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    Today, 16:02
    I looked in Properties under "Compatibility." It showed "Windows 8" and I changed to "Windows 7." The Theatre opens correctly and graphics are beautiful. I have to the opinion that I should have left my Windows 7 Professional intact. Now I have BoB but still stumbling with the new ETO in Windows 10.
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    Today, 14:25
    Sorry for being a pain! I have installed the BoB Theatre. Installed clean CFS3 Master and then copied it and set up second CFS3 renaming it Combat Flight Simulator BoB. When I try to start up from Desktop or Root file, A Dialogue Box opens and says another CFS3 is running. I exit the box then the CFS3 BoB program disappears. As I have mentioned before what am I doing wrong!
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  • gosd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:47
    I have found AVG_aibase.xml in 3 folders: faclities, sino_facilities and pearl_facilities folder. maybe I messed RS up sowhere. Is this wright or should I delete it from any of these folders?
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    Yesterday, 13:42
    Hi gosd, do you have a specific ship in mind? Usually its more making sure the gun xdps are right. The stock american cruiser has a problem with the m3d, where only the front half of the modelled gunstations are working. The rear 8in turret and the rear AA guns do not work but nothing can be done about it. In the Guns folder, all the gun xdps have a "type=" entry. All flak_gun types will engage aircraft. All the guns without a "targetcategory=" entry will also engage all types of enemy including enemy if I understand things correctly. In the ship xdp, the pan and elevation of all gunstations can be changed but really they shouldn't need to be touched.
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  • gosd's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:45
    Hello, I remember seing a post on some adjustments to be made to ships .xdp files in order to have all the proper guns fiering at aircrafts. Can't seem to find this post anymore. Can anybody help?
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 19:17
    Well I just loaded ETO to ETO 1.40 and 1.41. Now I am stuck in ERA 1 and need help to set it right. The problem could be I was too excited in loading than reading carefully as usual. Thanks:dizzy:
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 12:38
    Now I have all the ETO Theatres to start again. Over the years that beautiful Bear has given a few smacks to get on the right track. It is what I 've needed. Secondly the mystery part will be solved later. It appears I will remove this CFS3 and set up a clean one for the ETO Theatre.
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 12:36
    Now I have all the ETO Theatres to start again. Over the years that beautiful Bear has given a few smacks to get on the right track. It is what I 've needed. Secondly the mystery part will be solved later. It appears I will remove this CFS3 and set up a clean one for the ETO Theatre.
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  • grizzly50's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 10:02
    akanalion, I got your Visitor Message. Like pops, I do not have that old Beta Molly II. You can change the aircraft in the mission *.xml by editing with Notepad. Just make very sure to chznge the name EVERYWHERE it appears in the mission' *.xml file. :D
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  • grizzly50's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 09:54
    rcafmad, It's all there, through ETO 1.50. ETO through 1.40 on 1st page and ETO 1.50 on the 2nd page. Looks like they've changed their layout.
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 08:26
    Glad to be back. I feel like a" Babe lost in the Woods." I want to download the most current ETO Theatre add on but where do I find It? I looked in the Oz set up but could only find ETO 1.20, 1.21 and Firepower add ons. I have the old Download but I know there has been updates.
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    June 28th, 2016, 01:56
    Wow, a unique project in the CFS3 world, we would be lucky to have it! Amazing to think that the power source was coal.... So you think the solution for the Me163 would not work for the Lippisch?
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  • Daiwilletti's Avatar
    June 26th, 2016, 21:39
    hi alcanallen, I don't think there is another 8 gun 303 sound in CFS3. The stock sound is just a single barrel so quite pathetic IMHO. I tried to make some multiple 50 cal sounds using sound editing software (Audacity) which is freeware. I took the single track stock 50cal sound, added another track with a slight phase delay, then added another etc. They too, like the 8x303, sound a lot different from a single MG. HTH, Dai
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  • rcafmad's Avatar
    June 26th, 2016, 12:57
    I am starting from scratch again. I have missed this Forum and all the great friendships. For health reasons I have neglected my CFS3 and now my Grandson asked to try again it . Well here it goes! I was able to load my CFS3 in Windows 10 ( Thanks Hairyspin's post.) My 1st request is where do I download the new Lancaster and Halifax planes? The ETO Theatre has been updated with new revised files. Is it the best to load the new revised ETO as I have saved the old files? I will load all the other Theatres as I go.
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  • gosd's Avatar
    June 25th, 2016, 19:27
    Found it in the PTO RS sino_facilities.
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  • gosd's Avatar
    June 25th, 2016, 09:51
    using the WOFF shaders 04-04-2016 the game runs nicely in each theatre, but I have to delete the cfs3 PTO Rising Sun___ folder from AppData>Roaming>Microsoft file every time I want to change theatre.
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  • gosd's Avatar
    June 24th, 2016, 17:41
    looking for this facility in PTO-RS: sino_shoka_military-post
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  • gosd's Avatar
    June 24th, 2016, 14:48
    I fully agree thanks MM!:ernaehrung004: I also am having a problem with the latest Ankor shaders and Rising Sun, can only get the Pearl theatre to work(2) It looks incredible! As for the other theatre the game goes into a loop once the full theatre screen is reached but does not open.
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  • gosd's Avatar
    June 24th, 2016, 12:24
    gosd replied to a thread Yak-15 in CFS3 General Discussion
    Made this small adjustment to the Yak aircraft.cfg file :static_pitch= 9 static_cg_height= 3.2 The plane sits better on the ground when promted.
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  • gosd's Avatar
    June 24th, 2016, 12:18
    MM. Thank you for these info:encouragement:. I made this small adjustment to the f86 aircaft.cfg :point.0=1, 11, 0, -5.43, 1574, 0, 0.723154, 40.08, 0.206, 2.5, 0.78, 5, 5, 0, 0, 0 it made the front wheel stop jumping into place.
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    Bonjour Daniel,
    D'abord il faut que je te présente des excuses car en regardant mes messages je viens de m'apercevoir que le 25 janvier tu me demandais l'original du Curtiss.
    Pourtant je fais attention mais celui-là est passé à coté. J'espère que tu ne m'en veux pas trop.
    Bon dimanche.
    PS : Bien sûr je suis à ta disposition pour t'envoyer un fichier (suivant mes possibilités).
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    Salut Daniel, j'espère que tout se passe bien pour toi.
    Je suis en train de travailler sur la création d'aérodromes et c'est pas une mince affaire (photo aérienne Google Map ou FSX arrangé) et comme GMAX en anglais technique me rebute je tâtonne.
    Bien à par ça que penses-tu de la coupe du monde de rugby ?
    Tout à l'heure il y a Nouvelle-Zélande - France. ça va faire mal !
    A bientôt,
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    send me a copy zip it as is and maybe i can fix it .... on the other side ......



    use my cable email
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    The file is on your way. Please let me know if you got it.

    God bless

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