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    Today, 16:33
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    Today, 16:28
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    Today, 15:57
    I'd start with the max_throttle_rate= line in the section. The default Boeing trio all have that line set to 0.10, which translates to 10% per second, or ten seconds to travel from idle to full throttle. Decreasing that number will slow the rate of change, giving the Sim time to react to the level of thrust. Start with a setting of 0.05 and see how you like it.
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    Today, 15:36
    Kurt, This is one of those areas where we'd have to do a line-by-line, folder by folder search to see what is causing interference.
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    Today, 14:29
    Started off trying to i/d the engine, assuming it was a 'V', only four exhaust stubs showing, indicating a V-8 - but all the V's of that period were 12's or 16's. Am I missing something ? Here's something a bit different -
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    Today, 12:49
    Making great progress Daan! :applause::applause: Cees
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    Today, 12:30
    Was wondering if these repaints are available for download? Looking great.
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    Today, 12:26
    Flaviossa has mentioned the PC side and as he states a better processor would be a start as well as your video card which I don't see mentioned. His suggestion of at least a 600series Nvidia card is spot on and add to that "at least" 2gig on the card. With V2.4, which I would highly recommend if you seriously want to get into the P3D realm, all of the texture loading has been moved to the GPU for processing, hence the need for more memory on the GPU than you're used to. P3D will not be 64bit for a long time yet. . .that's been mentioned many, many times by the LM folks on their website As for addons. . .again for V2.4. . .forget anything FS9 related. For FSX models, if they are recent FSX models, they will more than likely be fine. Earlier versions may...
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    Today, 11:27
    I believe that information was available in the manual prior to the Lear's release, it was also noted in red letters on his website. I only have P3D_V2.4 so I can't speak to what loses you might experience in FSX since it isn't DX10 supported, maybe someone else who has it and is in the same boat can relate?
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    Today, 11:15
    I realize this is an old post, but since it was pulled up by "Peg-o-my-heart" and made current again. . .the Cold and Dark startup was explained in detail when the airplane was released, it was made quite clear that anything other than the sequence explained in the release post, the manual and the website would be prone to exhibiting problems. Some time ago now, Bill posted several cold and dark startup files on his website for those who couldn't quite get it right, yet there are still those who hear it said, see it written in black and white and then toss that out the window because they "have always done it this way and it's always worked before", lol. Just amazing. Even now Bill continues to get e-mails from folks who are irate because they can't get the airplane started. They buy it,...
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    Today, 09:29
    Kurt, I'm not sure whether it's in the guide or not, but subsequent discoveries and experiments on my side have led me to the conclusion that leaving the flatten line in from the BSK_Malta package actually works the best. The actual airfields themselves have no flattens, because Bruno wanted them to be part of the natural terrain.
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    Today, 09:16
    Nice screenshot, Ejoiner! Edited to add the lightning?
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    Today, 07:39
    Found it! Flight Time: 01:50:09 Routine Ground Time: 0:45:00 Special Ground Time: 0:00:00 Penalty Time: 0:00:00
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    Today, 05:38
    Guess I need to go find Allahabad.
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    Today, 05:01
    PRB replied to a thread Makerunways.exe in FSX General Discussion
    After sleeping on it, I'm thinking the list of runways in the .csv file is a better choice anyway. I can easily read that file into an sdf database file and then determine not only the airport, but which runway I'm sitting on.
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    Today, 04:22
    Roland, I don't know about the reference to F-16; I do know Hornets were/are called that.....especially by old codgers like me. NC
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 04:05
    Having recently visited a certain boot-shaped country, I flew in to an airport only a few miles from where this baby was born -it's the Gabardini G.50. Took a bit of finding ! Like Moses, I am curious about the split wing, also these gadgets ?
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  • PRB's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:16
    PRB replied to a thread Makerunways.exe in FSX General Discussion
    Yep, that's what I got too. Here's the “background story”. Somebody posted on Dowson's support forum a while ago that he was working on a program using FSUIPC, and needed some way to determine which airport the plane was parked at. Turns out you can't get that info from FSUIPC, or even from the sim. You can get LAT/LON, but there's no way to get the ICAO of the airport you're parked at. So, he was then trying to figure out how to get airport data out of FS itself, from the BGL files that contain that data, so he could make his own airport database. So then, Dowson himself posts in this thread saying “why go through all the trouble, when you can simply use the airports database that my program Makerunways.exe produces. It's free.” I thought, “Dang, that's a great idea”. So I downloaded...
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    Yesterday, 18:07
    I had posted on the A-7 thread about a Rams head design that I'd thought was on a VA-83 tail symbol when I was with that squadron. Nope. It was when they had just transitioned to lawn darts (F/A-18C Hornet). A fellow squadron mate found the design for me on the web. Would be cool to have for FSX! The "Disco Goat" ram head was shortlived as I recall. NC
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    Yesterday, 16:56
    Very cool! If I could afford one, and was about 20 yrs younger....maybe. As things are now, I am just waiting til next August to start my Social Sec.; that is, if there's any money left by then...:biggrin-new:
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