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    Today, 21:31
    Ahhhh! Those Bells! Hmmm...haven't been quite feeling myself lateley, must be all this bell work... Sanctuary, Sanctuary...! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_p8khzyK-E
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    Today, 21:18
    Well spotted, Penz! :encouragement: Bounty handles like a dream, even has the right gear for a newbie sailor like me to make way. In Autoskipper, she's a pussycat - automatically giving you optimum sail settings for wind conditions and direction, selecting and stowing sails when the wind livens up. BUT... Ignore her warnings, override optimum sail configuration in heavy wind conditions? Nature and Bounty will do all the talking - you'll do all the listening...:wiggle:
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    Today, 13:33
    It's on it's way! BB686:US-flag:
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    Today, 07:46
    Nice shot, Huub. BB686:US-flag:
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    Today, 07:43
    And that's a sweet little plane, the Cessna O-2 "Push-me-Pull-you", as we came to know them. I have that plane and several 'night ops' repaints. If you're interested in the paints, I'll be happy to dig em' up for you. BB686:US-flag:
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    Yesterday, 04:20
    Sometimes i think we're a little too sensitive on off topic discussions around this global community, relying more on our American ways of political correctives and our feelings rather than simple cultural discernment. I knew from his tone and choice of words that Albix was (a) European, (b) possibly of Italian decent, (c) not too proud of the road taken by Italy during the war. Regarding his tone, in general, nationalities which communicate in other languages besides English and use it as a secondary language tend to express themselves in a more direct manner than those who use it as a primary language, which may sometimes seem caustic and indiscreet to native English speakers, especially of the American culture. He didn't use any foul language or direct attacks -- just expressed a bit...
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    April 23rd, 2015, 13:39
    dasuto247, You're playing inside of a retail combat sim that is skewed to give the AI opponents the performance advantage, although it leaves much to be desired in AI combat decision-making. They have no fuel weight, no additional payload weight (ammo and pilot), no stall limitations, insanely low drag factors, plus unlimited ammo. Conversely, the player is bound by all of these. Throw out the historical accounts about the strengths and weaknesses of allied and axis warbirds and how it all factored into the battles. The sim's AI physics and the player flight dynamics wasn't programmed to play by such constraints 100 percent. Just take some QC time and learn how the sim's AI engine actually "thinks" in combat -- it has some serious decision-making flaws that really stand out in the...
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    April 23rd, 2015, 10:33
    No, but there'll be something or other about a mutiny report in the release version. Would you like a function where you'll get to meet the gunner's daughter, Sir? :wiggle:
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    April 22nd, 2015, 20:54
    Great video, Ted! Amazing :-)
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    April 22nd, 2015, 20:49
    And the brilliant, moving portrayal of Lieutenant Bligh, by Anthony Hopkins. The 1984 movie 'Bounty' finally paid justice to Bligh as a human being, rather than villain and highlighted his spectacular acheivements of navigation and seamanship.
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 21st, 2015, 09:56
    Thanks Shessi :encouragement:, another "all business, nasty faced, deadly German WWII bomber" for fs9, (actually this plane looks slim and somewhat appealing). Still working on the FAA lights effects for the Ju88A1, will post if there's enough interest. BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 19th, 2015, 14:38
    Yeah... first they made me climb to the top of the main mast... then they made me walk the PLANK, Speedy. :running: Well actually I think they're fairly close, but hang around for a while, mate... you'll probably hear from "the Skipper" himself very soon. BB686:US-flag: <-- wrings out wet flag :dizzy:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 18th, 2015, 01:51
    Well I reckon that's better than walkin' the 'PLANK', with a sword at me back. BB686:US-flag:
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    April 17th, 2015, 14:05
    That one had me on the deck, Tom - You sure can tell'em! BTW, talking of decks - if you wan't yer flag back, you're gonna have to climb to the top of Bounty's mast :wiggle: :US-flag: BOUNTY
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    April 17th, 2015, 13:24
    What they said! Great paint job too, Stuart :encouragement: share it around!
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 17th, 2015, 06:53
    Meaning, that the Spartan Exec is one of my favorites to hop from airfield to airfield in, too. And what Milton said about your screenie. Nice shots of the venerable AC680, Chief! BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 17th, 2015, 04:27
    I'm guessing you're screenie was of the Spartan Executive, Stuart. It's one of mine. Also, the "Grizzly" :biggrin-new:. BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 16th, 2015, 12:56
    Excellent work, Gaucho! Now if I only had the talent to put some German gauges into that panel.... Better yet, If someone with better talents than I have put something like that together, I'd be a happy bloke. I'm working on a set of FAA lights for the Ju-88, they'll be available for the asking when I'm done. In the mean time, this set of numbers in the lights config will bring the strobe back up and put it where it should be on the bottom of the fuselage. light.2 = 2, -1, 0, -1.3, fx_strobe BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    April 16th, 2015, 12:36
    What repaints specifically... and by whom? Some contain all the bitmaps you need and others have to have elements copied into the folder for the specific repaint in question. Some contain both sets of bitmaps, one for an earlier version of a model and one for a later release. Not real sure what you're looking for. Like PF said, there were 2 versions of the P-51D Mustang... the older Wings of Power version and the newer WWII Fighters version. BB686:US-flag:
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    April 16th, 2015, 12:30
    I too, voted for the "Bear"... A long overdue project for FSX but not listed in the choices, the BAe TSR2... (Man would that one be a must have... for me anyway). So I chose the Gulfstream biz jets and the North American OV-10 Bronco. (I'm currently tinkering with Piglet's FS9 OV-10D) BB686:US-flag:
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    I am native Spanish speaker... this is one of those cases where literal translation is exactly the way it is... Your moniker "The cat that walks like a man", in correct Spanish, is just that... "El gato que camina como UN hombre"....
    El gato que camina como hombre (sic)... is totally incorrect and would never be said as such in Spanish... I never heard such a saying... but I find it cute... where did you get it from?

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    Much obliged for 'the' textures, BB686 !!! Superb weathering too. Spot on!
  3. Yeah... some of the FS9'ers can be a tuff crowd to please here at SOH but give them all a bit of time to loosen up. This is really a fine place to be OleBoy, and I'm sure your Wilga repaints will inspire others to take to the virtual skies in FS9 with this snappy little plane all dressed up in your fine repaints.

    You paint em'... I'll fly em'.

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    In reference to my Wicked Wilga paint work. Thanks for the compliments. It's nice to hear someone finally say something to that affect. Least I know someone can appreciate them.

    Just what I've released so far, have had no less than 50 downloads and you're the first to say something positive. On those thoughts I've considered not releasing them at all.

    I know I'm fairly new here as a member,but this place is a tough crowd to hang with. The atmospher sure doesn't make me feel welcome. (sigh)

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