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    Today, 19:11
    Memory lane - I started this thread in 2008! Glad it's still useful. Just peeking in here. I've been itching to do do some flying again - been a while. But I'm always keeping an eye on the beautiful work you guys are doing! GR
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    Today, 13:53
    Blood_Hawk23, :birthday: Happy birthday, buddy! :birthday:
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    Today, 10:56
    Easy Flier, Do you still want a response to this question?
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    Today, 09:41
    Hey guys, I forced myself to take a twenty-four hour moratorium from this because I was really getting frustrated by this. I will look at it this evening with fresh eyes. :jump:
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    Today, 09:37
    Kurt, Many thanks on this! to avoid any confusion, I removed the older version from the library. Thanks for updating everything! :redfire:
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    Yesterday, 13:23
    Bearcat, What I mean is that in the mission I have set up as I move from waypoint to waypoint, the amount of fuel I have remaining does not vary an iota whether I have the fuselage tank and drop tanks included in the .air file or not. The percentage of fuel remaining according to the HUD has the same percentages at each waypoint, and I run out of gas at precisely the same spot. Ergo, there is something preventing the sim from recognizing and utilizing the fuselage tanks and the drop tanks, despite the fact that I believe I have configured the .air file correctly, and removed the conflicting data as well as other FS9 elements from the aircraft.cfg, per the tips that I have been provided to this point.
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  • Rami's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:50
    Good afternoon. Bearcat, I tried changing the gauges. No dice. It doesn't have any bearing on whether or not the sim is using the drop tanks or the fuselage tank. The fuel consumption is the exact same, whether I delete the fuselage tank and the drop tanks from the airfile entirely, or include them. This confirms that the sim is not recognizing the additional tanks. :banghead:
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    Yesterday, 10:52
    Bearcat, So what does that panel.cfg look like?
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    Yesterday, 05:42
    Bearcat, I think I uses the "Classic Aces" 2d panel bitmap..but no problem. I converted the gauge to the P-38 tank selector. One thing I was thinking about is using AF Scrub's .cfg and airfile from Sopwith's package, but I didn't know if that would make it better or worse. It appears that Piglet and the JRL Whirlwind use info from the P-38 Lightning...not the greatest match.
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    Yesterday, 05:25
    Good morning, Oddly enough, I'm getting the same result with Bismarck13's I must be missing something.
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    Yesterday, 04:25
    Stefano, Attached. I am using the drop tanks from Morton's AH Hurricane BoB pack.
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    Yesterday, 01:08
    Sarg Willy, I tried this as well...and although I think this was part of the issue, (I corrected the numbers) no change in fuel usage. Onto the gauge.
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    September 21st, 2014, 17:34
    Bearcat, It does, and I eliminated the extraneous info and made the changes you suggested to the airfile. But even with that eliminated and modified, it still does not recognize the extra fuel. Is the fuel tank selector the last link, then? What gauge would you recommend?
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    September 21st, 2014, 17:05
    B24 Guy, Right here: ""
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    September 21st, 2014, 16:48
    Greycap.raf, Thank you for explaining this...I always struggled with how to interpret boost when trying to correct the performance of aircraft which use "boost" info or "ata." I happened across this on a Google search and just wanted to say thanks. :ernaehrung004: Cheers,
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    September 21st, 2014, 15:46
    Good evening, I have been working with the Westland Whirlwind for a couple of "what if" missions in 1941. One of the things I've done, besides correcting the engine data and weight, was to correct the fuel load to correct the wing tank load, (300 liters per tank) and then added the thirty gallon fuel tank that would have been included with a redesign, and then added drop tanks (44 gallons each) to the payloads. I've made sure that the .air file includes the drop tanks and relevant info, and that they are sequential. But apparently, the corresponding information must also be included in the .cfg file, because the aircraft.cfg includes the fuel tank data. LeftMain=0.000, -3.000, -0.667, 79.252, 0.000 RightMain=0.000, 3.000, -0.667, 79.252, 0.000 fuel_type=1.000000
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    September 21st, 2014, 15:24
    Rami replied to a thread Hampden in CFS2 General Discussion
    Your wish is this Genie's command. :wiggle:
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  1. Airfiles are not my deptartment I guess. Sorry. If you cant find one from another FW, I usually ask Bearcat241 for assistance. He's an expert.

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    I actually converted the plane, since i started doing that... but can you make an airfile based after the fw190D?
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    Dear Mr.Morton ,
    I admire greatly all the excellent panels and aircraft conversions you provide for our hobby . You constantly exceed all expectations with the quality of your work !!! However on your Skydive site neither downloads for the Mosquito BIV or Mosquito BVI appear to work !!! Could this just be my computer or could a link be broken ? One last question,if I may . You make many panels but I always wondered why you never made panels for some of the more iconic American Aircraft like the B-17 or the B-25 and the B-26 . Thanks again for all your good work . Regards and Best Wishes 1150(Michael Lythgoe)
  4. Morton,

    I was visiting your skydrive and wanted to ask if any of your CFS2 aircraft would also work in FS2004.

    I love flying them in CFS2, but wanted to try them in FS2004 also.


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    Ever thought of making a cfs2 conversion for the WoP (Wings of Power) Ta-152?
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    I echo the other sentiments here - you have added so much to CFS2 for so many people - Thank you!

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    Hello Mort,

    You have added so much to my CFS2 (AND ... FS9) enjoyment - many thanks. That Tempest repaint pack was truly a dream come true.


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    Morton, thank you so much!
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