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    Today, 14:14
    Thanks guys! I'll look into it. Editing the sca should be possible. I still have an older XP pc. Morton
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  • Morton's Avatar
    Today, 11:08
    Sometimes I wish I could replace the pilot figure. We have of course Martin Wright's RAF pilot. But what's my options if I want to make f.ex. an Italian pilot clone of Martin's pilot? In other words, I want to change the texture so it doesn't affect the other ones. The texture file could be renamed Italian_Pilot.bmp and then some changes has to done with the BGL I guess. But is it possible? Morton
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    Today, 02:59
    Wolfi, you created a true masterpiece! :applause: :applause: :applause: A thousand thanks to both you and Captain Kurt for his impeccable, historical textures! Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    Today, 02:39
    Got them Sir! Your generosity cannot be praised too much, a thousand thanks! :adoration: :encouragement: Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    Yesterday, 04:00
    Hi, like other conversions uploaded I don't think the framerate performance of this model would be an issue. It can always be used for the real sim-pilot only, while having IS4G's old Macchi C.205 in ANR colours flying as AI. B.T.W.: IS4G's livery depicts Adriano Visconti's C.205, Commander of 1st Gruppo ANR and Gorrini's direct superior officer, thus making a perfect AI wingmate for MVG3d's C.205. Besides, should anyone come up with missions/campaign for the air war over Northern Italy during 1943-45 period, ANR patrols would never be composed by more than two-three aircraft at a time, such was the historical capability of Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana. I don't think the presence of just one non multi-LOD model would degrade CFS2 performance significantly, particularly with...
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    Yesterday, 00:30
    Hi Ettico, you have all of my solidarity, for what is worth because it does not save you from all the monumental aggravations you reported. What I do not understand is why MS is trying again to tamper with your pc, since you turned off your "automatic updates" in Win8. It doesn't happen with mine here at the office. Probably because their system found an open door and now it has your IP. I switched it off immediately, as soon as the new platform was delivered here by my company supplier, even before a new connection was configured. I imagine this is the reason why I never received any message offering the 8.1 free upgrade, but I am not sure 100%. All of these "updates" are done automatically, I don't believe there are real people behind them. Why don't you try contacting your...
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 13:27
    I also pass along my sentiments. May he rest in peace, and prayers go out to his loved ones and extended family.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 13:23
    Mike, Please accept my condolences as well. God bless you and your family right now...prayers headed your way.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 08:12
    I also pass along my sentiments. May he rest in peace, and prayers go out to his loved ones and extended family.
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 04:01
    Well Shessi, yours sure looks better than mine! In my conversion the tailwheel retracts too, but look at the shot I posted: it does not extend fully, does yours extend like it should? I'd be already glad to have your conversion. By the same token, should I beg on my knees Manuele for a CFS2-workable mdl? Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 02:36
    Stefano, Thank you! I have seen this, and I am aware of it. But it still amazes me that their tenacity in fighting and willingness to fly anything with wings yielded such results. The list is pretty remarkable... Curtiss P-36 Hawks Fiat G-50 Freecias Morane-Saulnier Ms-406s Fokker DXXIs Hawker Hurricane Mk. Is Gloster Gladiator Mk. IIs
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 01:49
    Hi everybody! I just tried converting MVG3d's splendid Macchi C.205V for FS9 to dress it up with Manuele's new ANR repaint. I used Morton's mkMDL utility but the below is the best I could get. After all the passages, Convert back to FS2002-Convert to CFS2-Fix Animations, control surfaces are permanently stuck in unnatural positions and aren't animated, the tail gear remains permanently retracted and shock absorbers animation sometimes shoots the right wheel up in the air and stays like that. The only animations I could get to work properly are the cockpit canopy and the ventral radiator flap.....:boxing:....:black_eyed: Is this model so advanced that's beyond conversion limits or is there something that can be done? Obviously, by someone more skilled than yours...
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    November 25th, 2014, 01:35
    Hi Rami, you probably saw and have this already, but, just in case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2_Ze20ZLNg&list=PLEC8F0EE8251DD9A1&index=235 It's a good reference and complement for your "Winter War" and "Continuation War" campaigns. Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    November 24th, 2014, 03:11
    I am going to start placing them right away in my ongoing (...and endless...:rolleyes-new:) project to improve ETO GSL sceneries with more trees and more "localised" looks. British sceneries, here I come! :running: Thank you, Allen! :applause: I'll let you know if I meet some problems. Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    November 24th, 2014, 02:19
    Outstanding artwork, Manuele! Check my reply to your PM and..... Thank you very much! :applause: :applause: :applause: Yes, folks, I took the liberty to bug Manuele asking him to repaint his magnificent Macchi C.205 model in Luigi Gorrini's, 1st Squadriglia, 1st Gruppo A.N.R., livery, according to the profile I posted above. Now it's my turn in :running: to convert MVG3d's splendid C.205 to CFS2. Another top-priority project on my list that I haven't been able to tackle yet because my application to obtain 48-hrs days, instead of just 24, hasn't been accepted yet by the upper floors Directional Centre.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 18:10
    Lee, Thanks, I recorded it. :biggrin-new:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 17:15
    Wolfi, Thank you for your hard work on this. Your models are always top-line, premier examples...well-worth the wait. :applause:
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  • Shadow Wolf 07's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 15:41
    Thank you for your hard work. The scenery looks wonderful. :applause:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 13:18
    Good afternoon, Even better news...Captain Kurt has assured me that this scenery will not interfere in any way with the 82nd Fighter Group, in fact, it should add some nice eye candy for mission five.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    November 23rd, 2014, 12:53
    Haasman, I spoke with a closet CFS2 "experten," and a suggestion that was made was to double-check your video drivers and make sure they are up-to-date. Following this, you may want to check the options under your settings, and experiment with screen resolution, filtering, "T and L" settings, as well as MIP Mapping, and alti-aliasing. If all of those fail, then we'll explore other options. Good luck!
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    How are things down there in Beaufort land? Been awhile since I have been there to see "Jerry" at Discovery Diving.
    I have installed your Forts and just have to comment that they are FANTASTIC! Now, not to sound like a dolt, which is why this isn't a Public message, but where do you put the "US PILOT" that is part of the Forts D/L? I have put it in the "models" section and met with negative results. I keep getting "Pilot not found" Do you want it in the "aircraft section" just like TL's crewmen?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
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    No GR. I threw only in HS.

    My choice for Discus came from Symphiosidon Discus, a tropical fish, and one of my "pets" that my kids and wife like a lot. Unfortunately I donīt have enough space for a german shepperd, my favorite dog.

    I think itīs important for you to know that until last week, before asking and getting from Talon the link to Caleb Flerkīs dp tutorial, a dp file for me was like reading a chinesse document.

    But fortunately there is always something new to learn every day.
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    you must add the 8 AAA on top of the new gsl i just sent you to get them firing as part of the mission.
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    How are you? How's the project going?
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    Ghostrider I tried your operation Hailstone mission ( Truk strike 1E ) and my computer just handled it as far as the frame rate goes. I am using a e6400 dual core with a evga 8800gt video card. I think that was the most intense mission I have flown with cfs2 so far. A fantastic looking mission. olaf
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    How are you this rainy but fine day?
  7. Check the cfs2 sticky threads (from yesterday and/or latest cfs uploads.
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