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    zip Sim Skunk Works FRF-104G: JBG 34 22+65.zip (FSX Skins) (20 Hits)
    zip Sim Skunk Works FRF-104G: MFG1 25+02 (FSX Skins) (24 Hits)
    zip Sim Skunk Works FRF-104G: MFG2 26+72 V2 (FSX Skins) (21 Hits)
    zip N3N (Wheels) Paint Pack.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (28 Hits)
    zip Skins for FNS class La Galissonière 1943.zip (CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons) (44 Hits)
    zip Skins for FNS La Galissonnière 1939.zip (CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons) (42 Hits)
    zip NAS N3N-3 Yellow Peril.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (66 Hits)
    zip Ki-61-Id skinpack 3 UT.zip (CFS 2 Skins - Japanese) (69 Hits)
    zip Ki-61-Ic skinpack 2 UT.zip (CFS 2 Skins - Japanese) (67 Hits)
    zip Ki61-Ia + Ib skinpack 1 UT.zip (CFS 2 Skins - Japanese) (68 Hits)
    zip FS2004 VT-31 TS-2A textures.zip (FS 2004 Skins) (42 Hits)
    zip Rami's MTO installation guide.zip (CFS 2 Utilities Add-ons) (802 Hits)
    zip Rami's ETO installation guide.zip (CFS 2 Utilities Add-ons) (876 Hits)
    zip MirageIIIB - NASA.zip (FSX Skins) (54 Hits)
    zip YAS Spitfire MkIa v.2 (PR-F) Battle of Britain commemoration skin pack.zip (CFS 2 Skins - British) (69 Hits)
    zip The Junk Yard Dog II.zip (FSX Skins) (17 Hits)
    zip A2A B-17G "Idaliza".zip (FSX Skins) (19 Hits)
    zip Grumman_US-2B.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (58 Hits)
    zip L-24b DLR.zip (FSX Skins) (20 Hits)
    zip L-24b NASA.zip (FSX Skins) (30 Hits)
    zip L-24b OY-EGE.zip (FSX Skins) (22 Hits)
    zip GMax FNS La Galissonniere Class Cruisers for CFS2.zip (CFS 2 Ships Add-Ons) (83 Hits)
    zip Wings of Power 3: P47- Lt. William J. Jordan 352nd FS.zip (FSX Skins) (58 Hits)
    zip FW 58BW Weihe Floatplane CFS2.zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - German) (105 Hits)
    zip Northrop N-3PB floatplane CFS2.zip (CFS 2 Aircraft - British) (106 Hits)

    What's Hot...

    zip A-1H Navy Skyraider (FSX American Aircraft) (3916 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Auto Installer Vers. (FS 2004 Aircraft) (3140 Hits)
    zip SOH A-26 Invader FSX Coversion.zip (FSX American Aircraft) (2854 Hits)
    zip TW Radial Twin Sound Package V3.zip (FSX Sounds) (2821 Hits)
    zip Classic Warbirds Design Team/SOH Donationware F-100D Super Sabre for FSX/A (FSX American Aircraft) (2800 Hits)
    zip A-26 Invader for FS2004/FS9 - Manual Installation (FS 2004 Aircraft) (2743 Hits)
    zip Ryan Navion B 300 hp (FSX American Aircraft) (2532 Hits)
    zip Martin B26B-10 Maurader FSX 2011 Rev A (FSX American Aircraft) (2377 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-47 V2.zip (FSX American Aircraft) (2376 Hits)
    zip FSX SP2/A Lockheed T-33A Revision A (FSX American Aircraft) (2301 Hits)
    zip a-1j_skyraider (FSX American Aircraft) (2299 Hits)
    zip MJ C-47 Texture Basepak.zip (FSX Skins) (2138 Hits)
    zip Beech AT-11 KANSAN v1.0 for FS2004 (FS 2004 Aircraft) (1909 Hits)
    zip B-29 Superfortress Package (CFS 2 Aircraft - American) (1876 Hits)
    zip Howard 500 For FsX (FSX American Aircraft) (1873 Hits)
    zip FSX OV-10D Bronco (FSX American Aircraft) (1835 Hits)
    zip A-26/B-26 prop and glass tranparency fix (FSX American Aircraft) (1814 Hits)
    zip CWDT_F-100_Super_Sabre_for_FS9.zip (FS9) (1725 Hits)
    zip PC-7 Version 2.0 (FSX General Aviation Aircraft) (1633 Hits)
    zip SWingman's Grumman Duck for FS9 and FSX.zip (FS 2004 Aircraft) (1564 Hits)
    zip Grumman "Seven" Updates (FS 2004 Aircraft) (1564 Hits)
    zip AvH_WepPak_041708.zip (AVH Misc) (1563 Hits)
    zip FSX Douglas C-117D V2.zip (FSX American Aircraft) (1544 Hits)
    zip DeHavilland DH80 Puss Moth (FSX General Aviation Aircraft) (1541 Hits)
    zip FSX Bill Lyon LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin.zip (FSX German Aircraft) (1502 Hits)
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  • New Threads


