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    What's New...

    zip Skin for Balsy's FNS Bearn.zip (CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons) (23 Hits)
    zip HMS Bounty - FS9 Only (FS 2004 Aircraft) (77 Hits)
    zip HMS Bounty - FSX ONLY Version (FSX Ships) (259 Hits)
    zip Fokker D.21 FSX V2.00 TacPack.zip (FSX Military Props) (131 Hits)
    zip A2A-WoP A6M5 Zero TAIC 7.zip (FSX Military skins - WWII) (47 Hits)
    zip A2A-WoP A6M5 Zero Iwamoto.zip (FSX Military skins - WWII) (60 Hits)
    zip HMS_Biter_CFS3.zip (CFS 3 Other Add-Ons - Ships) (35 Hits)
    zip FSX/P3D Lockheed F-104G Starfighter RNoAF.zip (FSX Military skins - Cold War) (41 Hits)
    zip FS2004 Fleet 50K Jacobs RCAF 800 on Wheels.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (57 Hits)
    zip FS2004 Fleet 50K Jacobs RCAF 799 on Wheels.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (47 Hits)
    zip FS2004 Fleet 50K Jacobs Austin Airways CF-BJW on Floats.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (46 Hits)
    zip FS2004 Fleet 50K Jacobs CF-BJW on Floats.zip (FS 2002 Skins) (38 Hits)
    zip FS2004 Fleet 50K Jacobs CF-BJU on Skis.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (44 Hits)
    zip FS2004 Fleet 50K Jacobs CF-BDX on Wheels.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (58 Hits)
    zip SSW_F-104G_20+49 Feldwerft.zip (FSX Military skins - Cold War) (16 Hits)
    zip OH KI43IIB Payloads.zip (CFS 2 Other Add-Ons) (65 Hits)
    zip N3006 "Esther Mae".zip (FSX Civilian prop skins) (44 Hits)
    zip Grumman_F3F_5F1.zip (FSX Military skins - General) (100 Hits)
    zip RH_GC_He111_VIP Transport.zip (CFS 2 Skins - German) (64 Hits)
    zip RH_GC_He111_Stab StG3.zip (CFS 2 Skins - German) (66 Hits)
    zip RH_GC_He111_Rommel.zip (CFS 2 Skins - German) (68 Hits)
    zip RH_GC_He111_2KG26.zip (CFS 2 Skins - German) (71 Hits)
    zip KC97G_30136_Revised_Aluminum_v1.zip (FSX Skins) (237 Hits)
    zip OH F4U1a stock skin UT.zip (CFS 2 Skins - American) (60 Hits)
    zip JHS_England_and_UK.zip (CFS 2 Scenery Add-Ons) (1156 Hits)

    What's Hot...

    zip A-1H Navy Skyraider.zip (FSX Military Props) (4156 Hits)
    zip TW Radial Twin Sound Package V3.zip (FSX Sounds) (3629 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-47 V2.zip (FSX Civilian Props) (3408 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Auto Installer Version.zip (FS 2004 Military - Props) (3319 Hits)
    zip SOH A-26 Invader FSX Coversion_with_fix.zip (FSX Military Props) (3268 Hits)
    zip Ryan Navion B 300 hp.zip (FSX Civilian Props) (3242 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Manual Installation.zip (FS 2004 Military - Props) (3014 Hits)
    zip Classic Warbirds Design Team/SOH Donationware F-100D Super Sabre for FSX/A.zip (FSX Military Jets) (2982 Hits)
    zip MJ C-47 Texture Basepak.zip (FSX Military skins - General) (2567 Hits)
    zip FSX SP2/A Lockheed T-33A Revision A.zip (FSX Military Jets) (2531 Hits)
    zip Martin B26B-10 Maurader FSX 2011 Rev A.zip (FSX Military Props) (2525 Hits)
    zip A-1J_skyraider.zip (FSX Military Props) (2446 Hits)
    zip Howard 500 For FSX.zip (FSX Civilian Props) (2044 Hits)
    zip Beech AT-11 KANSAN v1.0 for FS2004.zip (FS 2004 Military - Props) (2022 Hits)
    zip B-29 Superfortress Package (CFS 2 Aircraft - American) (1948 Hits)
    zip FSX OV-10D Bronco.zip (FSX Military Props) (1945 Hits)
    zip A-26/B-26 prop and glass tranparency fix.zip (FSX Other) (1905 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-117D V2.zip (FSX Military Props) (1846 Hits)
    zip CWDT_F-100_Super_Sabre_for_FS9.zip (FS9) (1844 Hits)
    zip PC-7 Version 2.0.zip (FSX Civilian Props) (1719 Hits)
    zip AvH_WepPak_041708.zip (AVH Misc) (1685 Hits)
    zip SWingman's Grumman Duck for FS9 and FSX.zip (FS 2004 Military - Props) (1663 Hits)
    zip DeHavilland DH80 Puss Moth.zip (FSX Civilian Props) (1635 Hits)
    zip Grumman "Seven" Updates.zip (FS 2004 Military - Props) (1613 Hits)
    zip FSX Bill Lyon LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin.zip (FSX Experimental Aircraft) (1584 Hits)
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  • New Threads


