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    Today, 04:25
    Blood_Hawk23, I modified the .air and .cfg files myself last night for CFS2, building on the work of Gavin Cole. I would love someone to check me over. (I'll post it when I get home from work) Since the final model is being built in Gmax with a VC, I know that some people are reasonably adept at creating multi-lod models in this situation, like what Oldwheat, Shessi, and JD Tinballs have done. Because the final model is still in development, those who are interested in doing the modelling work may want to contact him via PM and offer their help. Your .dp suggestion is a worthwhile one. For the Phillips mission, I will use the Hudson as a substitute until this model is finished.
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    Yesterday, 22:04
    crashaz started a thread TBD for P3D in Prepar3D
    Well I have been hankering for an FS TBD for forever.... and I'm not the kind of guy to keep annoying developers by yelling my choice in every thread. I realize that it would probably not make a big seller. So I bought a mesh I liked and started putting together the animation. Don't want to in any way infer I am some kind of 3D master... but I realllllly wanted the TBD. Most of you know I am better than average with bending polys for hulls... but that wing to fuselage fit was killing me. So I will get started with the VC next. Fun project and learning tons.
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  • crashaz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:42
    Yeahhhh.... um got snookered by the build MDL option and the Include Animations checkbox in the P3D exporter.... yep I'm that guy. So I created my shortcut and set the tools up properly. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/wiki/index.php?title=XtoMDL Have a lot to go... but she is flying! Will start on the VC this weekend. Posting one pic here... the others in the P3D forum. Thanks guys! I am sure I will be back!:wavey:
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:16
    Brian, If you've covered all of the critical requirements, don't bother trying to sort it. Might be easier to just rename the Euro box, make a copy of your Med box and mod it into a Euro.
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    Yesterday, 15:59
    Allen, Agreed, but it certainly can be accomplished. The Manchester, Wellington, and others are proof of this.
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    Yesterday, 15:46
    Hewman, A picture is worth a thousand words.
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  • crashaz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:38
    Think it is the linear setting...just beginning nightly work on it now and will let you guys know. I did work with the visibility tool and was checking export animations. Will let you know what I find. :wavey:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:23
    Hewman100, The Lockheed Ventura from Alphasim pales in comparison. Gavinc started on a conversion for the AI model already, but once Milton finishes the model for the player version, we will be ready to go. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?action=jump&catid=52&id=16264 Hopefully if someone can start painting this model, the conversion to the player version should be minimal. I will check the .air and .dp files.
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    Yesterday, 12:37
    Highpockets, The original CFS2 stock scenery has that feature, which is why Dvslats kept my recommendation in the PTO install guide to not discard the stock coastlines. The only people who are able to replicate those coastlines are those who create custom scenery... Jean Bomber MaskRider Pen32Win Tobob UncleTgt Brunosk
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    Yesterday, 07:50
    Good afternoon, Over the years there have been a number of conversions for FS9 aircraft into multi-lod CFS2 models. These include the P-40 Tomahawk, Westland Whirlwind, Vickers Wellington, Avro Manchester, and soon I hear the Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley and Handley-Page Hampden. With that in mind, for the Mosquito project I have had several requests for the Phillips raid. To do this, I would really like to have a Lockheed Ventura, an aircraft used by 487 Squadron of the RNZAF. Luckily, there is an example of one currently being constructed by Milton Shupe. I inquired to him about this model, and received the following response... Originally Posted by Rami
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:30
    Brian, Make sure you get the updated Condors as well! :wavey:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:10
    Mark, Done. :untroubled:
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:56
    Oh yeah, Bruce Thorson's P-40B/C! The all-time best early P-40 model for me! :encouragement: Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    Yesterday, 02:49
    Hi The B24 Guy! For as much as I dreaded it, I found out that the entire Wolfi's production is affected by the same bug. Yesterday I checked the last two in my collection: the G3M2 Nell and the Ki-57 Topsy. If Wolfi kept his building sequences constant throughout his work since the beginning, it's not a surprise considering what we all know. As you can see below they need your cure. I am also attaching all the new prop disc textures I did for Wolfi's production and YAS-Merlin66's Spitfires. Cheers!
