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    What's New...

    zip FS2004 VT-31 TS-2A textures.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (33 Hits)
    zip Rami's MTO installation guide.zip (CFS 2 Utilities Add-ons) (795 Hits)
    zip Rami's ETO installation guide.zip (CFS 2 Utilities Add-ons) (865 Hits)
    zip MirageIIIB - NASA.zip (FSX Skins) (43 Hits)
    zip YAS Spitfire MkIa v.2 (PR-F) Battle of Britain commemoration skin pack.zip (CFS 2 Skins - British) (63 Hits)
    zip The Junk Yard Dog II.zip (FSX Skins) (15 Hits)
    zip A2A B-17G "Idaliza".zip (FSX Skins) (17 Hits)
    zip Grumman_US-2B.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (52 Hits)
    zip NAS N3N-3 Yellow Peril.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (109 Hits)
    zip L-24b DLR.zip (FSX Skins) (18 Hits)
    zip L-24b NASA.zip (FSX Skins) (26 Hits)
    zip L-24b OY-EGE.zip (FSX Skins) (20 Hits)
    zip GMax FNS La Galissonniere Class Cruisers for CFS2.zip (CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons) (77 Hits)
    zip Wings of Power 3: P47- Lt. William J. Jordan 352nd FS.zip (FSX Skins) (57 Hits)
    zip FW 58BW Weihe Floatplane CFS2.zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - German) (100 Hits)
    zip Northrop N-3PB floatplane CFS2.zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - British) (99 Hits)
    zip Northrop N3P floatplane FS9.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (94 Hits)
    zip MK_mz-ki43-1k_x-4.zip (CFS 2 Skins - Japanese) (117 Hits)
    zip MK_IJA_Ki27_x-6.zip (CFS 2 Skins - Japanese) (114 Hits)
    zip Arado 234 B.zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - German) (124 Hits)
    zip IS4G Fiat Br20 skin pack.zip (CFS 2 Skins - Other) (68 Hits)
    zip Merlin66's Battle of Britain YAS Spitfire MkIa PR-F (updated MkIa).zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - British) (96 Hits)
    zip AS F8 Vought Crusader Widescreen 2D Panel.zip (FSX Panels) (80 Hits)
    zip Sopwith Chameleon - Mosquito_IV_II.zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - British) (123 Hits)
    zip Angelholm-Sweden.zip (FSX Scenery) (35 Hits)

    What's Hot...

    zip A-1H Navy Skyraider (FSX American Aircraft) (3912 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Auto Installer Vers. (FS 2004 Aircraft) (3139 Hits)
    zip SOH A-26 Invader FSX Coversion.zip (FSX American Aircraft) (2849 Hits)
    zip TW Radial Twin Sound Package V3.zip (FSX Sounds) (2816 Hits)
    zip Classic Warbirds Design Team/SOH Donationware F-100D Super Sabre for FSX/A (FSX American Aircraft) (2798 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Manual Installation (FS 2004 Aircraft) (2740 Hits)
    zip Ryan Navion B 300 hp (FSX American Aircraft) (2518 Hits)
    zip Martin B26B-10 Maurader FSX 2011 Rev A (FSX American Aircraft) (2376 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-47 V2.zip (FSX American Aircraft) (2372 Hits)
    zip a-1j_skyraider (FSX American Aircraft) (2297 Hits)
    zip FSX SP2/A Lockheed T-33A Revision A (FSX American Aircraft) (2296 Hits)
    zip MJ C-47 Texture Basepak.zip (FSX Skins) (2135 Hits)
    zip Beech AT-11 KANSAN v1.0 for FS2004 (FS 2004 Aircraft) (1909 Hits)
    zip B-29 Superfortress Package (CFS 2 Aircraft - American) (1875 Hits)
    zip Howard 500 For FsX (FSX American Aircraft) (1872 Hits)
    zip FSX OV-10D Bronco (FSX American Aircraft) (1835 Hits)
    zip A-26/B-26 prop and glass tranparency fix (FSX American Aircraft) (1813 Hits)
    zip CWDT_F-100_Super_Sabre_for_FS9.zip (FS9) (1723 Hits)
    zip PC-7 Version 2.0 (FSX General Aviation Aircraft) (1632 Hits)
    zip SWingman's Grumman Duck for FS9 and FSX.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (1564 Hits)
    zip Grumman "Seven" Updates (FS 2004 Aircraft) (1563 Hits)
    zip AvH_WepPak_041708.zip (AVH Misc) (1562 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-117D V2.zip (FSX American Aircraft) (1541 Hits)
    zip DeHavilland DH80 Puss Moth (FSX General Aviation Aircraft) (1540 Hits)
    zip FSX Bill Lyon LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin.zip (FSX German Aircraft) (1502 Hits)
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    A report for Shessi

