ted
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:44
    Excellent news! (you have PM)
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:21
    Yes insofar as they need setting up again from scratch. This involves positioning and aligning the hinge point, renaming it and possibly animating it depending on what animation it is. The flight control surfaces are coded in and rely on the xdp to control the movement relative to stick input. The worse thing with the CFS2/FS9 modelconverterX route is that in my experience the model parts are jumbled up. E.g the wing mesh will also contain the pilots head, part of the tailwheel and an aerial etc.! :dizzy:. This is straightforward to unravel but does take time. That time is offset by having a ready-mapped and textured model though.
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:12
    If you can find a freeware cfs2/fs9 model with permissions to use it then the fm will work in cfs3 (pretty much). Nice project btw!
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:18
    Use the Me262 as a starting point since it's another German twin jet. Contact points are really easy to do, once the model is repositioned - model zero point should be on centreline and 25% of wing chord back from the leading edge. Send it my way once repositioned and I'll set the contact points if you like. Flight model is another story, but perhaps someone has some practise with this?
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  • grizzly50's Avatar
    Yesterday, 03:44
    Yes. For Rising Sun: At www.aussiex.org, you need to register and log in. At home page, click Menu at upper left-hand corner, and select Downloads from the list. Look at right side of Downloads page, and click on 3rd Party Downloads.
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:18
    Lets hope you get a favourable reply Borek, it would be a relatively straightforward job as you say. :-)
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 21:40
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  • gosd's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 20:43
    I guess so. Read all bout-it here !
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 12:24
    Dagnabbit! These high-poly tyre treads aren't even mapped to the advantage of the details! :biggrin-new:
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 11:12
    Hmm! Quite high poly for a CFS3 basic model without LODs, but a fair bit of simplifying can be done without mangling the model - for example the recess under the fuselage is a thousand polys straight off and it simply doesn't need to be and the wheels have the tread modelled directly instead of textured. There is also scope for adding more detail to the cockpit itself! If you've looked at the model and compare the 'pit with this pic from the sole surviving Blitz you'll see what I mean: (larger, much larger version available on request!)
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  • grizzly50's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 05:10
    First of all, PTO_Solomons and PTO Rising Sun are two entirely different installs. PTO_ Solomons Install: PTO Build 1.4 Main Base In stall PTO Update 1.0 PTO Update 1.13 PTO Update 1.22 PTO Update 1.30 PTO Update 1.40 PTO Update 1,54
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  • Pat Pattle's Avatar
    August 22nd, 2016, 03:33
    Borek, if you haven't seen this, for freeware models there's also the ex-Alphasim collection: http://www.virtavia.com/Freeware/ Most are FS9/CFS2 and can be converted with modelconvertorX. It's a fairly painless conversion to CFS3 if they convert ok. The terms of use are pretty open, I did the Bristol Bulldog a couple of years ago.
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  • hairyspin's Avatar
    August 21st, 2016, 13:26
    I think CFS3 modelling has moved some way on from such simplicity. See examples by Luca, Steve and Ted or Borek's lovely little Komet. (The FP Ar234 is really old now, although it was one of the best models in the Firepower add-on...)
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  • txnetcop's Avatar
    August 21st, 2016, 13:21
    I used X-Plane Professional at one of the Cessna Training Centers in San Antonio and FS9 at home. It, of course, does not replace hands on training with an instructor but useful for many other functions. Be careful of learning bad habits and using shortcuts. I thing I wish I had when I was learning were the A2A Simulation AccuFeel Piper and Cessna aircraft...very realistic training tools. http://aviation.stackexchange.com/qu...a-better-pilot https://disciplesofflight.com/flight...loting-skills/ Ted
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