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:59
    Good morning, Yes, I am aware of these missions...the issue is getting a hold of a multi-lod Lockheed Ventura. Milton Shupe is making one for FS9...but it's not multi-lod. I was hoping that a CFS2 member would like to take up the challenge of obtaining the source files and having a go at making her into a multi-lod bird. :redfire:
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:56
    Good morning, Shessi has uploaded some recompiled models to correct the prop disc issues for the Wellington Mk. X, Messerschmitt Me-410a-1, and the Avro Manchester Mk. I Late. I thought it would be easier to update the original packages themselves, and moved them to the front of the line. That being said...I have a couple of questions for Mark... http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links_search.php?action=show&userid=339&sort=d 1) You'll notice that there is an "Updated Me-410" for CFS2 and a regular one. Could you please check them and let me know which one to keep?
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:50
    Brian, Your skins are still my preferred choice for any P-40 Tomahawk mission. Talon used them in the AVG as well. :very_drunk: Did you try these? http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/local_links.php?action=jump&catid=17&id=4545 "This is a set of revised airfiles to replace the ones provided in the original conversion of Bruce Thorson's Curtiss P-40B and C model "Hawks." These airfiles do their best to represent the correct weight, Allison engine characteristics, and flight performance of these early "Hawk" models, including top speed and climb rate.
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  • crashaz's Avatar
    September 30th, 2014, 17:53
    So working on a TBD.... animations have me stumped. Added the animations 0-100 0-25-50-100 for the propellers 0-50-100 on the elevator and rudder 0-100 on the ailerons and gear. As you can see.... none of my animations are working. Yep tagged them in the animation tool. You can see them getting compiled in the model.
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    September 30th, 2014, 01:20
    My, that sounds terrible! Should we expect an outbreak of 'Kelties' flue this winter? :biggrin-new: In all truth, I owe you quite a bunch of :icon29: for bringing this subject up from the authoritative builder/designer/converter's point of view. Perhaps, if I'll be able to attend the Duxford Legends airshow next year, there might be the chance to turn those beers from virtual into real....:wink-new: Among those who took on-board this issue there's The B24Guy. With his model overhaul experience, he's doing one heck of a terrific job! As per your indication, I will PM you whatever I find out that might need your magic touch! Can you hold on uploading your pack at least until tomorrow? I am planning to check tonight your latest uploads: AF Scrub's FW 58BW Weihe Floatplane and...
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  • kelticheart's Avatar
    September 30th, 2014, 00:54
    Roger and thank you, The B24 Guy! It just occurred me I neglected to attach the prop disc textures displayed in my screenshots. They will help you with your work and I'll do it a.s.a.p., together with YAS prop discs as well. Cheers! KH :ernaehrung004:
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    How are things down there in Beaufort land? Been awhile since I have been there to see "Jerry" at Discovery Diving.
    I have installed your Forts and just have to comment that they are FANTASTIC! Now, not to sound like a dolt, which is why this isn't a Public message, but where do you put the "US PILOT" that is part of the Forts D/L? I have put it in the "models" section and met with negative results. I keep getting "Pilot not found" Do you want it in the "aircraft section" just like TL's crewmen?
    Inquiring minds want to know.
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    No GR. I threw only in HS.

    My choice for Discus came from Symphiosidon Discus, a tropical fish, and one of my "pets" that my kids and wife like a lot. Unfortunately I donīt have enough space for a german shepperd, my favorite dog.

    I think itīs important for you to know that until last week, before asking and getting from Talon the link to Caleb Flerkīs dp tutorial, a dp file for me was like reading a chinesse document.

    But fortunately there is always something new to learn every day.
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    you must add the 8 AAA on top of the new gsl i just sent you to get them firing as part of the mission.
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    How are you? How's the project going?
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    Ghostrider I tried your operation Hailstone mission ( Truk strike 1E ) and my computer just handled it as far as the frame rate goes. I am using a e6400 dual core with a evga 8800gt video card. I think that was the most intense mission I have flown with cfs2 so far. A fantastic looking mission. olaf
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    How are you this rainy but fine day?
  7. Check the cfs2 sticky threads (from yesterday and/or latest cfs uploads.
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