    Thread Starter: kelticheart


    First report: the Me410 Hornisse. Shown below details hiding the prop disk. You know already about Ted Cook's Wellington

    Last Post By: kelticheart Today, 01:07 Go to last post

    F9F Exhaust

    Thread Starter: Kodiak

    Hi guys,

    I've been having the best time with CFS3! Mostly in ETO and MAW, but also Korea.

    One question on the F9F. The exhaust

    Last Post By: Kodiak Today, 00:20 Go to last post

    Kamikaze Option

    Thread Starter: Daiwilletti

    Who was experimenting with getting a Kamikazi option? I can't find the thread.

    I was in my username/appdata/local/temp folder ferreting

    Last Post By: Capt. Winters Yesterday, 22:16 Go to last post

    FSX crashing!

    Thread Starter: rayhere48

    I am having trouble with FSX crashing. I have allot of addons and wonder if I can just reinstall FSX with out uninstalling every thing? I know I am just

    Last Post By: LE151 Today, 00:11 Go to last post

    need weapons experts

    Thread Starter: _486_Col_Wolf

    OK, I'm stumped. Does anyone know how to make a torpedo that has a range of 4000 Yds at 30 Kts? The stock torpedoes last about 41 seconds at 30 Kts giving

    Last Post By: Shessi Today, 00:34 Go to last post

    Ground Crew HE-111-6...

    Thread Starter: RobH

    not complaining, just curious if this is still the only version available for CFS2? Thanks

    Last Post By: Rami Yesterday, 21:48 Go to last post

    Air Traffic Manager

    Thread Starter: Bjoern

    This neat little tool limits the number of AI aircraft seen around the user and is thus perfect for flying into very busy airports without having to manipulate

    Last Post By: Bjoern Yesterday, 15:15 Go to last post

    Diecast news?..they are aircraft?

    Thread Starter: Daveroo

    Hey,the flyingmule has alot of diecast in the star trek/starwars type stuff...i dont know the differance as ive never seen either show,but i know some

    Last Post By: Daveroo Yesterday, 14:44 Go to last post

    Mystery photo..

    Thread Starter: Ferry_vO

    Found this photo on a Dutch aviation forum: http://www.luchtschroef.nl/Vragenfoto%20AAMIJ.jpg (Click to zoom in)

    The guy that posted it

    Last Post By: lefty Yesterday, 13:52 Go to last post

    kirk olson F-16 navigation lights VC effect

    Thread Starter: Lenny

    Does anyone know how to remove (if possible?) the flash effect in the virtual cockpit of kirk olson's F-16 model (especially the model of Viperden.zip)

    Last Post By: Tom Clayton Yesterday, 16:38 Go to last post

    installing cfs3 on windows 8.1

    Thread Starter: Shafto

    has anyone had a problem installing cmfs3? in particular on the aircraft listing planes on the old xp in the aircraft the standalones would show up.

    Last Post By: Daiwilletti Yesterday, 17:14 Go to last post
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