    Auditing CFS2 standard aircraft

    Thread Starter: peperez

    I tested the A6M2 Zero today. The performance is very close to the real thing:

    I got the following speeds at the following altitudes:

    Last Post By: peperez Today, 13:01 Go to last post

    looking for online fun

    Thread Starter: Jorj

    New member here. I miss the old gaming zone days. Recently re-installed CFS2 on my puter...haven't played in years, but would love to find like minded

    Last Post By: Jorj Today, 13:27 Go to last post

    Convair R3Y Tradewind repaint

    Thread Starter: tommieboy


    TEXTURES ONLY......for Virtavia's Convair Tradewind

    This is a fictitious "what if" Forest Industries

    Last Post By: Ferry_vO Today, 09:59 Go to last post

    German Special Train released for CFS3

    Thread Starter: airfighter55

    Now you have original locomotive, carriage and flak carriage of the german Dictators train to find and attack. It comes with steam whistle and working

    Last Post By: airfighter55 Today, 07:32 Go to last post

    AMX Textures

    Thread Starter: falcon409

    Just a HU for anyone who is using the Lago AMX Fighter in FSX. I have been redoing the VC textures for that airplane to much higher resolution (for P3D)

    Last Post By: vonstroheim Today, 14:04 Go to last post

    Commander 685

    Thread Starter: rotorhub

    Thanks to Milton, this project actually got wings Still a lot to do, but at least it is going forward.


    Last Post By: Milton Shupe Today, 11:11 Go to last post
    Killer Svend

    installing a new campaign

    Thread Starter: Killer Svend

    I have noticed that sometime,when I install a new campaign, the airfields and ground looks fantastic with buildings and trees etc. and in other cases

    Last Post By: Shadow Wolf 07 Today, 02:55 Go to last post

    Follow Me 2

    Thread Starter: Naismith

    I came across this so apologies if it is well known but I had never seen it before. It was a payware utility and development was abandoned by the designer

    Last Post By: Naismith Yesterday, 23:27 Go to last post

    New skin for Balsy's FNS Bearn!

    Thread Starter: miccasharon

    Just uploaded new skin for Baldy's FNS Bearn as after re-fit in US 1944.

    This skin is based on pictures, drawings that I found on the web.

    Last Post By: UncleTgt Today, 04:38 Go to last post

    Horizon VFR Gen X (Map Help)

    Thread Starter: peter12213

    Basically as the title says is there a fix in this day and age for the blank map displayed when using Horizon VFR Gen X England/Wales scenery,

    Last Post By: DaveB Today, 12:25 Go to last post

    Sccenery Designers ATTENION.......

    Thread Starter: trucker17

    OK Now that i have your attention......

    I found a freebee at 29palms scenery design web site.......

    Is a free

    Last Post By: Cees Donker Yesterday, 22:45 Go to last post
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