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    Today, 09:40
    Twist is still acting scared. I want to beleive his behavior is related, mostly, to the injections I was giving him (this morning was the last, I hope). He used to come running when I call him, but not now. He cowers in a back room, rarely emerging. It saddens me that he is, at least for now, so nervous and scared. When I take him back to the vet tomorrow morning, I hope the vet can offer some advice. I am so happy to have Twist back home, and doing so much better, health wise. But I just want him to be more comfortable in his surroundings. NC
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    Today, 09:12
    Willy replied to a thread FSX Steam in FSX General Discussion
    Zswobbie, No lines have been drawn. I've got nothing against P3d and I was looking hard at it's features, requirements and pricing. But Steam just struck me as the better deal for my purposes. And I'd been told that to get the Student Edition of P3d, you had to tell 'em you're a student. I'm not trying to learn to be a real life pilot, just having fun is more my speed. And to be honest, I'd been fairly bored with FS9 for a while. It's a great sim and has been reliable as heck for me (not so much with Win 8.1). But's time to move on. I'm still keeping my 1950s and Golden Wings installs though. (At least until I can backdate FSX with scenery and AI traffic) I'd never knock anyone's choices for a Flight Sim. I've been running FS9 since it came out and it's way past time for a...
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    Today, 09:10
    falcon409 replied to a thread Teasers? in FSX General Discussion
    FSX was never built to be a Combat Simulator and unless the Steam version finds it's way into that venue in a full scale stand alone version, it never will be. Now P3D certainly has the ability to be just that by virtue of the company who is developing it. Seeing a Fully Fledged Combat Simulator take shape for a specific training option would not surprise me. Whether or not that would be made available to anyone outside the Military is a question that would come up along the way I'm sure.
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 08:58
    falcon409 replied to a thread Teasers? in FSX General Discussion
    I think that about covers it Duckie. I will add that after perusing threads where TacPack was discussed it was obvious that there are those who swear by it and don't understand why people wouldn't purchase it at least for the added benefits it offers and there are those who don't see why something like this is even needed in a Non-Combat Sim. 000rick000's last post bears out the feeling of at least some of the Pro_Tac_Pack users I think. . . .they hear why we don't see any value in it, but they still don't see why we wouldn't buy it, lol.
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 08:40
    lol, yep it always is!
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    Today, 08:31
    I'm sure this points up something to remember next time, but many of the newer aircraft are using coded gauges, all 3D which can't be moved or replaced unless the developer leaves a spot open for such a swap (like Bill's Lear or the MU-2). Always check the panel config or better yet, check with the developer about any avionics you want to add to their aircraft. It might save you time and money in the long run.
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  • Toastmaker's Avatar
    Today, 07:22
    Good kitty. You're doing well as a caregiver, Chief. That's one very lucky cat ! Best of luck to him and you ! :applause:
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  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 06:39
    Like everything else in life, you pay your money and you take your chances. I've never asked for a refund on payware, but I have taken payware aircraft that didn't live up to expectations and converted them to AI usage. (A certain set of payware FS9 Constellations comes to mind here).
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Today, 06:34
    Here's one for the twin-boom specialists -
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  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 06:23
    Willy replied to a thread FSX Steam in FSX General Discussion
    I don't mind the $25 dollars so much. I've spent much more on single addon purchases for FS. $5 would be a steal, but I've got the urge to go to the "Dark Side" now that I have a comp that should run it and have no idea when the next sale would be. Besides, we're getting close to the end of our latest online flight, and I'm hoping to be in X for the start of the next one (Low & Slow over Western Europe) I had been updating the old JE Narcizco Super Cub for 9, but now I've been working on it with an eye to FSX. New personalized paint, panel and the 200hp FDE in case I have to do some sudden rock climbing in the hills somewhere. Ever since CFS 1, I've been a "tinkerer" in flight sim mods so naturally I'm going to want to continue with that in FSX. I don't buy much payware, but...
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  • Willy's Avatar
    Today, 06:12
    The Wozza Gee Bee is the same in FS Panel Studio being unable to do much with the vc. I've been flying it around the world in Golden Wings and adapted the "otto" out of Milton's Spartan to the 2d panel. Another thought would be to just add one as a pop up which could still be accessed while in the vc. More than one way to skin a cat.... W
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  • WarHorse47's Avatar
    Today, 06:02
    I took a look at the aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg of my Waco and all is not lost. First, there is a section for the autopilot in the aircraft.cfg. To activate it I would change autopilot_available= 0 to autopilot_available= 1 and add various parameters from another aircraft - perhaps a comparable aircraft or the default Cessna. I tend to just use the shortcuts to activate the autopilot, altitude and heading anyway (Z, Ctrl-z, and Ctrl-H). As for the gauge swap, there are several radio gauges scripted under Vcocpit01 and Vcockpit02. Not sure which is which or which could be replaced, so I would do some experimenting. Just add // to one gauge at a time, load the aircraft, and see which gauge you want to replace. If you find which one references the GPS, then just replace the gauge...
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 05:54
    falcon409 replied to a thread MILVIZ F-100D Tbird WIP in Prepar3D
    So are you saying that all that dirt is from the base aircraft?
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  • PRB's Avatar
    Today, 05:35
    Test post. Just checking something. The Stampe looks great, btw!
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  • falcon409's Avatar
    Today, 04:46
    falcon409 replied to a thread MILVIZ F-100D Tbird WIP in Prepar3D
    Just a suggestion, but the Thunderbirds are a "Spit n' Polish" group. Their aircraft would never show that much grime and dirt. If you were to visit their hangar at Nellis, the Crew Chiefs are constantly cleaning and polishing their aircraft. I know there are those who feel, weathering is a must, but not in the case of the Thunderbirds.
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  • Ickie's Avatar
    Today, 02:31
    Ickie replied to a thread SOH and Daily Hackers in The NewsHawks
    Time: Thu May 28 08:09:11 2015 -0400 IP: (RU/Russian Federation/-) Failures: 5 (smtpauth) Interval: 300 seconds Blocked: Yes =================== Time: Thu May 28 10:28:19 2015 -0400 IP: (TW/Taiwan/ Failures: 5 (smtpauth) Interval: 300 seconds
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  • CG_1976's Avatar
    Today, 02:06
    CG_1976 replied to a thread For Prowler Fans in The NewsHawks
    Yep, Razbam
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  • lefty's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:25
    That, sir , is a Hanriot HD3 C2. Testing flotation gear with mixed success - no wonder the crew look a bit apprehensive !
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  • Allen's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:10
    Updated Texute for the Mk.I again...
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