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    Today, 03:11
    Garry -- My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery are with you and yours, mate. I certainly enjoy talking with you and "flying" your colours on my planes. The SOH loves having you around as well, pretty sure I speak for all. Best -- BB686:US-flag:
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    Today, 03:03
    You are a very busy man, Milton. My hat is off to you and your team for another outstanding aircraft, with a considerable amount of history I might add. I happen to know someone who flew the Continental L-18 when he was a younger man. Thanks and much appreciated. Hopefully I will have some time to fly her this weekend. BB686:US-flag:
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    Yesterday, 17:10
    This I-8 model is setup with two 13 mm cannon (should be 25mm's) that have a high rate of fire (0.15), but moderate damage dice and velocity. Your problem is most likely the combined effect of the high ROF and/or the 75 degree vertical swivel limit on all guns including the big hoss 14 cm blaster. I would suggest lowering the vertical swivel limits to 30 or 45 degrees and lowering the ROF to something in the range of 0.20 to 0.30. You should also decrease the tracer percentage a bit from 50% to something like 30% - 40%.
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    September 1st, 2015, 11:30
    Over at Simviation, Scrubbie made a PA-48 Enforcer/Turbo Cavalier Mustang... f.y.I. :greenbounce:http://simviation.com/1/browse-Vintage-66-0 BB686:US-flag:
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    August 30th, 2015, 12:29
    Hi Milton, I sent you an email. I spent about 1.5 hours in the C-60 and it sounds like you have most of the issues listed in your post above. Lemme know what you think. BB686:US-flag:
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    August 30th, 2015, 10:00
    And... the TSR did that on one engine, whilst the Lightning was in full afterburner with both.:dizzy: An incredible aeroplane indeed. I found the Alpha TSR2 to be somewhat anemic in the power department, and after doing some research from what limited resources there were for this plane, I re-did the FDE for the FS9 model. The TSR2 now has the ability to accelerate in a 35 degree climb-out after takeoff. She can attain the same rate of climb as her real life counterpart and is very comfortable and stable at 45 to 50,000 feet at around Mach 2+. The FDE works beautifully in FS9 but has not been tested in FSX. If anyone is interested in having a go just send a PM with the usual details. BB686:US-flag:
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    August 30th, 2015, 04:49
    What a BEAST, this plane.... :biggrin-new: Nice shot, Huub! BB686:US-flag:
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    August 28th, 2015, 15:22
    I have it, but I also had no trouble downloading it. If you want a copy of the one I have just send me a PM with the usual details... or you can go back and retry the download if you'd like. EDIT: AARRGGGH!!! seems my copy is corrupted as well as the one I just downloaded. I've had a copy for about a year and just tried to unzip it... it is bad also. Sorry for the false alarm, mate. BB686:US-flag:
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    August 25th, 2015, 03:35
    It has been my experience that a repaint for an aircraft model has always been the culprit... Pete hit the nail on the head, before DXTfixer, I used to have to look at each texture individually to ferret out the error. BB686:US-flag:
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 24th, 2015, 22:53
    Dasuto, Pardon me, but you didn't mention that you released the brakes in the sequence above. I have to assume you did, but not leaving anything to chance i thought we should ask.
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  • bearcat241's Avatar
    August 23rd, 2015, 04:08
    Yeah, you're right...we can, so you can take them out if you please. But the guns are essential for the "BOOM BOOM"... :tommygun2:
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    August 22nd, 2015, 15:29
    Hey Milton, Since you're taking requests on this, i'm thinking that the turret guns and hard points might prove useful. Thanks :wavey:
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    August 19th, 2015, 11:39
    You know where you stand in my book, Chief. Pretty much goes without saying. Your unswerving dedication to the FS9 lot of us, as well as the FSX bunch, and the quality of your product is matchless. :applause: BB686:US-flag:
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    August 17th, 2015, 15:41
    Just look at that fish... coming outta' the belly of that plane... Wish I were a good enough modeler to be able to get my trusty ol' Harpoon to let go of hers. She's mighty proud of them you know. It must have been a real thrill to fly these planes, low and slow over the ocean. Coming in close enough to a ship to let go of a torpedo and then veering off, hoping not to take a hit from a recoilless rifle round. On second thought... maybe it's not such a good idea to be picking fights with enemy destroyers... somewhere in the South Pacific. :biggrin-new: BB686:US-flag:
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    August 17th, 2015, 13:40
    That one is especially nice... :applause: BB686:US-flag:
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    August 16th, 2015, 15:19
    XP...not the latest but still the best in the whole line :encouragement:
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    August 16th, 2015, 12:08
    I believe Nigel Richards is working on that scenery and he's been without internet and a computer, from what I've heard. He'll be back I'm sure... he hasn't "pinched me flag" here in a bit. BB686:US-flag:
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    I am native Spanish speaker... this is one of those cases where literal translation is exactly the way it is... Your moniker "The cat that walks like a man", in correct Spanish, is just that... "El gato que camina como UN hombre"....
    El gato que camina como hombre (sic)... is totally incorrect and would never be said as such in Spanish... I never heard such a saying... but I find it cute... where did you get it from?

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    Much obliged for 'the' textures, BB686 !!! Superb weathering too. Spot on!
  3. Yeah... some of the FS9'ers can be a tuff crowd to please here at SOH but give them all a bit of time to loosen up. This is really a fine place to be OleBoy, and I'm sure your Wilga repaints will inspire others to take to the virtual skies in FS9 with this snappy little plane all dressed up in your fine repaints.

    You paint em'... I'll fly em'.

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    In reference to my Wicked Wilga paint work. Thanks for the compliments. It's nice to hear someone finally say something to that affect. Least I know someone can appreciate them.

    Just what I've released so far, have had no less than 50 downloads and you're the first to say something positive. On those thoughts I've considered not releasing them at all.

    I know I'm fairly new here as a member,but this place is a tough crowd to hang with. The atmospher sure doesn't make me feel welcome. (sigh)

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