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    March 21st, 2015, 07:51
    FSX (And P3D) can do this per pixel which is very nice. From reading on the FS developer forums the SDK describes the diffuse map alpha channel as affecting and objets reflectivity, and the specular map alpha channel as focusing in on the illuminated area "the shiney part" and providing an alternate viewable "illuminated" texture. The specular file controls the "Shine" or amount of light reflected whIle the diffuse alpha control how much reflection of the environment is displayed. Using varying and complimentary amounts of alpha in both files will give you access to extraordinary results for material texture not just material color. At least from my experience. :) The posters above I consider pros in this field, and you can see it in their work. You would do well in finding their...
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    March 16th, 2015, 13:57
    Looks great. however that red strobe is really bad. it really detracts from the rest of the model. It looks like a 2D red paintball exploding! lol... the model is fantastic though. very lifelike. great video!
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    March 16th, 2015, 06:08
    Come on guys...why didn't MS Flight takeoff? ( pun intended.) This community is used to the open and un regulated approach to developing third party addons. If someone has the vision they can achieve it. THAT is what has kept FS alive all these years. Without THAT, we'd all be doing something else because the low quality of the default aircraft with no possibility of upgrading them would have driven us away after a very short time. So I'm very leery of messing around with is delicate balance. Seems like it's what killed Flight... No one was interested in limited simulator pay as you go. I for one would never go for it when you've got something like P3D available with the entire world and pretty much any airport you want...if it doesn't exist you the player could build it yourself...
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    March 14th, 2015, 22:25
    Colin has authorized WIP screens for the upcoming P-38L (ALL WIP). Here's some night lights. Enjoy.
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    March 10th, 2015, 11:57
    I think the updates are the real issue and headache for developers as far as SE or P3D is concerned. I can't imagine devs being able to "keep up" long term and actually turn a decent profit with 3 versions of the same sim all needing different updates at different times to kick out the same product. Seems like insanity to me from a ROI standpoint. I'm definitely going P3D route no questions asked. As for FSX, I won't uninstall it, but I'm not going to get SE as my legacy FSXA discs are all in perfect shape. From my POV, it seems that LM will be making updates and long term investments into P3D, the kind we've not seen and only heard noise about until now. Considering it will be it's primary sim platform for commercial use, seems like a good wagon to be jumping on to. That's where...
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    March 3rd, 2015, 07:26
    Of course not! You'd be surprised Dave...the plane is actually very easy to fly. The systems are just "under the hood" stuff, which as a sim pilot you don't really need except for emergencies...so it could be that it's all moot point for me right now...I watched a video and it looked ok...honestly I just hope I can load an IFR departure into it...maybe? All that aside...as long as it actually "flies right" I'll be happy. What i mean is...does it Pitch, Roll and yaw correctly, and do the right things with the right speeds, and configurations...if it does, than I'm happy. I've had one emergency IRL in a DA42. I was departing Boise, ID southbound to KSLC and about 10 min out i got a LCOOLANT LOW caution...I looked at the coolant level gauge, then looked out the canopy to see every...
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    March 3rd, 2015, 06:20
    I have lots of RL time in DA-42's, hopefully they have modeled the systems that go along with them in RL. Or this bird is just straight up nonsense...I don't say that too much about GA airplanes, but this one can't be just marginalized as "another" GA airplane. Especially when dealing with the turbo-diesel powered versions. They aren't a standard twin either. Flight envelope is superior in almost every regard to a standard twin. Glide ratio is approx 11:1, and you can climb single engine to about 16,000' density alt. it also has a very docile single engine adverse effects when compared to other GA light twins. I really hope the electrical system and the G1000 have been modeled at a MINIMUM. The G1000 in this aircraft isn't just the flight instruments with a GPS, it's the interface...
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    February 27th, 2015, 18:49
    000rick000 replied to a thread P3Dv2 DX9 or DX11? in Prepar3D
    I have a GTX 770 it's dx11, but is the P3D gfx engine DX11? I don't think it is as I don't see the dgxi.dll file. I do see the d3d9.dll in the main P3D folder. At any rate if someone who is using Reshade +sweetFX 2.0 might chime in? Basically I want to try out the DOF shader...but I don't know how to edit the adjustments without a GUI?
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    February 27th, 2015, 15:56
    000rick000 started a thread P3Dv2 DX9 or DX11? in Prepar3D
    It looks like it's using d3d9.dll but I thought it was a DX11 engine? I'm trying to get sweetfx + ReShade to work....no success...not very good with the .txt file editing to make adjustments...can anyone explain if they've got it working?
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