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    Yesterday, 09:59
    I was lucky enough to grab it while it was still available. It was part of the IRIS PRO series, the FDE is very nicely executed and nearly a match to the real plane. And as always, the VC is excellent and the visuals are outstanding. Can't understand why IRIS killed the model, definitely worth what I paid for it. BB686:US-flag:
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    Yesterday, 09:52
    That's an interesting yoke arrangement, being offset like that... The bloke in the right seat either had longer arms that the bloke in the left seat, or he had to move the seat up to reach it. :biggrin-new: Seriously.... This project is coming along very nicely Milton. Enjoy watching your progress. BB686:US-flag:
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    March 2nd, 2015, 13:11
    Very nice little plane and easy to fly. Superb job on the panel and gauges and excellent visual model. Pete beat me to the punch on the pop-up switches, eventually I figured it out though. A technique I use to keep engines from overheating, like in the case of Manfred's Constellations, is to gently pitch the props to gradually bring the RPM's down, once substantial lift and airspeed have been established. Helps to keep the engine gauge needles "in the green". BB686:US-flag:
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    March 1st, 2015, 06:22
    :encouragement: Awesome watching your projects evolve - great work, Cees :-)
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    March 1st, 2015, 06:08
    Yeah, I've heard about the FDE on the CS B-52, one of the main reasons I have held off on procurement of the model. I am fairly adept with FDE's for FS9 aircraft, but have never touched FSX models, payware or otherwise. Seeing Jan's paint on the model may push me over the edge, to take the plunge... and I'll deal with the FDE issues with it as I go. Thanks for the HU, Dave. :encouragement: BB686:US-flag:
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    February 28th, 2015, 12:07
    Erm... I don't have the CS B-52 Driver for FSX, but I'll have a look at it. I have a lot of your paints that you did for FS9 models, tho. Exceptional work as always....:encouragement: BB686:US-flag:
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    February 28th, 2015, 03:19
    Nice shots, Jan. Who's Buff? Alphasim? FS-KBT? Your brushwork? If so... OUTSTANDING work, mate! BB686:US-flag:
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    February 27th, 2015, 18:06
    Sounds like an offer I can't refuse :-])
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    February 27th, 2015, 15:10
    Σας ευχαριστώ πολύ, mvg3d :encouragement: I would very much like to do an Italian variant, indeed it would be a pleasure. So far, my search for reference material has been fruitless - any HU would be most welcome. EDIT: Same applies to New Zealand paint scheme - much appreciate any help.
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    February 27th, 2015, 14:58
    Thank YOU kind Gentlemen for spurring me on, here are a few more; N6657D (with and sans paint) few more to go - then we'll be disappearing inside for some office work :encouragement:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    February 26th, 2015, 02:33
    That looks like the one I had, but I remember a green colour with just a white star on the side, no S&B. There was a U.S. ARMY on the hood sides and on the back of the body, with a smaller white star. The wheels and the little rails on the back were a dead give-away. I had three step brothers, all younger than me, and the venerable ol' ARMY Jeep saw action from at least two of them as well. Those were the days..... BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    February 25th, 2015, 13:57
    Thanks, Ted! :encouragement: Been having a bit of fun with this oldie but a goodie. BB686:US-flag:
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    February 25th, 2015, 12:17
    I have 2 machines, the slower one having a 3.0GB AMD Quad 4 processor, 16GB RAM and an ATi DDR3 video card with 2GB of video memory. Aerosoft's A-10 runs like a hot knife through butter on that machine in FS9. I have the sliders ramped but I'm using a different cloud effects add on. Always thought the stock FS9 clouds were very memory intensive. I also have the "No Shine" pack for the different A-10 models in the Aerosoft pack. I never saw a "shiny" A-10 in real life anyway. BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    February 25th, 2015, 06:56
    Sean -- They're still around... I recently purchased the ND MiL-24 Hind for both FSX and FS9. I had some small problems with the 'X' bird so I went into the 'Contact Us' section on their website. I had a response within a day or so, with a fix that worked. Yeah... they're still around. BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    February 23rd, 2015, 13:33
    Hell Yeah... what he said. Nothing compares to the Aerosoft A-10, IMO. Quite a few repaints out there too. IRIS has a good freeware F-35, and with Rob Barendredt's VTOL mod for FSX, it's can smoothly take off and land vertically in FS9. BB686:US-flag:
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  • Blackbird686's Avatar
    February 23rd, 2015, 13:29
    I had a US Army Jeep. Though it was pretty cool when I was a kid. Not sure what happened to it. BB686:US-flag:
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    February 22nd, 2015, 14:31
    That's a serious upgrade to the 'Cat', Shessi - very much looking forward to this! :-)
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    February 22nd, 2015, 12:15
    I believe the developers involved in projects such as Golden Age Era probably visualized what could be a totally new sim experience. The concept is entirely viable for both FS2004 and X, and would evolve as a truly new Flight Simulator. It would be a truly massive undertaking, but ahhh!..what if? As Willy rightly reminds us, it's probably targeted towards a limited audience. But there are those of us who live in hope, and I might add with much gratitude; the inspired work of good folk such as that seen here by Ed Moore, Garry Smith and Tom Gibson at Calclassics is a brave inspiration and example to us all :-)
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  • nigel richards's Avatar
    February 22nd, 2015, 08:10
    MMMMMM! What a pretty little autogyro - they can be great fun to fly! Ed: Just thinking; the Golden Age Hawaii scenery you mentioned would also provide a splendid backdrop for Milton's awesome looking Grumman Mallard when the time comes. Thank you so much for the many generous contributions from yourself and team. Of course we're interested in these pretty damsels!!! :jump:
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    February 22nd, 2015, 02:19
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    I am native Spanish speaker... this is one of those cases where literal translation is exactly the way it is... Your moniker "The cat that walks like a man", in correct Spanish, is just that... "El gato que camina como UN hombre"....
    El gato que camina como hombre (sic)... is totally incorrect and would never be said as such in Spanish... I never heard such a saying... but I find it cute... where did you get it from?

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    Much obliged for 'the' textures, BB686 !!! Superb weathering too. Spot on!
  3. Yeah... some of the FS9'ers can be a tuff crowd to please here at SOH but give them all a bit of time to loosen up. This is really a fine place to be OleBoy, and I'm sure your Wilga repaints will inspire others to take to the virtual skies in FS9 with this snappy little plane all dressed up in your fine repaints.

    You paint em'... I'll fly em'.

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    In reference to my Wicked Wilga paint work. Thanks for the compliments. It's nice to hear someone finally say something to that affect. Least I know someone can appreciate them.

    Just what I've released so far, have had no less than 50 downloads and you're the first to say something positive. On those thoughts I've considered not releasing them at all.

    I know I'm fairly new here as a member,but this place is a tough crowd to hang with. The atmospher sure doesn't make me feel welcome. (sigh)

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