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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Today, 08:38
    This is not a Milviz plug. Just my personal interests. I wish they would though! I was also shocked when I started combing through that many (hundreds) of photos and most of which are full sized originals (or appears close to it). Very rare, and unique pictures I have NEVER seen anywhere else! Not in any books and certainly no where online. I'm glad you appreciate them. I appreciate a company putting information out there about these things and offering the public a view of it.
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:23
    Thought you would all appreciate these... Maybe you've all seen these before, but I haven't and they have some very rare original photos from most Lockheed and General Dynamics aircraft, along with retro CONVAIR special projects diagrams and model images. All high resolution. All amazing! All and more found here: These are all linked to their images. I believe this is Lockheeds internal magazine. However I was able to subscribe as a follower for free. The articles are all available to anyone, with or without subscription.
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:17
    I really like it. Makes me think of like a fire services scout or something for a tanker operation. Very nice. I would definitely use it.
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    January 18th, 2015, 21:59
    P3D is where I will be going...I'm not going to bother with a game developer when Lockheed is committed to flight training and will ensure that realism is the standard. Once Tacpack is P3D compliant which is 2015 deliverable via VRS's road map post a few days ago, I will completely move to P3D only. They will actively develop it under the academic licence and it will be very robust. At least from what I hear regarding v3. Now if it turns out that DTG actually releases something noteworthy, then we will have to vet that in due course. In the mean time, Lockheed has actually been releasing regular updates...and i believe in v3 theres supposed to be a graphics change? anyway, I agree with the premise, but I'm also very happy with The direction of P3D and can only think it will...
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    January 16th, 2015, 08:17
    Don't they make their aircraft dual compatible? FSX/P3D? They're probably just trying to account for the additional fact that it will be used in 2 sims most likely. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Seems like there are people who buy every thing they put out regardless of quality or price. So good for them for capitalizing on it. I'm not one of those people. They do make some of the most visually beautiful models around. this one looks great as well.
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    January 10th, 2015, 15:08
    Wow, I can't believe this just came up...I was just talking offline with odourboy (I think?) About how I'd love to see a new X-15 native for FSX/P3D! and Voila! I've been watching X-15 videos the past 3 days also...I literally an hour ago just reinstalled my X-15-2/3 haha! so that's very coincidental!
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  • 000rick000's Avatar
    January 8th, 2015, 16:19
    Thanks! mighty nice! I was secretly hoping someone might do this! :)
    17 replies | 779 view(s)
  • 000rick000's Avatar
    January 5th, 2015, 16:22
    I wondered what would happen to 3rd party addons with it's intro into the steam world...
    24 replies | 1965 view(s)
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