    Caproni Ca 101 D2 conversion from FS 2004

    Thread Starter: fde_bressy

    Hello everybody

    Did anybody succeed in converting F.Giuli's Caproni Ca 101 D2 for CFS2?

    I converted the mdl file with MDLConverter,

    Last Post By: fde_bressy Today, 03:41 Go to last post

    Future A2A aircrafts revealed?

    Thread Starter: TheGrunt

    Those who have access to Facebook and A2A Simulations profile might have noticed that there has been lately few updates and photographs from their research

    Last Post By: TheGrunt Today, 03:27 Go to last post

    Flight1 Cessna 310L

    Thread Starter: expat

    Didn't want to hijack the sticky on Rob Richardson's marvelous new Cessna 310B - looking forward to the repaints in the works.

    Dug out

    Last Post By: falcon409 Today, 01:50 Go to last post

    razbam av8b harrier revisited

    Thread Starter: kdfw

    got the harrier recently, about couple of years after the initial release.

    i was rather worried about what i read about the vtol aspect

    Last Post By: ST0RM Today, 03:48 Go to last post

    Aircraft Carrier Trap Zones

    Thread Starter: uniform7

    Maybe someone remembers an Exel utility I remember getting with an Abucus Vietnam ops? Maybe. It helped you set up the rcbco-20 trap zones like this:

    Last Post By: Motormouse Today, 00:45 Go to last post
    The B24 Guy

    Help with warehouse object

    Thread Starter: The B24 Guy

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me with inf_xb_warehouse1 thru 5.

    I have searched and searched with no luck.


    Last Post By: The B24 Guy Yesterday, 18:02 Go to last post

    Just when I think I get it figured out...

    Thread Starter: Rami

    Good evening,

    I have been working with the Westland Whirlwind for a couple of "what if" missions in 1941. One of the things I've

    Last Post By: kelticheart Today, 02:53 Go to last post

    Avro Anson - come and get it !

    Thread Starter: Francois

    Phew.... after two years in development....... it is finally DONE! Our Faithful Annie is ready and released on my little shop.

    Still working

    Last Post By: AussieMan Yesterday, 15:07 Go to last post

    New Safir paint

    Thread Starter: jankees

    For those of you that still fly the Sibwings Safir, I just uploaded a new paint on Ozx, of VH-BHG, the only Safir in Australia

    Last Post By: MCDesigns Yesterday, 14:37 Go to last post

    Sim Skunk Works FRF-104G: JBG 34 22+65.zip

    Thread Starter: hschuit

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FSX Skins

    Description: Repaint for the Sim Skunk Works F/RF-104G (based

    Last Post By: hschuit Yesterday, 06:22 Go to last post

    AlphaSim A3 Skywarrior

    Thread Starter: Willy

    I just download the A3 last night from the Alpha freeware list to give it a try. But I seem to be having a "slight" problem with it. The panel

    Last Post By: Willy Yesterday, 15:35 Go to last post
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